If you have lost your way

If you have lost your way, the quickest and easiest method of finding it again is to become still, and in the peace and stillness seek your direction. Are you willing to take time to be still and seek within, or do you feel it is a waste of time and you must get on and do all that has to be done? Every soul needs direction, for without it you may indeed become completely lost in the maze of life. So why not spend a short time each day alone connecting  with your higher self to determine where you are going? As you learn to do it, you will find the deep inner need for this communion and will spend more and more time in this state of consciousness. Therefore keep alert and answer those deep yearnings within you; never push them aside impatiently, feeling there is no time. I tell you there is time for everything.

Eileen Caddy MBE ~ Opening Doors Within


Written by Joanne Wellington

The fact remains, unless you seek the assistance of  your Higher Self  the part of you that knows much more than you do consciously… you may never know why things aren’t working