The Magic Of Believing In Yourself

You are the writer, the director, the producer, and the star actor of your own show. Think of your life like a Broadway production. Do you want a standing ovation? Do you think it will be a box office disaster? Do you close the curtains every night because you’re afraid to go on stage? You decide and it all starts with believing in yourself.

believe-in-yourselfWhat’s Belief got to do with it?

You believe even when you don’t believe. It’s not a question of whether or not you believe; it becomes a matter of what you are willing to believe. If you’ve spent much of your life dismissing your talents and doubting your capabilities, it can seem like an impossible goal to begin believing in yourself. Since believing in yourself is such a vital part of goal achievement, overcoming your doubt and disbelief is crucial if you want to make jaw-dropping leaps in your life.

Push beyond what you believe you are capable of. This can be quite daunting. It also will be a step in the direction of finding the belief in you. The assumptions you have about yourself are make-believe. You have simply accepted these assumptions as truth without proof. Recognize the possibilities in each situation. Challenge the assumptions and have an open mind to the possibility that you could be wrong!

Believing in you is one of the first steps to success. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in anything.

You are doing a great disservice to yourself if you don’t believe in yourself.

I will tell you that every successful person you talk to has believed, to varying degrees that they COULD actually get to where they are today. There’s just something about believing that it’s possible to get what you want that makes things happen.

Beliefs are filters through which you create your reality. They must be held in your consciousness for a while before you begin to see the new result from the belief. Also whether a belief is true or not doesn’t matter. Having a belief that causes you to get more of what you want is important.

So where is your focus right now? Are you focused on the money that’s “Not” in your purse or are you focused that the universe is truly abundant and that you are entitled to a life filled with Beauty, Wealth & Success?

Design it whatever way you’d like.

Believing in yourself is simply a matter of shifting the way you think about yourself and your capabilities. Remember that negative thinking is a habit, whether it applies to you or the circumstances in your life.

You must be willing to put aside the self-imposed gibberish and accept for yourself a greater, more beautiful vision. You will become what you desire to be if you keep that vision in front of you and you make an undying commitment to just believe. Furthermore, if you don’t believe in yourself. How can you expect everyone else to? If you truly believe, whatever you believe you can do, you can do. Our negative or positive thoughts in our waking hours are implanted in our subconscious mind.

Do you realize the power of your subconscious mind?

This is one of the reasons I insist on a mindset makeover. The subconscious mind never sleeps and has no sense of right or wrong thinking. While you’re getting your beauty sleep it records your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Make today the day you learn how to use your mind to help you achieve your goals. It sounds like hocus pocus but you know what its fail-proof! What you see in your mind’s “eye,” coupled with strong emotion and positive action is what you WILL receive sooner or later. How beautiful is that?

Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. It does not matter if you fall on your pretty little face or whether you think it’s even possible. The important thing is to promise yourself that you will overcome every obstacle. The worst thing to do to yourself is to assume you can’t do something before even trying. Tell yourself right now that any effort to do better is one of the most productive ways you can use your precious time.

With every success, whether large or small, the belief in yourself will grow. That will be the push you need to keep stepping outside your comfort zone and attain the goals you truly deserve.

May you always believe that you can have what your heart truly desires; yes it can feel like magic…

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Developing Your Inner Adult ~ Moving Beyond Blaming

PointingFingerI define an adult as someone who takes 100 % responsibility for his or her life  and situation. This article (and you tube) series will explore what it means to  be an adult. These times are calling for leaders to be adults.

Every blaming thought you hold is an obstacle—an obstacle to your  success. Think for a moment of someone you may be blaming right now. This person  could be a parent, one of your children, your spouse or partner, a neighbor, your boss, or your employee. Think about the  thoughts you have toward this person and ask yourself these three questions:

1.  How does this blaming thought help me live better?

2. How does this blaming  thought help me feel better?

3. How does this blaming thought help the person  that I am blaming?

If you are honest with yourself–you know that  these thoughts don’t help. We tell ourselves that the hurt or the anger that we  feel is caused by someone else. But in fact, it is our own thinking that makes  us suffer. Since blaming doesn’t help, and it makes us suffer, why do we do it  so much? We do it for the payoffs.

Three Payoffs

 1. You get to be right. It goes  like this–“I’m hurt; I’m angry; and I’m miserable—but at least I know I’m  right.”

 2. You get to play victim–no expectations–no responsibility.

3. You  get to justify yourself and your behavior.

While these payoffs may  provide us with a little charge–a moment of satisfaction, ultimately, when we  blame, we suffer. Hurtful. angry, and guilty thoughts make us feel miserable and  powerless. Whatever your real goals in life may be, whether it is joy, success,  growth, or fulfillment, blame, gets in the way.

1. Blaming is a focus on what  you don’t want–instead of focusing on what you do want.

2. Blaming doesn’t  motivate anyone. It makes people defensive.

3. Blaming is a distortion of  reality.

It’s just a story that we tell ourselves, and in the story we  distort reality in order to justify ourselves–in order make ourselves feel  right or better than the other person. When we are blaming we cannot see or deal with reality as it is, because we  are stuck in the story. Now here is a question for you: Think for a moment again  of someone you are blaming. Ask yourself: Who would you be if you weren’t  blaming this person? Who would you be without your blaming thoughts? Who would  you be in this situation, how would you be acting, if you weren’t blaming, if  you weren’t holding this person responsible for your well-being? Who would you  be if you weren’t playing victim to this person?
I’ll tell you what I  think you’d be: I think you would be incredible. I think that you would be  powerful. I think that you be courageous. I think that you would be free.
So, how do we become this powerful,  incredible, and courageous person we are all meant to be. Here are a few ideas  that will move you in that direction:

 1. Accept people and situations as they  are, instead of wishing for them to be different.

2. Breathe–release your  negative emotion.

3. Focus your attention on what you do want instead of  focusing it on what you don’t want.

When you are clear about who you  are, and when your thoughts and your energy are focused on what it is that you do want, that’s  when you move beyond blaming. That’s when you recognize that blaming is just a  distraction and it is not nearly as important as the person that you want to  become, nor is it as important as the goals that you want to achieve.
William  Frank Diedrich –    About the Author:

William Frank Diedrich is a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, executive  coach, and the author of three books, including, Beyond Blaming: Unleashing  Power and Passion in People and Organizations. Bill’s books and his new CD, The  Leaders’ Edge: Three Keys to Exceptional Leadership, can be purchased at
Bill speaks on leadership and  organizational development, moving beyond blaming, emotional intelligence, and  spiritual intelligence. He works with leaders at all levels in organizations to  bring forth their best. More info and articles can be found at   noblaming
To hear this  article — This is the link for the youtube version : BeyondBlame

What A Positive Attitude Can Teach Us

positive_thinkingPositive thinking is not the same as blind optimism, neither does it mean overconfidence. It is a force that can empower you to overcome any obstacle that life puts forth. So, if you find that the everyday life stress is getting you down, your performance at work is deteriorating, relationships are home seem strained or are a cause of added stress or if you feel that there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be in life – the answer is learning to think positively.

What Positive Thinking Does for You

Here are some things that you will gain when you learn to alter your perceptions and think more positively:

* Less Stress – The way you think about a situation determines how to act in that situation. This could mean that you either worsen an already bad set of circumstances or you handle it masterfully. With positive thinking, you will be able to seek solutions more easily, you will see the positives even in a bad situation and you will know that you have the ability to overcome all obstacles. This will lead to lower stress levels.

* More Energy and Inner Drive – When you think negatively, it saps you of energy. However, when you have less stress and are constructively perceiving things, you will have more energy to spare that would otherwise have been used up coping with the stress and negativity. You will feel the inner drive or motivation to work harder to resolve things and move ahead or even to complete tasks at hand.

* Lower Anxiety – While negativity creates higher levels of fear and anxiety, positive thinking empowers you. This means that you feel less overwhelmed with whatever life has in store for you. The lower the anxiety when faced with a new situation, the better you will deal with it.

* Better Relationships – With greater positivity, you will give more to building and sustained deeper relationships. Your communication style will improve and you will see a definite change for the better in your interactions with people. You will also find that you handle conflicts better because you are less stressed and anxious about them and because you are able to see the positives in the situation.

* Peace of Mind and Healthier Existence – If all the above is true, then you definitely will find greater peace of mind. Things will trouble you less and with each situation you handle successfully, you will gain greater confidence. When you are at peace with yourself and the world, your body reacts to it. Just as higher stress levels lead to higher blood pressure, ulcers and many other health problems, lower stress and positive thinking also affect you physically to give you a healthier existence.

So, get the Law of Attraction working for you by gaining a positive attitude.

Nepolian MiltonAbout the Author:

If you are looking for a motivational speaker who can truly inspire you to bring about a significant change in your life, visit Doug Dvorak has worked with a wide variety of individuals and organizations and has helped numerous people with his unique blend of humor and motivational coaching.