Are Our Thoughts The Source Of Ego?

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Understanding the Unexplainable

metaphysics eyeTo understand the unseen world you first need a clear comprehension of the individual make-up of a physical human being. We each arrive here with little to no memory of where we came from. Yet our imaginations give us clues at a very young age.  Have you ever dreamed of flying? While in a dream did a place or someone seem familiar or real? These virtual experiences can be hard to shake.

As humans we long to soar through the air, like the birds in the sky. There is a subconscious drive to feel fast-physical movement from a very young age. From wagons, amusement rides, bikes and onto fast cars, planes, skydiving and even climbing hills or mountains we long to feel the wind in our faces and not want our feet to touch the ground. Why?

In physical form our spirits are confined with the mass of a body.  Being in a life form has purpose and I believe we have chosen this journey.  Yet, in our subconscious mind we miss the freedom of being limitless which the astral plane provides.

An example of this was a scene from the movie Titanic. Picture when Rose, stands with Jack at the bow of the ship with her arms spread wide open. Didn’t you want to be there with them?  For those that saw the movie Inception, did you relate to the many levels and dimensions relative to time and place? Imagination can tie into the unknown truth.

Now take a moment to ask yourself what offers you personal exhalation? This joy or pleasure is fleeting in this physical plane and cannot be permanently sustained.  Although, when we are no longer in physical form, our energy can create this experience at any time with thought, though it is processed at a different level.

Most of us, at some time in our life, get a glimpse of the unexplainable.  Messages are constantly transcending the dimensions. Has a light or the television ever came on by itself or a person seem to move in a photo?  Maybe a bird, animal or insect magically appeared that you felt brought you a direct message.

Can you recall a strong feeling before something happened, an inner knowing or inner voice you can’t explain? We usually identify these experiences as hunches, instinct or intuition.  Actually, this is your brain working with the emotion of faith, which attaches to a wireless network that opens a connection to your higher self and your creator.

It is a proven fact that our minds can perceive eight seconds into the future. Even so, this does not explain how some people receive communication, warnings or premonitions about the far future, get messages from departed loved ones or channel guidance coming from a higher source.

As an energy reader, I can tell you there isn’t anything humanly different about those who accomplish this. It is a gift, not unlike those who are born with a talent for music or art. What comes through I do not retain. I am just the messenger.

A psychic, mystic, prophet, or master of spiritual arts uses this wireless connection to receive higher guidance.  It is a personal connection to an unseen, unexplainable place that truly does exist, just not in this dimension. It has been called a higher realm of consciousness, the astral plane or spirit world. Physically you cannot remain in this space, but it is possible to visit there for a while.

Note that through meditation, spiritual disciplines; near death and hypnosis many individuals have documented these experiences of mental transcendence. Personally I received my past life name (Itasia) while under hypnosis and discovered that I had lived in Greece.  My advise to anyone who is naturally intuitive to open your heart and mind to this gift and have faith in what it offers.

If you feel inclined to seek further enlightenment there are many spiritual masters whose writings and teachings you might find interesting. Some of my favorites are Deepak Chopra, Khalil Gilbran, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Shirley MacLaine.

You can visit Spiritual places that call to you, like Egypt, Machu Pichu, Greece and the cradle of civilization. Follow a well-known spiritual teacher or go on a Vision Quest of your own. All these paths will offer you enlightenment.

What this intuitive gift has given me is a greater understanding of what is behind the veil. This knowledge offered me great inner peace, especially after my son was killed in a car accident.  For those who seek more knowledge you can Google: Afterlife, Astrology, Quantum Mysticism or the Supernatural.  More subjects like this will also continue to be discussed here on my blog.

I will close by sharing my latest personal insight.  A few years ago my path crossed with an amazing, talented woman who decorated my home. We instantly had a strong connection, but what was to follow I still find hard to fathom.

She was the first person who ever said to me, “I think I’ve known you in a past life.”

Well after reading her Tarot cards, we discovered that she had always wanted to go to Greece, like I did. When I pulled out the brochure I’d been saving, she gasped, because she had been saving the exact same one.

That’s not all.  When our husbands met, they too, connected and instantly became friends.  It is uncanny how we all feel like we’ve known one another all our lives.

Then last year, the four of us took a cruise to the Mediterranean together. We never spoke about it, but learned our anniversaries were two days apart and celebrated them on the cruise.

My special friend is very intuitive, but hadn’t explored this very much. She loved the Tarot cards and after giving her a few lessons she has had some very strange things happen.  She would get a physical tingling down her spine to validate the truth of something she said. Soon she started receiving messages from my departed son.

Recently, on the night before my son’s birthday something woke her up and she couldn’t go back to sleep. Drawn to her computer she put in his name (actually misspelling it) and discovered a U-tube video of my son singing for an audition.  She was so excited when she called to tell me that next morning about it.  I was sure she was mistaken because there was no U-tube or the Internet when he passed away in 1992. My friend was sure it was my son even though they had never met and said that she would send me the e-mail with the attached video.

I could hardly believe it as my eyes filled with tears. There was my sixteen-year-old son in 1987, at a singing audition for a special Arts School. (It was posted on u-tube as an anniversary re-cap for the school).  My husband and I had never seen this video and he sang to us on his fortieth birthday.  Unexplainable….That’s not all.

There had to be an explanation why she would be getting these messages.  I prayed for this to be shown to me.

I learned that it was tied to a past-life karmic debt between my husband, my son and me.  Years ago I had a vision from another lifetime. I recalled that while I sat on cement bench, my husband approached me and was dressed in Roman soldier He announced that he was going off to battle and came to say goodbye. I had a strong feeling that he would not return and told him that. He dismissed my warning and said, “I promise to come back to you.”

Well, he died and did not return. Later I was told that he gave up his life to save a young soldier. My heart knew that soldier had been my son in this lifetime and that he settled this debt by giving up his life now so that I would grow old with my husband.

What I learned was the reason he had offered his life for this young soldier is that his mother in that lifetime was my best friend. Now in this lifetime our paths have crossed again and we are best friends.  We are still figuring out how her current husband, a great guy like mine, fits into this, but I will keep you updated as things unfold.


Always remember fear holds you back and faith moves you forward,

Wishing you an enlightened Journey,

Michele Marie Tate


MicheleAbout the Author:

I am an author and a mystic. My book Blood, Money, Power is inspired by a true story and takes the reader back in time. Follow the Preston family bloodline for three generations (1920-1997) Check out my spiritual blog at:

Seven steps to reduce your ego,

Posted byJoanne Wellington for Mediums World
Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you. As such, it cannot be surgically removed by having an egoectomy! This idea of who you think you are will persistently erode any possibility you have of connecting to intention.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Comment by Joanne wellington

It is well known that our ego is the real obstacle to the progress in our spiritual evolution. What Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to as “Connecting to intention” is known by different terms such as “Connecting to source” in law of attraction, “attaining higher states of consciousness” or simply to be “One with God”. It is the ego that keeps us disconnected to our source.

Dr. Dyer gives us the following seven suggestions by which the grip of the ego can be reduced:

Step 1) Stop being offended

When we get offended, it is really our ego at work. We take something that someone did or said personally, and make it wrong. Getting offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place and leads to an escalated situation of negative energy, thus moving us away from our connection to source. “Don’t take things personally”

Step 2) Let go of the need to win

It is our ego that divides the world into winners and losers. While performing to the best of our abilities is necessary, the real problem happens when we start associating our  self-worth to winning. If our self-worth is associated with winning, sooner or later we will get disconnected from source, as it not possible to win all the time. There will always be someone faster, stronger, younger, smarter on some day.

Step 3) Let go of the need to be right

The natural job of the ego is to make ourselves right, and make others wrong. Being connected to our source is being kind, loving, receptive and at peace, without any anger, resentment or bitterness.  Giving power to the ego is encouraging it’s natural hostility, and when one is hostile, he is disconnected from the source. The ego is the reason many beautiful relationships are destroyed. In moments when the ego kicks in strongly, one can ask ourselves  “Do we want to be right or do we want to be happy?” Choosing to be happy keeps our connection to our source and helps us create the life we want.

Step 4) Let go of the need to be superior

All of us are equal in the eyes of God. Each and every person is a manifestation of divinity. We all have a special purpose of our own. No one is inferior or superior. However it is natural for the ego to identify others on the basis of their appearance, achievements, intelligence and possessions, and judge itself as superior in some way. A superiority complex is a form of hostility, and attracts back only hostile feelings, and keeps us disconnected with source.

Step 5) Let go of the need to have more

The ego is never satisfied and always wants more. No matter how much one achieves or acquires, it is never enough for the ego. However this constant need of wanting more keeps one perpetually in a state of lack, and only brings back more lack. Instead, when we let go of this need to have more, we naturally start attracting abundance in our life. The nature of source is to be contended, without any lack, and hence contentment is necessary to be connected to the source.

Step 6) Stop identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements

The ego’s concept is that “I did it” – It is I who achieved everything. All spiritual students are taught that “We are not the doer”. What does that mean? It means giving up the need to take credit for all achievements. A person advanced on the path realizes that ultimately all talents are given by Him, and the credit for all achievements also goes to Him. We just need to be grateful that He has given us unique talents with which we fulfill our purpose in this world. Taking all credit for our achievements is like the pen taking credit for writing a poem that the poet penned down. As long as we think “we did it”, the ego is active and we are disconnected from our source.

Step 7) Let go of your reputation

Your reputation lies in the minds of others and you have no control over it. When we are overly concerned about what others think of us, we are disconnected from our source and become a slave to other’s opinions. The real voice to listen to the voice of the heart – in doing so one is truly connected to his purpose and fully connected to the source. Your reputation has nothing to do with you – so let others debate over it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Do you worry what people think of you?

WhyDo you find that you change your behaviors based on what other people think? Do you worry that you said the wrong thing? Do you worry how people will react to the choices you make? Do you hope that you make a good impression on others and that you look and sound intelligent? Do you hope that people like you? Do you rush off to put make up on just because someone is coming over to visit you? Do you agree with everyone else’s opinion?

While it is healthy normal behavior to adapt our behaviors to certain situations, sometimes we can get so caught up in worrying what people think of us that we literally lose who we are. It is almost as if we become chameleons – changing our whole personality just to please someone else. It is like being back at school where we are desperately trying so hard to fit in!
We may not be smoking or wearing the latest fashion clothes in order to hang out with the ‘in-crowd’ but we are still trying so hard to conform. We constantly worry about what others think of us and we find our behavior is governed by what we imagine other people believe about us.
It is important to recognize that most of the people we know really do not spend much time thinking about us anyway! Really, it’s true; people do not spend hours each day thinking about us!
Think of the words of Olin Miller:
“We probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.”
Other people really are too busy thinking about themselves and their own lives to be thinking about ours! If you spend your time worrying about what other people think, how do you know they are not doing exactly the same thing and worrying what YOU think of them? Remember, everyone else (even if it does not look like it) is just as self conscious as you are!
Ellen DeGeneres put it best when she said, “…we spend our time thinking about what other people are thinking about us…when all they’re really thinking about is what we’re thinking about them.”
Even if others do think about us occasionally, how do we really know what they are thinking? How can we be 100% sure? The fact is, we usually assume that it is something negative. We actually have no control over other people’s thoughts of us and they may not be thinking about us at all. They may be caught up in their own lives and worries. Realize that you can not control what others think of you. You only have control over what you think of yourself.
If we really could accept how seldom people think of us, and how caught up they are in themselves, we could slash our worry time by 100% and get a lot more fun out of life!
Wayne Dyer said ‘What you think of me is none of my business’
This is so true, the key is to be true to yourself and your own feelings and stop living to try and please other people.
You are setting yourself up lose if you are constantly striving for approval based on other peoples standards and expectations. Yes, of course it feels good to get validation and approval from others, but the problem comes when this is the motivating force in your life.
What is more important is to have the approval of yourself!
Don’t worry about what other people think of you’ by Nick Rallis
I realize that reading the minds of others can often give me grief and pain… ultimately what anybody thinks of me is none of my business. It is all about them, and not about me!
ONE of the ways we give ourselves such a hard time is to MIND READ.

We think we know what people are thinking about us. More often than not, we will be totally and utterly wrong in our thinking.

When somebody is silent or somber we think we have done something to upset them.
When somebody does not return our call or reply to our text message we think we have said or done something to offend them.
When we do not hear from someone for a while we assume they are tired of us.

The truth is that what goes on for another person is seldom about us… usually all about the other person.

We think somebody is being cool towards us when in reality their mind is on something that has happened in their life.

We think somebody does not like us any more but in reality they are just too absorbed in their own life to give us the attention we seek from them… It is never ever about you…It is only ever about them.

If you love yourself enough, you would see that what anybody else thinks of you is none of your business anyway. You are just mirroring someone else who has been in their life, a behavior or someone else or an aspect of themselves. And you know you are doing your best that you are a friendly person that you are loving and giving person. So why worry? Because whatever their mood is like it is not about you. Of course, if someone is continually not being responsive to you and not being much of a friend, then it might be time to find people in your life who are!

There are six billion people on this planet, and no one can really say there are not enough people to strike up relationships with. Trouble is we often home in on people who by their nature or their circumstances will give us the feeling that they are rejecting us even if that is not their real intention. We believe, deep down, that we are likely to be rejected so we create situations and choose people who will make these experiences seem true for us.

So it may be time to make different choices… to choose people in our life who will support and cherish us and will not give us the feeling of being rejected, not good enough or unimportant.

Time to hit the road and meet up with some better travelers and to let others go who pull your energy down or are so self focused that they will never make you feel wanted or needed. So how about not reading the minds of others…just accept them for who they are? And realize just because they are having a bad day does not mean we are going to have a bad day too.

So dear and special friend… do realize that there is nothing wrong with you…be kind and loving to others but do not take it personally when they do not give you the support and love you need…Do open your heart and share what is going on for you…


article written by Lisa Phillips