Thought for the day

Quiet Down…

We have filled our lives with meaningless activities and eliminated quiet time. Some people equate being quiet with being bored. They think if you are not doing something all the time and going from place to place, that you will be bored. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I read that Charles Darwin, after travelling around the world, spent the rest of his life in his own home.

What about children who can use a little rest period or quiet time to be creative and just play, instead of being taken to another activity every minute they are not in school?

Some families and communities are creating “do nothing days” so they can stay home and learn that quiet time can be a better activity than driving everyone everywhere. The message is to slow down and live life rather than continually doing something and being somewhere. Who cares what the neighbours think when they see you sitting around the house?

Extract taken from 365 Prescription for the Soul by Dr Bernie S Siegel