Clearing Negative Energy From Healing Crystals

Healing crystals and minerals are a  lot like rechargeable batteries. The crystal, whether it be on your shelf, in a  crystal grid, or hanging from your earlobes, has absorbed massive amounts of  negative energy and the energy of everything else that has gone on around it.

This wears down the effectiveness of the crystal’s healing energies. You  eventually have to clear the collected negative energy from the crystal or  mineral and then recharge or reprogram it. There are several methods of doing  this and they are all simple.

FairyTree1. Rinse the crystal or stone under running water and then leave in the sun  for a few hours. Be aware that the color in some crystals can fade if left too  long in the sun.

2. Bury your crystals and minerals in earth, in a filled flower pot or in your garden. Be sure to mark the spot so  you don’t forget where you buried them! Leave the stones for a few days and then  dig them out. Gently brush off the dirt. Your crystals and minerals are now  humming with beneficial Earth energy.

3. You could clean the stones in a bowl of salt water. Be careful not to  leave your stones in the salt water for too long as salt can degrade crystals  and minerals.

Here’s a tip: Try soaking yourself in a salt bath after a stressful day. By  this I mean empty an entire carton of table salt into a hot bath. Soak in the saltwater bath for  several minutes. Do not soap up! Just soak. Afterward shower and wash as you  normally do. You will emerge from that shower feeling reborn because the salt  cleaned the negative energy from your physical and energy bodies. Try it! I  guarantee you will be amazed at how much better you feel afterward.

4. Using sound is another effective method of clearing negative energy from  crystals and minerals. Sound waves are highly effective in clearing negative  energy from crystals, minerals, and entire rooms. If you play an instrument then  set your crystals and minerals close to the instrument while you play  (preferably not a screaming electric guitar!).

If you do not play an instrument then try playing gentle music on your  stereo, wind chimes, or a tuning fork. You could place your crystals and  minerals inside a glass bowl, wet your finger, and then run your finger along  the rim of the bowl to make it tone. Do this for 2 to 5 minutes, or the length  of the average song.

Clear your crystals and minerals at least once a month to keep them emitting  strong healing energies.

Thought is energy. Intent is energy. When you think of an intention you  create energy, and that energy is absorbed by your crystals and minerals. This  is how you will program your crystals or minerals for their intended  purpose.

After clearing your crystals and minerals hold each crystal or mineral in  your hands and think to yourself the reason you use it. If you use the stone as  protection against EMF emissions then think, “I intend to use this crystal as  protection against EMF emissions”. If you use, say, amethyst to help your mind  to focus and to remain calm then think, “I intend to use this amethyst to help  my mind to focus and to remain calm”.

That’s it!Try to clean and recharge your crystal and mineral “batteries” at  least once a month.

Mother Nature has provided us with tools we can use to protect ourselves  from, well, ourselves, and some of those tools are right at our feet. These  tools, though, need care to keep working to the best of their ability. Clearing  and programming your crystals and minerals is an essential process as simple as  a thought intention.

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Crystal Energy and Chakras

Crystal energy can be used to increase the energies that help healing the body  and mind. Unbalances in the body’s energy field can be caused by the mind  focusing on negative aspects. Crystal energy helps change negative energies and  replaces them with positive energies.
Crystal energy affects your body by  balancing your body’s energy. I will not be touching here on the use of crystals  healing by means of a healer; however, I will focus on the use of crystal energy  and the theory behind healing crystals and gemstones.
crystal chakrasThe theory behind  crystal energy is to do with the Quantum theory. The Quantum theory considers  the Universe and all things that make it, as existing in an empty space with  forms of energy moving within each space. Of course this includes our physical  body which is a space with energy flowing infinitely through its own space. Your  body’s energy is used when you breath and when you show emotions and  thoughts.
The healing processes of crystals and gemstones are considered  a special flow of energy that change the way the destructive energy flows. This  special flow of energy can be helped by the use of healing crystals and  gemstones to improve and speed up the healing processes. Crystals and gemstones  can be used as a tool to give the healing flow of energy an important boost in adding power to achieve cures.
Crystal energy and crystals are a tool that can enhance not just your health,  but anything you undertake. Although crystals and gemstones occupy a different  space than our body and mind, within the Universe there occur an interaction  between your body and mind and the energy forms. This interaction is executed  through shared properties resulting from the energy flow.
For example,  the electromagnetic properties of a Quartz  crystal share the same type of electromagnetic properties of the body,  thus somehow the crystal’s electromagnetic  energy flows can positively interact with the same electromagnetic energy  flow of the human body.
The quantum theory helps to explain the effect of  crystals in our psychological and biological life. Even disregarding the Quantum  theory, the use of healing crystals and gemstones has been a beneficial practice  used by people throughout centuries. This practice is very beneficial for the  healing processes.
Crystals and their colors correspond to chakra points in your body. These have been found to have  cleansing and energizing properties that interact with the body causing them to  work on problem areas. Appling the energy of the crystals and gemstones to the  body enhances the cleansing and energizing effect to the body.
Below is a  list of the chakras and most popular crystals used in healing.
Root  Chakra: Jasper (bloodstone), garnet, onyx and rubies.
Second Chakra: Hematite  and moonstone.
Third Chakra: Citrine, amber and topaz.
Fourth Chakra: Rose  quartz and Chinese Fluorite.
Fifth Chakra: Aquamarine and turquoise.
Six  Chakra: Sapphire, turquoise and amethyst.
Seventh Chakra: Clear quartz and  amethyst.

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10 Most Popular Crystals For Healing

10 Most Popular Crystals For Healing.

10 Most Popular Crystals For Healing

Crystal healing is an idea first popularized in the west in the 1930s. Most  common crystals belong to the quartz family from Australia, Brazil and Arizona.  They are inexpensive and can be purchased online or by ordering from health  shops. There are many crystals with a unique set of healing abilities.

Alternative healing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the medical world.  More and more people are turning to homeopathic remedies to heal themselves with  zero chance of side effects. Here are 10  fantastic crystals to help you heal yourself.

1. Salt crystal rocks  improve the quality of air by enriching it with negative ions. These ions are  natural air ionizers and have several health  benefits. Patients suffering from chronic congestive problems are treated  using these crystals.

2. Rose quartz  crystals have the ability of soothing and calming a person. The crystal  encourages love for the patient and others. This crystal has a warm pink color  and heals physical heart ailments and emotional heartbreaks. Hanging this  crystal around your neck in times of sadness will boost natural healing.

3. Jade is a green healing crystal for the heart and kidney. Additionally, it  offers mental and emotional balance to someone. The crystal teaches acceptance,  carries calming and serene energy and helps one get less critical of others and  self.

4. Methysts are bluish to purple crystals that aid in reducing  occurrence of nightmares thus allowing one have a better sleep. They can also  affect any blood sugar imbalance positively as well as assist in quelling and  controlling anger.

5. Fluorite is a crystal that guards one against  picking negative energies and negativity from nearby people. It absorbs  negativity and keeps it at bay. Placing fluorite in the bedroom at night will  help with a resting nights sleep. The fluorite will absorb the negative energies  responsible for bad dreams and fitful sleep.

6. Lapis is an Egyptian  energy crystal believed to unlock mysteries and help one move through emotional  and confusion blocks. Additionally, it digs through muck to the root cause of  problematic issues.

7. Hematite is a grounding crystal that is  silver-gray and metallic. It is regularly used as a grounding tool that helps  those who are inclined to avoid worldly events by out-of-body flights.

8. Kyanite is a blue crystal that  facilitates channeling and opens communication centers to contact with your  angels and guides. It is best known for the balancing properties it possesses  and clears itself of any negative energy.

9. Obsidian crystals are  perfect protective and grounding agents that come in various varieties. They  help one surrender past pathways or negative habits. It brings about an  opportunity for serenity, clarity and change.

10. Citrine is a beautiful  yellow crystal that helps people manifests your goals. It also makes one  cheerful attracting personal power and abundance. Placing this crystal in your  office or home will help to boost the body’s natural ability to heal.

Using crystals is a unique way to boost your body’s ability to heal itself in a  natural way. For those who want to heal without prescription medications and  prevent negative feelings in the body (both physically and emotionally) crystals  can help.

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