The Human Aura

The human energy field (aura), showing some of the bodies (or layers) that can be sensed through developed high sense perception…

The Etheric Body

This being closest to the physical body, is the first of the Auric bodies that may be sensed. To those people who are able to see it, it looks like a misty material projecting approximately an inch or two beyond the physical, it may also be felt. It is composed of matter vibrating at speeds just above the speed of light, which is why it is invisible to our normal senses. we all possess high sense perception at different levels of development and it is this that allows us to sense energies beyond those at the physical level. Perception can be developed by training.

This second body is called the Etheric Body, from the ancient Greek term which referred to the upper regions of the atmosphere as ‘Heaven’ or ‘ether’. Seers of the time witnessed that on passing over, people being in their heavenly or etheric body.

The Astral Body

The astral body is the body that projects beyond the etheric, and is in the next higher frequency range. Because its vibrations are finer than the etheric, we can travel at will in this body with even less limitation, by the power of thought. It is at the astral level of vibration that the energies of feeling are processed.

We all enter our astral levels during our sleep state, it is possible that during this state, we can meet up with other souls or travel to places that we would normally not be able to go or reach in our everyday life.

When we go into our astral body we are also able to receive teachings, instruction and guidance.

The Mental Body

The Mental Body is again on a higher frequency than the astral. The Mental body processes a range of mental energies, including creative and intuitive thought.

The Soul Body

The Soul Body itself is encased in a containment vehicle or body so that it can go through life and human experiences. the vibrations/frequencies are much higher than those previously mentioned. All experiences at all levels are relayed back to the soul, which is the real you, through the network of consciousness.