Warding Off Negative Influences – How To Keep Your Aura Strong

Warding Off Negative Influences - How To Keep Your Aura Strong.

Warding Off Negative Influences – How To Keep Your Aura Strong

Every person has a unique aura that reflects their current condition. People who  are sick or emotionally upset have weak shadowy auras, while healthy happy  people have auras that are strong bright auras. A strong healthy aura is  essential in blocking negative influences from draining energy and vitality from  us.

There is no scientific definition for an aura. Many scientists are  certain they do not exist. Others, while they are open-minded, can not describe  auras in scientific terms. Some people present photographs as evidence of auras, but many sceptic declare them to be fakes. However, people with psychic abilities can see and read auras. It is possible  that the halos you see in traditional religious art are actually auras. For this  article, we accept the reality of auras as fact.

People with strong  positive auras are naturally charismatic and attract others to them. They tend  to be more successful in getting things done and getting support from other  people. People with negative auras tend to be self-promoters that drive others  away from them, and those with strong negative auras may be evil. It is possible  that negative auras can become parasitic and literally steal energy from  positive auras.

It is important to remember that the aura has little  power of its own. It derives from a person’s internal condition – physical,  psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is the tool by which psychic healers judge a person’s overall health and  well-being. To have a strong positive aura means you have a strong healthy body,  well-balanced psychological and emotional health, and a spiritual maturity and  strength.

A weak or negative aura indicates physical illness or disease,  conflicted emotions, unresolved psychological issues, and/or limited spiritual  development. Therefore, when you strengthen your aura, you are actually making  progress in becoming a healthier, more well-balanced person with a stronger  spiritual base.

Negative people can and do influence positive people.  Psychics can actually see this in the interaction of auras where the negative  person’s aura seems to drain the positive person’s aura of its energy and light.  The positive person will feel it when it happens – they may feel more tired or  weaker, their mood may lose some sparkle, or they may get a feeling of  uneasiness or anxiety.

On the other hand, positive people can influence  negative people as well. Their energy and vitality can literally flow into a  person with a negative or weak aura. Psychic healers do this. They send, through  their aura, positive energy to the negative person. And the stronger the  positive person, the stronger their aura, the less likely they will be to let a  negative person steal their energy.

No one wants to be around a person  who is constantly pessimistic and depressed. That’s because the negativity is  contagious. They negative person literally drains more positive people. But the  stronger you are, the healthier and happier you are, the less vulnerable you  will be to negative influences.

What causes negative auras?

People  with negative auras are frequently seriously ill, whether it is due to a  physical, mental, or spiritual disease. Drinking, smoking, and taking drugs can  weaken your aura. Stress, conflict, and violence can, too. Too little exercise, mental stimulation, positive social interaction, or spiritual connection can produce a dark weak aura. And engaging in immoral activities can be disastrous – crime, deviant behaviours, and misuse of your fellow man can produce an aura as  dark and thick as night. Negative auras can be extremely powerful, reflecting  the inner turmoil that creates them, and they can influence the people around  them in very serious ways.

Some people believe that negative energy isn’t  always associated with a living human being. Restless spirits of people who  passed away before they were able to resolve conflicts are one example of a  negative entity that can still influence the living. And just as there are  positive spirits, like angels, there are negative ones. No one can prove or  disprove their existence, but many people have experienced the powerful effects  of having negative entities influencing their lives.

How can I protect myself from negative energy and  auras?

People with positive auras, on the other hand, are better able to  withstand negative influences. Their good health is a strong protective barrier, and they less susceptible to drains on their energy and vitality. If you want to  have a stronger, more positive aura, you need to become a stronger, more  positive person.

There are also techniques we can use to protect  ourselves from negative energies and entities and maintain a healthy aura. All  of these techniques serve to help become more powerful in our psychic abilities  and more sensitive to external influences that might harm us.

An  important first step is to learn to use and trust your intuition. For example,  have you ever been involved in a conversation with someone and felt a knot form  in your stomach? This knot was telling you that this person is negative and may  be draining your energy. Relying on those internal messages more may be one way  to protect your positive energy and aura.

However, many people have  trouble distinguishing intuitive knowledge from emotional reaction. When you  begin to develop your intuitive skills, you must take care that you’re not  letting your feelings about a situation masquerade as intuition. There is no  school or class for telling the difference. The best way to learn is through  trial and error, being willing to make mistakes, and through self-knowledge.

Looking into your motivations is important. Perhaps you got that knot in  your stomach because you wanted to punch the person in the mouth. That is not  intuition. It is emotion. You are the only person who can interpret these signs,  and self-knowledge is an important tool in differentiating intuition from  irrational emotions.

Another way to become stronger and healthier, and to  have a strong positive aura, is to avoid things that weaken or harm you. Avoid  junk food, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. They weaken your defences and personal  resolve. They cloud intuition and increase emotions. Counter-balancing the  avoidance of negative things is incorporating more healthy things into your  daily routine – exercise, nutritious foods, positive social experiences, prayer  and meditation.

Meditative activities strengthen you and your aura.  Listening to soothing music or reading an inspirational or uplifting book helps  clear your mind and body of negative influences and builds your resistance to  them. Meditation helps you tune out externalities and tune in to your own  strengths and wisdom. Meditation is a very important and rewarding tool for  becoming healthier and having a stronger, more positive aura.

You can  also use some objects that may have a healing or protective effect. Amulets are  thought to fend off negative spirits. They come in many shapes, forms, and sizes  and are made of a variety of materials. Used since time began by native and  primitive peoples, they can be worn as jewellery or carried in a pocket or purse. Some people use  specific stones as amulets. Popular stones for this purpose include onyx,  hematite, double-terminated quartz, and aragonite. They are also called  protection stones.

If you feel that you are being attacked and someone or  something is trying to drain your energy, you might try taking a physical  position to block it. The point is to protect yourself mentally, physically, and  spiritually at the same time. Take a position that blocks out external  influences by crossing your arms in front of your chest, cross your legs. Make  all your fingers on your left hand touch the fingers on your right hand. Close  your eyes, clear your mind, and take long slow even breaths until you begin to  feel comfortable and protected.

Closing yourself off in this way will  not only protect you from negative influences, it will stop your energy from  reaching other people. It’s a way to take a psychic break and allow you to  refresh and strengthen your own body and spirit. Your aura will, in turn, become  stronger, more light, and more resistant to negative influences.

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Psychic Attack ~ How To Protect Yourself

Psychic Attack ~ How To Protect Yourself

Psychic Attack ~ How To Protect Yourself

I remember a lady who asked me to help her with a situation regarding psychic attack.  In this instance it was particularly unpleasant.  The lady worked in a hospital where there was a nurse who was familiar with Voodoo magic.  She was using it on patients and staff, terrifying all with whom she came into contact.  Eventually, the woman had been found out.  The lady who came to me asking for help had been volunteered to fire this woman.  Her colleagues had been offering her everything, from prayer to rosary beads in order to help her.

I began to look into the energy of both the situation and the woman directing the voodoo magic.  I decided to use an ancient Egyptian method to harmonise the level of psychic attack.  It involved directing the energy the woman was giving out back to her.  I sent the voodoo energy back to her.  Apparently, the next day she had altered from a very aggressive and confrontational person who had refused to leave, to someone who was very frightened.  She handed in her resignation and left, leaving the staff and patients in peace!

Psychic attack in this instance is exaggerated and fortunately is rare but on a day-to-day basis we do come across some form of psychic attack quite often.  We are the victim of constant psychic attack and we have psychically attacked others at some point in our life.  Psychic attack is the direction of psychic energy towards a situation or person that has a negative basis.  For example, when you feel someone is angry or upset with you, they are directing a ‘psychic attack’ towards you.  Similarly, you direct a ‘psychic attack’ when you hold anger or resentment towards another.


We have all come across people in our life who drain our energy field.  When you are in their company you feel drained and exhausted.  They are unconsciously using your energy, therefore attacking your auric field and taking energy from you without your conscious permission.  They don’t mean to;  it simply means that they are absorbing energy from a stronger field.


How do you protect yourself from psychic attack?

There are many ways to protect and build your energy field to protect it from ‘psychic attack’. One of the most basic, yet crucial way is to be responsible for your own thoughts and energy system.  For you to be reading this, you will be a ‘sensitive’.  Your senses will be a lot more alert than the majority of the population, therefore you will be more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others.  Your energy will also be stronger than most.  If you feel negativity towards another person, they will receive a stronger ‘psychic attack’ than if it came from someone with a less developed sensitivity.

There are many ways to protect your energy field, too numerous to mention here, but the most important thing to remember is to be conscious of how your energy interacts with the world.  What excites you?  What depletes you?

Heidi Sawyer.

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Psychic Self-Defence – Easy Ways To Brighten Your Spiritual Light

Psychic Self-Defence - Easy Ways To Brighten Your Spiritual Light. The aura is a very personal expression of our unique personality, body, and character. And just as we can change our physical health and vitality, we can improve our aura.

Psychic Self-Defence – Easy Ways To Brighten Your Spiritual Light

The aura is a very personal expression of our unique personality, body, and character. And just as we can change our physical health and vitality, we can improve our aura. To do this, we must be prepared to invest time, effort, and perhaps a little money.

It is possible to feel or sense your own aura. Move your hands back and forth, closer to and away from your body. You may soon realize that there is a different energy level closer to your body. You may feel a little heat or resistance. Give it a try. You may be very surprised at the results. Sometimes, the people around us sense our aura.

Spiritual growth and the stronger energy and aura that come with it are important to protecting yourselves from negative energies and influences. Negative people who are consumed by worry or anger or who are seriously ill can actually drain our aura of its energy. People who dabble in the occult can do much more serious harm, so it’s important to maintain a strong healthy spirit and a vibrant glowing aura. This is what we call psychic self-defence.

In order to grow spiritually and increase your personal energy and aura, you must first clear your mind and body of negative thoughts and feelings that can weaken us and make us vulnerable to psychic attacks. This phase of spiritual healing involves introspection and careful self-examination of our spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Wherever we find anger, jealousy, resentment, or lust, we must find ways to reduce and eliminate them from our mind and heart. Then it’s important to replace these negative energies with positive ones.

Identify the causes for the negative thoughts and emotions. Now, take an honest look at them and determine whether they’re justified. In fact, no negative thought or feeling is justified for a person who hopes to grow spiritually. Replace those energies with positive ones. If you are angry at a person or event, look at the part you played in the situation and what you can do to resolve it. If you are envious or jealous, allow others to follow their own hearts, even if it means separation. If you hold a resentment, learn forgiveness. And if you feel lust, learn respect and self-restraint.

Of course, this process will take time. You can’t change overnight, and to pretend you have will subvert your effort. Be persistent and patient. Don’t use this to beat yourself up or undermine your self-esteem. Recognize that all of us can improve, and do what you can to replace your negative energies with positive ones. You will continue this self-improvement process throughout your life. Once you’ve gotten a good start, go on to the next phases of your effort.

Because the aura reflects your overall condition, it is important that your body is strong and healthy, too. Poor diet, stress, exhaustion, and illness can deplete your spiritual energy and give you a weaker darker aura. Make some important lifestyle changes. Avoid foods and substances that interfere with healthy functioning. Limit or eliminate caffeine, tobacco, and drugs. Adopt a healthy balanced diet that minimizes fast foods and processed meals. Be sure that you have the proper balance of different types of foods, and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Make a habit of daily moderate exercise. You don’t have to join a gym. Just take a brisk walk or climb the stairs. Do something to increase and maintain an increased heart rate for 20-30 minutes each day. See a health care professional when you need to, not days or weeks later.

Take care of your self-esteem. Never tell yourself you’re not a good person. Never engage in negative self-talk. It’s not true, and it’s very harmful. Taking care of yourself also involves social relationships and mental stimulation. Begin to re-establish and nurture old relationships. Get involved in your community. Participate. Take a course or attend a concert. Enrich your imagination, and share the adventure with those you love.

Remember, though, that negative people’s energies can harm you. Avoid people who are cynical or pessimistic. They may be the very ones you’re learning to protect yourself from. Spiritual development and psychic self-defence involve being able to recognize those people, places, and events that drain your spiritual energy and weaken your aura. As much as possible, eliminate these negatives from your life and mind.

There are tools and techniques you’ll find very valuable in your spiritual development effort. They require a bit of education and a lot of practice, but they’re tremendously powerful. Some objects are good for eliminating the negative and nurturing the positive. One tool helps you identify, perhaps even see, your aura. Take a crystal hanging from a string in your right hand and rotate it around your body. You will feel vibrations through the string as the pendulum swings. Another way to find your aura is to light a candle and slowly close your eyes. You may be able to see your aura in different colours that cling to your body. Practice these exercises, and you’ll be come more aware of your aura and the messages it gives you about your spiritual condition.

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What is the Aura and how can I see it.

The_AuraOur being is more than just our physical body. We have a complex energy system, comprised of our Aura, our Chakras or energy centres & the Meridians or energy channels. The life force that feeds our soul is known as the Universal Life Force or Chi Energy. Our soul requires this complex system to direct & channel this energy to sustain our soul. In later lessons we will look at the Chakras & Meridians in detail but to begin with we learn about the Aura.

What Is The Aura.

It is a well known fact that everything that exists in the known universe is made from atoms. These microscopic particles are themselves made from even smaller particles. It is generally thought that the basis for the smallest particles known to man, is some form of vibrating energy. It can be said that everything in existence is fundamentally just vibrating energy.

The Aura is believed to be electromagnetic radiation caused by the vibrating energy from within the particles that make up the atoms. The Aura around the human body consists of electromagnetic energy in the form of waves. The lower frequencies are related to functions of our body like metabolism and circulation. The higher frequencies are related to our conscious and subconscious minds like our emotions and our personality.

Some scientists including Michael Farraday & Thomas Edison, started to encounter the electro magnetic field that surrounds the body during their experiments. Since then Russian scientist S. D. Kirlan developed kirlian photography. Also called electro-photography, it is the technique of recording the electromagnetic field around a living organism.

In terms of psychic development the Aura is a representation of who we are and what our current state of being is. By looking at the aura we can get a sense of what state of mind a person is in and also an indication of the state of their health. Most importantly the Aura can tell us about the level of a person’s spiritual growth. The greater a persons spiritual connection becomes, the higher the frequency at which their Aura vibrates.

Although everything has an Aura from inanimate objects through to plants, animals and human beings, the Auras of living beings are different from that of inanimate objects. The Auras of living beings will change overtime depending on their spiritual and physical state. Our Aura’s change depending on whether we are in good health or not. It will also change as we experience different emotions and as we learn and grow spiritually. If a person or place has a negative effect on our Aura by draining its energy, it can give that person a feeling of wanting to move away, Often described as a gut feeling or instinct that they just don’t like that person or place. This can be caused by a lack of equilibrium between two Auras, if one Aura is more dominant than the other it can over power that Aura. Or if one Aura is damaged and needs to be healed it can drain energy from a healthier Aura. The message is then passed from the Aura into the nervous system of the physical body, giving us an uncomfortable feeling. The Aura of an inanimate object will remain generally the same. The exception to this is when the emotional state of a person affects their perception of what the Aura looks like.

The Subtle Bodies

The human Aura consists of several layers called energy bodies or subtle bodies of which there are at least Four, but it is claimed there could be as many as Severn.

The First layer closest to the physical body is the Ethereal Body. This has the lowest frequency.

Next is the Astral Body. This has a slightly higher frequency and is outside of the Ethereal Body.

Outside of the Astral Body is the Mental Body which has higher frequency again.

Then there is the Spiritual Body & possibly more bodies with even higher frequencies.

 How To See The Aura.

The Aura extends just outside the solid edge of an object or person but it cannot be seen simply by looking directly at the edge. The Eyes are designed to see light which is electromagnetic energy. The range of frequencies that our eyes are sensitive to are known as the colours that we are all familiar with. The Aura consists of frequencies that are outside of this range, however it is believed that our peripheral vision can pick up some frequencies that are lost when we look directly at something. This means that to see a persons Aura we need to concentrate our sight just inside the edge of that person allowing us to see their Aura in our peripheral vision.

When you first start to see Aura’s there is a temptation to move our eyes to directly look at it, however when we do this we can no longer see it so it is important not to give in to this temptation and instead keep the edge of a person and therefore their Aura just outside the centre of our vision.

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