Connecting With the Archangels

Archangel Michael. The angelic realm's mission is to protect, nurture, and guide humanity.

Connecting With the Archangels

The angelic realm’s mission is to protect, nurture, and guide humanity. Races, cultures, and religions may have diverse and conflicting doctrines, but they all have one thing in common—a belief in Angels. In fact, 85 percent of all religions reference Angels in some form or another.

Angelic Beings team up to assist us in connecting the physical world to the spiritual world. Angels offer uncondi­tional love, which is the essence of all that is. Open yourself up to the possibility that Angels exist and invite them to help you with self-love, well-being, abundance, love, pros­perity, peace, and joy. By asking, you allow them to assist on your behalf. Angels always honour free will and act only once invited, so remember to ask.

A Four-Step Process

There is a simple four-step process that will assist you in connecting with the Archangels.

1. Ask—Begin by asking for assistance: For the angels to help in any area of your life, you must first “ask” for their assistance. There is no right or wrong way to do this. A simple intention works just as well as a verbal expression or a telepathic conversation. Simply saying, “Angels, please help me,” is enough.

Asking in a way that feels appropriate to you will ensure that the Angels will answer your call and stand by your side. The important step is to rec­ognize that you are in need of support, guidance, direction, encouragement, etc., and be willing to ask for it.

2. Allow—Release the need to control the situa­tion and be open to receive: Allowing is as easy as “getting out of your own way.” When you release the need to control situations, people, and emo­tions, and just allow the flow and the laws of the Universe to work on your behalf, then you open up room for all of the good to come into your life.

Allowing frees up your energy to do the things that make you happy and to receive the abundance that is innately yours. Your Angels always see your life from the perspective of allowing. They support that vision “for you” and “within you” until you are able to feel it for yourself.

The sooner you learn to let go of resistance and start affirming what you desire, the sooner you will come into alignment with what you are asking for. Once the asking and allowing are in alignment with one another, then you are well on your way to believing.

3. Believe—Trust that the Angels will guide you in perfect divine time: Trust can be one of the most difficult attitudes to adopt, especially when you do not have any evidence that you will receive what you desire.

Trusting typically requires you to be vulnerable with others and, in this case, with the Angels. I made a decision a long time ago when I started working with the angelic realm, and that decision was to give up “suspicions.” I made a con­scious choice to be optimistic rather than pessimis­tic, and that choice proved to be instrumental in my working relationship with my Archangels.

So it is your choice to trust that you are being guided in the perfect divine time. If you are feeling a desire from your heart, trust that the Angels will guide you in the perfect way for your highest good.

4. Receive—Listen to your intuitive guidance and give thanks: You’ve asked, allowed, and believed. The last step is to now receive. Your Archangels and guides will send you many messages. It could be a song on the radio, the flicker of a light, a sign on a bus, the letters on a license plate.

Messages come in many ways and many forms, and I ask that you be open to receiving them in ways that may be new or different to you. As the messages and signs appear, you will find that they will validate that you are on the right path. And, finally, remember to give thanks for the abundance, joy, happiness, and love that are presently in your life. Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens. Stay open to receive all that is yours.

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Angels – Everything You Wanted to Know


Angels – Everything You Wanted to Know

What Are Angels

Angels are highly evolved spiritual beings. Angels are appointed by the source (or God) to help with, & oversee all aspects of physical creation throughout the universe. They receive the divine energy from source, & through the various orders or hierarchy, direct this energy down into the physical planes.

Only the very highest order of angels are able to receive the highest vibration of energy that is the divine energy of the source or God-Force. This energy is then converted into the vibration of creation by the angels, and is passed down through their hierarchy system to eventually become the universe that we live in. All of the physical matter that exists in the universe that we know, is energy from source that has been directed down through the Angels. This includes all of the galaxies & stars, the planets & all of the life that exists on any planet.

Hierarchy Of The Angels

There are many opinions on how many orders of Angels there are, but it is generally believed that there are three main levels & each of these levels is again divided into three sub-levels.

The highest level are the Seraphim, Cherubim & Thrones.

The second level are the Dominions, Virtues & Powers.

The lowest level are the Principalities, Archangels & Angels.

The highest order of Angels are the Seraphim. These are the only beings that can receive the divine energy from the source. They are of the highest vibration who’s essence is pure love.

The Cherubim, also known as the angels of wisdom, are the guardians of the stars & the celestial heavens. They spread the energy of creation throughout the universe.

The Thrones are the guardians of the planets. The Throne that looks after the Earth is Ezekiel. They can receive the high level of energy as it is spread through the universe from the Cherubim & then transmit it at a level that can be accepted by the lower orders of planet based angels.

The Dominions are angels that over see the lower orders of the angelic realm. They help to create a smooth transition between the spiritual & material planes.

The Virtues are the angels that can make miracles happen here on earth. They send out beams of light that can be accessed by humans. When you tune into the energy of the angels, you are accessing the energy & knowledge that is radiated by the Virtues.

The Powers are the angels who look after Karma, they are therefore in charge of our personal karmic records & the Karma of the world as a whole. The angels of birth & death are also Powers. These are the angles that over see our souls transition into our physical body at birth & when we leave our body at the end of our earthly lives.

The Principalities protect large structures of people, from large multinational companies up to cities or even whole nations. However they do not deal with individual people on a personal level.

The archangels are the angels that are often referred to in many religions around the world. There are millions of archangels throughout the universe but those that are most closely associated with the earth are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel. They oversee large projects for spreading the light & raising the energy level & consciousness of humanity. As do other archangels for life forms on other planets throughout the universe. Archangels lead bands of lower ranking angels to aid them in their tasks. Archangels can also be called upon by individual people to help us with protection, cleansing & healing.

The lowest rank is that of Angels. These are the helpers of the Archangels & are the angels that work directly with human kind. Every single person has their own Guardian angel. They guide us from birth & are available to help us in many ways, they heal us, inspire us, help to smooth our path through life, fill us with higher energies & help us spread the light. However they cannot interfere with our free will so we must ask the angels for this help whenever we feel that we need it. Our Guardian Angels also record our thoughts as well as our actions here on earth & they keep our Akashic records which are overseen by the Lords of Karma.

Angel Wisdom & Religion

Although angels are referred to in many religions, they serve the light & the light is beyond religion although it honours & accepts all religions. We are all here to learn our lessons & ascend back to our source, which ever path we choose to take on this journey is the right path for us. Rather like climbing a mountain, there may be many routes to the peak but each route will have its own challenges along the way. These challenges may include hurt or disaster but they provide our lessons from which to learn. Sometimes though we need some help along the way, it is often from the pit of deepest despair that people will call out for help, and it is the angels that come to their aid.

There are many that unknowingly work against the light. Often in the name of God. They try to control how people will learn their lessons and teach that their way is the only way, but in doing so they take away that persons power to choose the path that is right for them.


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I teach meditation & psychic development. I have developed a free online course that can be accessed from my website. My free course is designed to help you to develop your spiritual being. This includes your psychic ability, but you will learn far more than simply how to become psychic. Spiritual and psychic development will take you on a journey of self discovery. You will learn about the real you and the true meaning of life and why we are here. Psychic development is about discovering the knowledge and wisdom of your higher self. This means that my psychic development course will be useful to you even if you have no interest in becoming more psychic. You will find a new clarity and meaning in your life.

For This I Love Myself!

These are words I wish to share with you.. They were sent to me. I feel they are so special and speak clearly of a truth that surrounds us all.
I was once just like you
I hated myself back then
I know you very well
For this, you don’t like me at all
I am the rejected one
I was the one that no one really wanted around
So yes, I went away
And it looked to you, as though I were abandoning you
Did you ever stop to think or try to understand
How I was feeling, the pain I was enduring?
I left because I had to cry and search
Without your judgments, pity and anger
Without interference and your truths
I had to find out how to stop the pain
How to see and correct what was wrong inside of me
How to change the way I was thinking and acting
How to stop the tormenting screaming in my mind
To end the jumbled thoughts that had tied themselves in knots
And caused the pain in my head
While my heart was crashing and shattering
Into fragments of dust
Questions had to be answered
I left to find the answers
Things had to change
I left to learn that change
The cycle of abuse and lies had to be broken
I had to break it
Why was my family hating each other and calling that hate love?
How did love get so twisted in our minds?
Why were there so much: judgment, jealousy, anger, resentment, pride and competition
Between people who professed to love each other so deeply?
How do we call degradation, humiliation, intimidation and non-forgiveness love?
How do we call deceit, denial and pretence love?
If we speak to each other with anger in our hearts
Should we call that love?
If our rage causes us to become physically violent
Should we call that love?
If we are jealous and pretend not to be
Should we call that love?
If we judge and mock each other
Should we call that love?
If we gossip behind each other’s back
Should we call that love?
If we fight and argue
Should we call that love?
If we strike each other in our rage
Should we call that love?
Then if we hold resentment for all of this
Should we call it love?
Our family taught that if we did not fight and argue we did not love???
Therefore if we did not abuse each other we did not love!
I had to somehow change this belief!
Yes I went away to find the answers
To change the things that had to be changed
To understand how it all got this way
To deal with my pain and forgive myself and all of you
To learn how to truly love
And yes I found the answers
I would love to share them with you
I stepped out of denial
Broke the cycle of abuse
And Into LOVE
For myself, my children, my grandchildren, their children and so on
For this I am grateful to myself
For this I now Love Myself
And I can teach my children how to love
Maybe my grandchildren will be loved!
by Angel Femia

Angelic Human Race

This is lovely and I thought I would share this with you.