Beyond Reason ~ Documentary Film

beyond reasonWhat is the Ultimate Truth? How can we experience Universal Consciousness?  It is said that that “the Truth is that which does not change, anything that changes is not real“.  That we live in a holographic universe or what the ancients called Maha Maya, or the grand illusion.  But this is something that our intellects will never allow us to understand and something that we can only know experiencially.  Join me in pursuing the truth as we speak with some of the great sages and yogis of our time in a discussion about why we have to leave our intellects behind to move beyond them but in order for us to do this, we need to use our intellects to get us to this point.

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It s so very easy…. isn’t it?

BeatExcusesIt’s so very easy isn’t it to find all the excuses NOT to do something, to turn EXCUSES into reasons NOT to do something. We can convince ourselves that the very reasons we are giving ourselves are valid REAL reasons, but in truth are really just excuses we find to avoid making the decisions we know we should make. We must try to stay true to our REAL SELF, Try not to turn excuse into reason, and face what is before us, not lie to ourselves and others,

WE must move forward and make the decisions we need to. Making smaller sacrifices where they are needed is far better than the possibility of losing all and being left with regret and the reality that we have only ourselves to blame.

© Stephen Robinson 2011