I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

 I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!! Because attracting the wrong people into their lives is on your head! meaning the type of friends and people you choose to be around you and your children”
Four generations

I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

How much do you love your children? Because attracting the wrong people into their lives is on your head! meaning the type of friends and people you choose to be around you and your children”

Setting the right foundations from the very beginning, from the moment they start watching you is so important, and continuing throughout as they grow. It is an important part of our parenting involving making decisions making sure your children are not surrounded by the wrong type of people.

I mean come on your not stupid  you know what I mean  if you have major selfish ‘me me me’ drama kings  or queens around your children .. That is not taking responsibility is it!  Having responsibilities and having duties to perform in keeping our kids safe at all times is one of our main priorities.

Sometimes we may wonder how to achieve a balance with these different demands they are conflicting for many people the first step to finding a balance is by holding a positive mind-set around them even through the bad, the bad is there for a reason it helps change our way of thinking for the better but that’s for us not our children, their time will come later on in life  …You have to believe  “(positive mind set)” in you in the people you associate with and around  is the best start for your children.

In “Parenting with Love and Logic” by Fay and Cline, they describe a child who needs to know their parents love them by setting firm limits. Children push their parents to see if they are going to be consistent, because if they are, the child will feel safe and stable, but if not, they will actually feel insecure and anxious growing up.

The authors liken this to a child leaning against a wall to see if it will hold up and not crumble; if they push against the wall and it crumbles, the child realizes that very little in life is stable and secure. At the same time, a wall is not going to push against the child either, it is not going to fall on top of them or hurt them, it just stands firm. Just as our children yearn for stability, we desire the same as adults.

“In all things that you can buy you will get what you paid for… In children, you will get back what values you put into them”.

Children, unfortunately do not come with “time-outs,” however, their needs must be met. In those times I have always managed to pick myself back up and continue to be the capable human being my children deserve and what they have helped make me today. Don’t worry that children never listen to you; WORRY  that they are always  WATCHING YOU ! And as your children get older  If you have never been hated by your child at some point you have never been a parent.

I wont lie I have made mistakes we all make mistakes. It is part of the learning process. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything  new to better their life. Are you the kind of person who can learn from those mistakes?

I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

Really think about the kinds of values you would want to install in your children. The brain of a child is like a little sponge, it will soak everything up, hold it for as long as it can and then it will wring itself back out. If you want what comes back out of their sponge to be clean for them, then guess what? You need to be completely accountable for your actions. If you are not ready for near total accountability, you are not ready to have children.

I am a capable human being but there have certainly been times where I have literally curled up into a corner and had myself good, heart-wrenching sobs. In those moments I felt there was no possible way I could continue to go on doing what needed to be done but if you love and care for your children in a natural way you should do you will  always end up were you are needed to end up.

Happiness and comfort’ is a choice Life is a choice. It is YOUR life and you are the start of your child’s/children’s life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness for you and them.

THINK!╰დ╮❤╭დ╯SEE!  KNOW! ~J.Wellington ~

How to stay grounded

Spiritually Minded

How to stop absorbing other peoples negative emotions.

pain-lossEmotional freedom means learning how to stay centered in a stressful, highly emotionally charged world. Since emotions such as fear, anger, and frustration are energies, you can potentially “catch” them from people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual’s negative emotions or the free-floating kind in crowds.

Another twist is that chronic anxiety, depression, or stress can turn you into an emotional sponge by wearing down your defenses. Suddenly, you become hyper-attuned to others, especially those with similar pain. That’s how  empathy works; we zero in on hot-button issues that are unresolved in ourselves.

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Quantum Physics and Energy Healing

Many people had thought of energy  healing as nothing more than superstition of the eastern cultures.  Recently, advancements in quantum physics has brought a new understanding to the  impact that energy has on our beings.

Quantum Physics and Energy Healing

Many people had thought of energy  healing as nothing more than superstition of the eastern cultures. Recently, advancements in quantum physics has brought a new understanding to the impact that energy has on our beings. There are many   healing quotes that contain wisdom that has only recently been understood in the west thanks to these developments and understandings. Read on  to learn more about quantum physics and how it pertains to energy healing.

The body is composed entirely of energy. The field of quantum physics has  recently discovered that all matter is composed of energy. If you continue down  beyond the atomic level, you will eventually find what are known as “super strings” which are pure vibrations of energy. The frequency with which these  strings are vibrating determine what kind of matter they form. These sub-subatomic particles then interact with each other in ways that eventually form atoms.

These atoms form molecules, which form cells. And our cells ultimately form us. The resonance of the energy of which we are made determines  a lot about our bodies. The good news is, much like a stringed instrument, you can tune these strings to provide resonance and frequencies that are more beneficial to our being. But, like a poorly tuned instrument, if you don’t pay attention to your energy, you will find that things get out of harmony and lead to an unpleasant experience.

Failure to take the tune of your body seriously is what leads many people to  suffer depression, anxiety, stress, and illness. If you learn to use energy healing to manipulate the energies in your body, you will learn to sense disruptions  and negative energies in and around your body. This will give you an opportunity to improve your condition greatly if utilized properly.

Some of the forms of energy healing you can look into include: guided  meditations, Reiki, Qigong, Domancic Bioenergy Theory, Therapeutic Touch, and  Meridian Tapping. All of these methods take advantage of the bodies energies in  some way or another, and provide ways to manipulate them for positive  benefit.

It’s important that you stay in touch with your energies. They determine a lot about you. By ignoring these energies, you are leaving yourself without the ability to know what is really going on for you and your life. Keep your spirit in tune and you will sing a happy song. But fail to do so, and you will  suffer.

Many cultures have a form of energy healing, but the majority of our knowledge of this field originates from the wise Asian cultures of past millennia. Recently, a surge of information about these techniques has been coming to western cultures and captivating us. Many are sceptical, though, because it can not be proven by science. But plenty of people are able to  recognize the basic truths that form the principles of energy healing, chi and chakras. The advancements taking place in quantum physics will enable us to  justify the thoughts behind the practice and bring it to the entire world as a  validated medicine. Until then – choose  to believe.

Jill  Magso –    About the Author:

Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading  enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as  well as your conscious mind.

Controlling Insecurity: Five Methods

We may feel insecure around a boss or a successful and  attractive member of the opposite sex. Or we may just feel intimidated by crowds  and have no greater goal than making it through the experience without unduly  embarrassing ourselves.

Causes of insecurity and the effects of different  methods used to reduce it will vary. Here are five areas that may  help.

steps-of-insecurityI. Tune Down the Stress,  “De-multitask

Sometimes we feel insecure because we live such  busy, stressful lives. Aside from old fashioned stresses like education, family,  relationships and career, a more recent source of stress has been multitasking  on the internet and using our electronic servants like smartphones and the  iPad.

I am not here to argue against the advantages of modern technology,  only that some of us may need to make hard choice about limiting their use for  our own emotional (and cognitive) well-being.

Maybe its OK not to get up  and answer the text message right away  … even multiple text messages. If  emails are only answered at certain set hours of the day (say between 9 – 10 AM  and between 3 – 4 PM–and no other–is that going to make your business and  friendships go away?

And if you are working on a deadline for a project,  is it possible you can avoid glancing at the news or hottest YouTube video for a  while?

Research is increasingly suggesting that uninterrupted mental  focus is best for creativity and sustained logical thinking. Multitasking is  entertaining and a little bit addictive, but how does your blood pressure and  memory fare on a steady diet of mental ping pong?

Does stress increase  your nervous tension and feelings of insecurity? Even if you like multitasking,  does it have a downside?

II. Stop the  Stimulants

Why are coffee and caffeinated beverages popular?  Sugar and caffeine in their own way are stimulants. Aside from taste, we like  the mild euphoria, the increased productivity, the zest they give us.

But  stimulants can also increase the general level of anxiety, and in some of us,  that may be a bit too much. If we are already prone to insecure feelings, such  stimulants may push us over an edge. Best to cut back.

III.  Improve Sleeping Habits

Are you more calm following a long and  good night’s sleep or after a brief and fitful night’s sleep?

Our central  nervous system seems to need sleep, but our frenzied attempts at productivity,  our love of entertainment and our undisciplined choices tend to push sleeping  hours later than is best for our long term well being.

Getting things  done on time to get to bed early may seem self-indulgent, but the opposite is  true, at least in the long run. Often we prolong the hours before bed by  entertainment. That may help us relax, or it may stimulate us, depending. Often  we eat a late night snack because we stay up a long time, and that not only  gives us added strength to stay up longer, it also has an unfortunate effect on  the quality of our sleep and on our weight.

An anxious person may not  sleep well anyway. Early relaxation and improving the discipline of sleep habits  may improve daytime feelings of insecurity.

IV. Add Things that  Relax and Calm

Some of us who are chronically stressed or  nervous may find some help in prescription drugs used for anxiety or depression.  Or for those wishing to avoid many of the negative side effects of drugs, some  vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy essential oils, or homeopathic remedies may be of some help.

Do not take both drugs  and natural substances for feelings of insecurity before consulting your doctor,  and especially so if you are a pregnant or nursing mother. And while adding  calming substances may help, they should probably best be considered as  occasional or temporary solutions used in conjunction with other  things.

Regular exercise of all kinds tends to moderate anxieties. Yoga  is one popular means of exercise used especially for its calming  effects.

V. Identify the Negative, Practice the  Positive

Knowing precisely the surface and underlying reasons  for your insecurity feelings is often a first step in confronting and  controlling the problems. Replacing the negative with a positive lifestyle  choice may be part of your solution (like  changing jobs).

Or very commonly, we feel insecure because of a pattern  of self-sabotaging and irrational thoughts. Identifying these thoughts and  replacing them with rational ones often helps control insecurity. Perhaps these  positive rational thoughts can be written down in scripts and rehearsed  deliberately until memorized, at which point the insecure person can use them at  will to get through especially nervous periods and in time retrain the  emotions.

A common final goal of controlling feelings of insecurity is  facing them squarely and acting in a reasonable and planned fashion through the  feelings toward success. Repeated success encourages the mind and cuts the power  of anxiety.

David J. Phelps – About the Author:
Next, see the Linden Method for anxiety for an effective treatment that retrains one’s emotions or consider more on controlling insecurity.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”:

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Posted byJoanne Wellington for Mediums World

Fear…At some time in our lives, we each experience it – our stomachs are queasy, our hands are clammy, our muscles clench and we seem unable to catch our breath. We may even physically tremble or become immobilized…

Fear immobilizes our ability to make decisions and locks us in a state of insecurity and lack of trust.

Did you know….

  • 18.8 million  adults will suffer from depression this year
  • 2.3 million adults will struggle with Bipolar disorder this year
  • 9.1 million  adults have an anxiety disorder
  • 2.4 million  adults will experience a panic disorder this year
  • 3.3 million  adults will be treated for OCD this year

If you suffer from debilitating fear, you are not alone…the National Institute of Mental Health reports that approximately 1 in every 5 adults suffer with the anguish of a fear-related disorder! These problems will go untreated because most feel too embarrassed to seek help, or just think it’s a simple bout of the “blues.” In  some cases yes but in most cases, that is simply not true!

Agoraphobia, the fear of any situation that might provoke panic attacks, or fear of losing control. Agoraphobia is often accompanied by panic disorder

Fear are phobias that create a physiological response in their sufferers. When someone encounters his/her phobia, he/she will experience what is known as the “fight-or-flight response“. An increase in adrenaline causes one’s heart and breathing to accelerate, muscles tighten and sweat glands to activate, it also triggers a release of stored sugar, increased metabolic rate and inhibited digestion. The “fight-or-flight response” is activated when one feels threatened and is a sort of biological safety mechanism. With phobias, however, this response is irrational and does not serve its original biological purpose to keep humans aware and able to cope with dangerous situations in some cases

Although scientists are not sure as to exactly what causes phobias, many believe that they are caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Phobia can be caused by a traumatic  event if someone almost drowns then they may develop a fear of water ..!

fear of confusion

fear of killers and robbers

fear of panicking

fear of death

fear of clowns

fear of needles

fear of stalkers

fear of love

fear of getting hurt

fear of the future

fear of car accidents

fear of not being happy

fear of being buried alive

fear of losing someone you love

fear of the past coming back

fear of someone not loving you back

fear of disappointing the people you love

fear of hurting the people you love

fear of not knowing what’s going to happen yes it could go on and on..!

An interesting theory is that humans are “biologically prone” to having certain kinds of phobias, such as the fear of snakes, spiders or other potentially poisonous creatures, because those fears may have been crucial to the survival of humans long ago and they remain in our brains to this day

studying phobias has raised several questions in  mind. For instance, if phobias are, at least in part, a hold over from thousands of years ago, why haven’t they disappeared yet? If we can adapt to have phobias to keep us away from danger, can’t we adapt to not have phobias? Or are phobias just a complication that comes along with having a complex biological system, and therefore complex defence  mechanisms?

Another interesting idea is that phobias seem to demonstrate the connection between emotions and the body. One experiences an emotion and then has a physiological response or is it the other way around? In any case, could understanding phobias be a gateway to understanding this mind-body connection further I believe so it makes better sense than having to rely on drugs controlling our body’s  although drugs may help in sever cases and they do in time but  they also help because we believe they do so why not believe that our own mind – body has its own drug hummm?

Fear can condition and train you to believe something that doesn’t even exist. Everyone has the right to break free of those ideas. Every fear can be flipped so it benefits you and drives you to achieve more. By actually acting from a place of fear you can compound that fear or even diminish it. It’s better to approach things from a state of your higher self than ego and fear. Our deepest fear is that we feel inadequate  and playing small in life reinforces that fear. We are all meant to shine, but playing small or safe does not enlighten yourself or the world. You can either conquer your fear today, right now, or be a slave to it for the rest of your life I believe that phobias are learned, and can therefore be unlearned …just take a moment and think about it ‘all actually  comes from frame of our infrastructured  minds..!

Fear is defined as, “an unpleasant feeling of apprehension or distress caused by the presence or anticipation of danger.” But what is the origin of this unpleasant feeling – fear itself?

Written by Joanne Wellington for Mediums World                                            

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