Spiritualist Healing

Our gratitude and sincere thanks to our friend Jane for submitting the details of this Spiritualist Healing section.

Spiritualist Healing

There are many and varied forms of healing, but as I am a member of the Spiritualist National Union myself, for the purpose of this site it is their guidelines that will be followed for spiritualist healing.

The definition of Spiritualist healing is defined by the SNU as being:

‘A form of healing by the use of forces and energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the healer, by the laying on of hands on or near the body, or prayer or the direction of thought from a  distance’.

The Objects:

1. To promote and encourage the practice, study and investigation into the art & science of spiritualist healing

2. To render aid, wherever possible, to all who are sick in mind, body or spirit. Irrespective of race, colour, creed or sexual preference.

3. To work as far as possible in connection with the medical profession

4. To assist and train potential healers

5 .To encourage and help churches and other bodies affiliated to the union to commence and maintain healing groups.

A Spiritualist healer is a healer who practices Spiritualist healing within the SNU in accordance with the philosophy and teachings of spiritualism. 

All spiritualist healers are subject to the rules and regulations of the SNU (The healing code of conduct and also Healing and the law) and UK healers Regulatory body. SNU Spiritualist healers are part of UK healers.

There are many rules and regulations set down that apply to  healers be they approved healers or those working towards approval work as healing mediums.

The connection for healing is far deeper than that of a medium working with the ‘clairs’ and at no time is communication given by a healer, if a healing medium is picking up on communication, they aren’t on the right level.

Healing is pure and simple, the healer themselves do nothing during healing except provide a channel for the energies to flow through.

Hopefully, the ‘patient’ will have been talked to on arrival at the church/centre and put at ease and the concept of healing explained to them, belief and religion are not discussed, merely that the healer will provide a channel for the energies to pass through.

Initially a healer’s contact with the patient is magnetic, where we use our own energies to connect, to create a bond with the patient and then the healer will raise their energy levels through that of mediumship until they reach the healing level (this is really hard to explain). Once that level is reached, the healer is a passive vessel for healing to pass through.

The preferred method of healing that is practised is that there is just one point of contact, usually hands on shoulders, the rest is left to spirit. Spirit are an intelligent force and know where it has to go.

Spiritualist healing treats the person as a whole, it does not treat the symptom, but the cause and the principal behind it is that the energy from spirit connects with the spirit within us all and awakens our inner spirit to the responsibilities it has to the physical body and by awakening/re-awakening this the spirit within us re-aligns the inner energies where dis-ease is present and the body starts to heal itself.

A spiritualist healer never diagnoses or prescribes treatments but always recommends that a patient visits their own doctor as we have to tell people that spiritual healing works alongside conventional medicine, not instead of it. Ultimately, in the eyes of the law, the doctor/medical practitioner remains responsible for their patient at all times and as healers, we cannot take responsibility.

Healing can be felt by the patient/recipient in many different ways, it can be felt as heat or cold flowing, it can also be felt as a vibration, a tingling, like water rushing through the body, but in all cases it should be a very pleasant, peaceful and relaxing experience, if it isn’t, then either the healer doesn’t have the right connection or the healers energies may clash with your own.

Many times when working we are guided by spirit to place our hands in a specific area, this may be the head, the neck, a knee etc etc., but at no stage are the chest or genital areas touched and the stomach is only touched with the patients hands between those of the healer and the stomach area.

I know I have said that spirit is an intelligent force and there is no need to move the hands, but sometimes when we are guided to move to a specific area it is for the psychological benefit of the patient as some people need to know that we have identified the area/s that they are having problems with and are not just stood behind them looking round and letting our minds wonder!!!