Are You Living In the Past?

Are You Living In the Past? Do you ever lie in bed at night and find yourself in the midst of a mental  dialogue with someone who has recently caused you some kind of turmoil or who  has upset your life?

Are You Living In the Past?

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the  consequence of any misfortune.” 

~William James ~

Do you ever lie in bed at night and find yourself in the midst of a mental dialogue with someone who has recently caused you some kind of turmoil or who has upset your life?

You go over the situation in your mind- what happened, how it was handled,  how it should’ve been handled, what you said, what you didn’t say, what you want to say now, etc.

It’s almost as if the person is with you in the room and you are smack dab in  the middle of a lively confrontation with them.

Or, has something happened that you don’t quite understand and your mind goes  over every possible scenario as to why, how, when and if you could do it again,  what would be different?

These mental exercises are important only so you can learn a lesson. Analysing the situation, your response, etc., is  necessary so you don’t live through it again by making the same mistakes.

It’s when you can’t let go of the compulsive need to go over and over something which is already over and done with that it becomes toxic to you.

Life isn’t always fair. Many people have their own agendas that can take you  by surprise and cause undue stress in your life.

Understanding that things don’t always work out the way you’d like or that  people don’t have the same integrity as you will help you in processing these  situations.

When you struggle with the reality that people will act in hurtful, deceptive  ways that can adversely affect your life, you are resisting what is and holding  onto something you can never do anything about

The real struggle ensues when you can’t mentally let go of these injustices  and you hold onto them for dear life.

You may think that somehow, some way if you replay it over enough times in  your mind it will ultimately make things right. Guess what? That will never happen.

The one thing you can do that will make things right is; you accept what is and let it go.

Every time you rehearse the dialogue, the encounter or the injustice, you  hold onto negative energy which is causing you to attract more negative  energy.

Isn’t that great, here you are the good one, the fair one, who was grossly offended and because you can’t accept what was, you are reliving the nightmare  over and over again and therefore not enjoying today.

It’s time to realise that today is all you really have. If you miss the  opportunity to live today by staying mired in the past your life will reflect  the unhappiness and sadness that you will carry with you.

So many people live in the past by reliving old hurts and unfairness or they  live in the future by devising a mental  plan on how the next encounter will turn out. They seek revenge, dwell on jealousy and hope to get even.

What about right now? Are you living in the past or scheming for a future  encounter? If so, you are missing the best part of your life and the only part  of your life that really matters, right now—the present.

Before today, you may not have been aware of the madness that possesses your thinking; the ego that keeps you stuck somewhere that is far away. As of today, learn to let go of the past and begin to  enjoy living again.

Susan  Russo –    About the Author:

Lost Souls

Lost Souls. Don’t let the title put you off, the challenge was how to write this without sounding depressive or pessimistic.

Lost Souls

Don’t let the title put you off, the challenge was how to write this without sounding depressive or pessimistic, I hope that it’s neither, more of an observational article, one that makes you think and feel more positive about life. That, there’s someone out there, who is experiencing life in a similar way to you.

I guess I can say I am the authority on this subject as I was a lost soul for the longest while and it seems I am destined to meet similar people. People who are experiencing things that I went through.

It’s not long ago that I realised that I belonged to this category, you see like many others I was in denial, I was reading and searching. I was looking for someone, something to provide me with an answer, to tell me where to locate my ultimate fulfilment. This never ending search has taught me a lot in life and maybe part of being lost was good for me. So that I would go out and look for the answers then one day I could look back and truly understand and share some of the lessons and knowledge with others.

What is a Lost Soul?

Lost souls come in all guises; they can be married or single, rich or poor, without differentiation of either colour or creed. What they all have in common is that they are all waiting for something, for someone outside of themselves to come and rescue them, just as I once did. Some are not even aware of this waiting; they are too busy filling their lives with activities and busyness to fill the emptiness.

Some will be “happily married” have a family, but all will know deep in their soul that there’s still something missing. Some will be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams but will still feel a crater of dark emptiness. Some will be single and will think that a man/woman will come along and fill this void. Others will look to their children, to their friends and family to provide the answers. What they will all do however is try and avoid time to themselves, time to think about the missing link, time to feel and time to contemplate.

The modern way of life is completely suited to this avoidance, one wakes up, goes to work, meets friends, goes to the gym, shopping, every minute of every day is filled with activity. We complain that we don’t have time to ourselves but many of us actively avoid having time to ourselves, some may deny this and say I do make time for myself.

People make time to watch television, to read a book, to spend time with their kids etc, however how many of us truly stop and go within ourselves. Sit by ourselves and just be? Yes ,I know what you are going to say: there’s no time to do that! Well we make time for everything else that’s important in our lives, we brush our teeth, we go to work every day, we go to the shops to buy a lottery ticket, but we cannot seem to invest time to reflect.

Too many of us have handed over our happiness to other people or to material objects. Too many of us think that talking to friends will make us feel better, being in a relationship will make us feel better, buying nice things will make us feel better, going on holiday will make us feel better, anything but ourselves will make us feel better, but at the end of the day all of this is fleeting and one day we might have to stop and see ourselves, truly get to know who we are , what we are here to do and truly accept ourselves.

Whatever your beliefs we are here for a reason and if you are not following your chosen path then something inside you will always be nudging you. This force is trying to put you onto the right path.

Have you ever been on a journey and a part of you knows you are going the wrong way, but you just want to go ahead and see what’s in front of you so you can get your bearings. By the time you get there, you end up so far away from where you were actually trying to go, you get to the point where you just want to give up. Well I guess life can be like that too, you can be on the wrong path for so long that it would take twice as long to get back on track wouldn’t it be better just to give up?

Well you can give up but I believe the lesson will have to be learnt one day, if not in this lifetime, then the next.

We all have to get from A to B ,how we get there is very individual and we shouldn’t all be following the same path . Where we go astray is when we take somebody else’s road map and follow it blindly, we don’t listen to that niggling voice inside ourselves that tell us that we might be going the wrong way. That we need to stop and take stock, to realise that we are not sheep, just following the herd.

You may think if everyone is taking the same road must be the right way? . If we hear anything different, we try to drown it out with accumulating more things, designer hand bags, fast cars, the latest gadget, a new boyfriend/girlfriend anything to stop the voice, hearing that voice would prove difficult, that would mean that you would ultimately come face to face with your demons!

Lost Souls

However one day we must face our demons when you choose to do it, its up to you, it maybe in this lifetime the next or even in several lifetimes. We are here to learn something, something of a profound nature something to take us forward on this journey and that does mean to you have to be brave , you have to go forth and slay the demons. The demon could be the very thing you believe makes you happy, it could be your Porsche, it could be a bottle of wine that seems to make you feel better or a bar of chocolate; whatever it is that stopping you seeing who you truly are.

Ultimately if you peel away your layers, deep down you will see that you are a child of god/the creator (whoever you believe in) and inside you is the perfect truth , the brightest light, the most profound love and purity you will ever feel. Inside you lies the ultimate happiness, one that cannot be found in all the riches in the world, so go ahead be brave and just look inside yourself you never know what you might find, you might even like what you see?

Article written by: Sneha Ramji

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A Time for Earth Angels and Lightworkers

Earth_Angels_realmEarth Angels and other Light Workers, despite their peace loving nature, have a very important job to do that isn’t always an easy one. It takes an extremely strong, disciplined, and highly developed Soul to fill those shoes and without them, mankind would be at a serious disadvantage!

Most Light Workers have a nostalgic memory difficult to put their finger on, a longing to return back somewhere, like an invisible family they’ve not seen in ages. In the back of their minds they may inwardly feel a desire somewhat related to E.T phoning home.

Long ago, many of them were very happy in their realm and were recruited specifically for their ability to handle some of the evolutionary problems of the lower planes. Many of them had reached levels of divinity, light and love that, in a word, retired them to a plane on the Other Side where there exists no real need, intention or desire for those Souls to ever want to seek out and return to the lower realms of chaos. They are those who, under any amount of duress, will follow through to the end and sacrifice doing whatever is necessary for the higher good to save and avert a movement that would be devastating to all.

When there are virtual movements of Tsunami-like waves of motion that could bring these lower realms to the edge; a place that can virtually wipe out eons of progress and alter mass involvement to an extent it virtually ricochets outwards on a universal scale to other realms, they understand and submit to a time where intervention is simply a must and leave their spirit home.

Along their journey and in returning to a plane where they are driven much more in spirit, they may find that the lack of physical or material drive makes them feel almost euphorically optimistic with only a sense of their bigger picture and calling. They may feel only different in some way. Eventually, though, the hour strikes with visions, dreams and other directive forces waking them gradually to sensations and accuracies difficult to ignore.

As each Soul stirs, other Earth Angels and Light Workers begin feeling the emerging in a collective sense. You see others were called and made the pilgrimage as well. Why is it only during these times or uncanny circumstances we tend to find eachother? Because, had we not, the same collective that emerges in waking would have instantly consumed us with a knowing so similar to the home we left, we would have never reached the lands we were meant to in returning to this plane in the first place.

(article by Elleise – Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor MS)

How to Discover Your Inner Self

How to discover your inner self? How to find your true self? Knowing and understanding ourselves within is very important to shape our outer selves. This is because our inner self is the source of our living. If we don’t know it, we cannot use it to succeed in every aspect of our lives. Thus, we need to discover it, understand it and exercise it. So how do we discover our inner selves?

Becoming spiritual

First we need to become spiritual because if we are material we will not be able to see what’s truly inside us. A spiritual person is one which is not bounded by time and space. He or she believes and considers the things that last forever, such as love. If we don’t believe in love, which is a spiritual thing, how can we become a spiritual person? Hence, we should first believe and justify love deep within our hearts and minds to become spiritual. It is the state when we start to focus on good virtues such as kindness, patience, truthfulness and righteousness – all which will benefit our eternal life.

The spiritual mirror

Now, if spirituality is already justified in you, you just need to find a spiritual mirror. Just like knowing our physical self, we face a glass mirror. There, we see what we really look like. To discover our inner self, we need to see ourselves in a metaphysical mirror. This process is called spiritual reflection. We use this process just like we use it to see our physical reflection in an ordinary mirror. The only difference is that in spiritual reflection, we don’t use our physical eyes. Instead, we use our spiritual senses such as heart and mind. Since it is not bounded by space and time, we can travel anywhere and anytime to see ourselves in the past, present and the future.

Our purpose

In facing the spiritual mirror, we close our eyes and leave the physical world. Then, we enter to the spiritual realm by leaving worldly things such as money and the desires of flesh. We think beyond years and even beyond the time of our death – we consider life after death. Then we also think and feel the moment before our birth – what we are before we were born on Earth? I know this activity is very complex if you haven’t tried it even once. But in this kind of situation, the solution is simply to find and use the right spiritual mirror. That mirror is our spiritual Father –our Almighty God. He’s the one who created us for a purpose. He’s the one who can tell us what we really are and why are we here on Earth. He is the one who will show us our true reflection. Therefore, what we can do now is to face before Him. We should not just pray and ask Him who truly we are? We must also listen to what He says and become acceptable of the truth.

Written by Victorino Abrugar ~ Secret Contents

The child you once were still lives.

Allow and express your inner child … Love your  inner child like you would love a child you created. You would protect and fight to the death for your own child and this inner you, is your child. Give birth to yourself. Let your child come out and play now and again. It is o.k. to play with toys, colour, run bare foot around the garden, play on the park, jump up and down, lick your partners face, shove an hair up the nose of the person that’s sitting next to you, Let your self be very silly and carefree. If you can do all this, you are so on your way to taking the power out of those that wont let you be , gaining control over the child within you again Its really good for your soul., not allowing any person to make you unhappy or sad, or have any power over your feelings . AS OF NOW YOU ARE NO LONGER A VICTIM , YOU ARE A VERY PROUD SURVIVOR!!! LET  YOUR INNER child out try it now.

Thought for the day

We sometimes go through life, at full speed with our head down not really taking in what is happening around us or where we are going. Sometimes we may put the blinkers on because we really don’t want to acknowledge or see what is happening.

I often refer to life and knowledge like reading a book, we can speed through from cover to cover thinking how good or bad it was when we reach the end, but how much of the story or information we may or may not have gained have we really understood? It is one thing and a very good thing to gain knowledge and information as we go though life, but we must also gain an understanding of it too.

In spiritual terms that is why we are here “eternal progress open to every human soul” to learn and progress, but it is the understanding of the knowledge gained or lesson learned that enables the progression. It’s a little bit like correcting a naughty child, saying don’t do that or that was naughty but not explaining why. The child may see that it’s done wrong because you are correcting its mistake, but do they understand why or what they have done wrong if you haven’t explained? A lesson learned maybe, because they now know they shouldn’t do it, but is it a lesson that has been understood? Do they really know what they have done wrong?

We gain knowledge through books, school, television, the internet, friends and many other forms of media. Some of the information is useful, some of it good, some bad, some misleading, but it is the understanding of it that is important, acknowledging within ourselves, is the information right?, using our own intuition, does it feel right? then putting that knowledge into action in our own life, because this is what helps our own spiritual growth and develops our own personal philosophy on life and therefore determines the way in which we choose to live our life. We can decide to race through from cover to cover with our heads down and race to the end, not really understanding where we are, what we are doing or where we are heading or we can take time to learn, understand the lessons, put those lessons into practice within our own life, develop as individuals, and spiritually progress.

I know which one I choose… Which one will you?