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Changing your life by Changing your mind

Changing your life by Changing your mind. Most of us feel upset and resentful from time to time, and for some that feeling seems to almost always be with us.  The word "resent" means literally to re-feel, so those who carry resentments are simply replaying unhappy times in their lives over and over again.

Changing your life by Changing your mind

Most of us feel upset and resentful from time to time, and for some that feeling seems to almost always be with us.  The word “resent” means literally to re-feel, so those who carry resentments are simply replaying unhappy times in their lives over and over again. 

One lady I worked with at one time kept saying to me, “But how can I feel happy when my husband is gone.”  I would usually tell her that she could feel sad that he was no longer with her, but she could begin to let go of the constant feelings of grief.  She insisted that wasn’t possible.  She would tell me that no matter how engrossing whatever she was doing was, she would also be thinking of how much she missed her husband and about all the things she wished she had done differently in her life with him..

It is very difficult to shift our thinking from one channel to another, but it can be done with lots and lots of practice.  The process can begin with the realisation that no matter how hard we work at it, we can not change reality. 

My patient’s husband was not going to come back, and she would never be able to change the way her life with him had been. 

By spending so much of her energy resenting the fact that he was gone, she was in effect poisoning the current moments in her life.  We talked about the fact that her husband would not have wanted her to think that way, and gradually she began to see that she could begin to shift her thinking to more positive thoughts.

Many people allow their thinking to get stuck in certain tracks, and they come to believe that it is not possible to change this.  Their take on life is that they feel what they feel, and there is no way to feel differently.  In recent years, science has come a long way toward proving that what we think determines what plays out in our lives.  It doesn’t do so directly, of course, or we would all be winning the lottery all the time. 

But when we think we are helpless to change our thinking, we find that is true in our lives.  When we begin to think about all the ways we might be able to shift our thought processes, we find we can do that occasionally.  Since practice makes perfect, we find that our ability to change our thinking can grow.

To give you an example of how this words, I will tell you that my parents lived through the “great depression” just prior to my birth.  It coloured their lives and I grew up thinking that no matter how much I had, it was never enough.  Eventually I realised that my thoughts were always of scarcity, so scarcity was what I attracted to my life. 

I worked very hard at shifting my thoughts to abundant thinking.  I would get mail from many worthy causes asking for donations.  In the past, I always felt that I did not have enough to give funds away.  Slowly I sifted my thinking to the realisation that I might not have much, but I had more than many others, so I opted to share the little I had.  Since I was sending out abundant thoughts into the universe, the abundance in my life grew and grew.

Changing your life by Changing your mind

If you have decided you want to learn to control your own thoughts (which will indeed change the way you view life and the people in it) you can begin by taking baby steps and progress from there.  Whenever, you find your thinking is going around and around like a hamster on a wheel, tell yourself that you would like to change the way you are thinking.  The way that works best for me is to ask for help from a power greater than myself.  I simply say, “Please help me not think this way.”  It helps if you have some more positive thoughts available. 

Think about something for which you are grateful.  Think, perhaps, about the reward you will give yourself when you have achieved a change in thinking.  Above all else, do not be discouraged when your thoughts shift back into an old rut.  Simply allow yourself to be aware that this has happened, and try again.  It will work if you work at it.

Sherry – About the Author:

I’m a retired senior, married 53 years, and have three sons and two grand children.  I’ve written all my life but have only published two books and one workbook.  I worked over 20 years as an addictions’ counsellor.  My most recent book is of scripture based daily meditations and is titled “Talks with our Creator.”

Coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of!

Coronavirus is the strangest virus I've ever heard of!

Coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of!

This coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of. It’s very dangerous the way it spreads.

It is so mysterious the way it lurks in schools, but then dies at Home Bargains.

It can wreak havoc in pubs and restaurants! Although it’s mind-boggling how it vanishes at the beach or in the park. Yet, standing to watch a marathon or at a gig or festival triggers its wrath.

It is sneaky. It can spread when buying clothes at Primark but not at Tesco or Asda.

It is non-alcoholic. It can’t spread when you are buying beer.

It lives for 24 hours on Amazon boxes, you must wait 24 hours to touch them but it can’t survive on takeaway coffee cups, so enjoying a hot latte is safe.

It is the most curious thing, how it lives on footballs, tennis rackets and ballet bars, but dies on shopping trolleys and food.

It is spread by hair stylists, dog groomers, and dentists, but not by bank machines, cashiers, and fast food workers.

It’s so smart. It won’t bother the first 6 people that get together but it knows when the 7th person shows up so be careful if that’s you.

It even knows what you want vs what you need. If you want a massage or your nails done it is very actively on the prowl and not even a mask can stop it. If you need a plumber, it is weak, and a mask will keep it away.

It also seems to be most dangerous after 5:30pm so businesses must start to close before the virus comes out and wreaks havoc upon the populations.

Whoever heard of such a smart sneaky virus??

Coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of!

Just unbelievable how people’s minds change and alter to fit in to their own logical wants and needs no matter what’s happening in the world…not even if it’s a matter if life or death!!

Share share share!!

I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

 I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!! Because attracting the wrong people into their lives is on your head! meaning the type of friends and people you choose to be around you and your children”
Four generations

I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

How much do you love your children? Because attracting the wrong people into their lives is on your head! meaning the type of friends and people you choose to be around you and your children”

Setting the right foundations from the very beginning, from the moment they start watching you is so important, and continuing throughout as they grow. It is an important part of our parenting involving making decisions making sure your children are not surrounded by the wrong type of people.

I mean come on your not stupid  you know what I mean  if you have major selfish ‘me me me’ drama kings  or queens around your children .. That is not taking responsibility is it!  Having responsibilities and having duties to perform in keeping our kids safe at all times is one of our main priorities.

Sometimes we may wonder how to achieve a balance with these different demands they are conflicting for many people the first step to finding a balance is by holding a positive mind-set around them even through the bad, the bad is there for a reason it helps change our way of thinking for the better but that’s for us not our children, their time will come later on in life  …You have to believe  “(positive mind set)” in you in the people you associate with and around  is the best start for your children.

In “Parenting with Love and Logic” by Fay and Cline, they describe a child who needs to know their parents love them by setting firm limits. Children push their parents to see if they are going to be consistent, because if they are, the child will feel safe and stable, but if not, they will actually feel insecure and anxious growing up.

The authors liken this to a child leaning against a wall to see if it will hold up and not crumble; if they push against the wall and it crumbles, the child realizes that very little in life is stable and secure. At the same time, a wall is not going to push against the child either, it is not going to fall on top of them or hurt them, it just stands firm. Just as our children yearn for stability, we desire the same as adults.

“In all things that you can buy you will get what you paid for… In children, you will get back what values you put into them”.

Children, unfortunately do not come with “time-outs,” however, their needs must be met. In those times I have always managed to pick myself back up and continue to be the capable human being my children deserve and what they have helped make me today. Don’t worry that children never listen to you; WORRY  that they are always  WATCHING YOU ! And as your children get older  If you have never been hated by your child at some point you have never been a parent.

I wont lie I have made mistakes we all make mistakes. It is part of the learning process. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything  new to better their life. Are you the kind of person who can learn from those mistakes?

I love my kids! How much do you love your kids!!

Really think about the kinds of values you would want to install in your children. The brain of a child is like a little sponge, it will soak everything up, hold it for as long as it can and then it will wring itself back out. If you want what comes back out of their sponge to be clean for them, then guess what? You need to be completely accountable for your actions. If you are not ready for near total accountability, you are not ready to have children.

I am a capable human being but there have certainly been times where I have literally curled up into a corner and had myself good, heart-wrenching sobs. In those moments I felt there was no possible way I could continue to go on doing what needed to be done but if you love and care for your children in a natural way you should do you will  always end up were you are needed to end up.

Happiness and comfort’ is a choice Life is a choice. It is YOUR life and you are the start of your child’s/children’s life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness for you and them.

THINK!╰დ╮❤╭დ╯SEE!  KNOW! ~J.Wellington ~

How to stay grounded


THE LAST WORDS! One day a girl, Sara, who was fifteen years old, came home from school in a very bad mood. She’d had a fight with her best friend that day and it hadn’t turned out well at all.


One day a girl, Sara, who was fifteen years old, came home from school in a very bad mood. She’d had a fight with her best friend that day and it hadn’t turned out well at all.

“Sara!” her mom yelled. “What are you doing? You know to do your chores right when you get home! And you’re late! ”Coming, Mom!”

Sara yelled, getting up and stomping towards the kitchen. “What?” she snapped as her mother gave her a stern look, annoyed.

“You’d better straighten up your attitude, young lady,” her mom warned, “or you’ll be grounded.”

“Whatever.” Sara began to throw around the dishes in the sink, trying to make as much noise as she possibly could. A plate cracked and cut her hand. Sara cursed.

“Sara!” her mom exclaimed. “How dare you use that language! Go to your room!”

“No!” Sara yelled, throwing down the towel she was using to wipe the blood off her hand.

“Do you want to say ‘no’ one more time and see what happens?” her mom asked. She looked furious.

“Sure,” Sara said sarcastically. “No.”

“How dare you!” Her mother slapped her.

Sara shrank back, staring incredulously at her mom. She had never hit Sara before.

“I HATE YOU!” Sara screamed before running out of the house.

“Sara, get back here!” her mom yelled, running after her.

“Leave me alone!” Sara screamed, running across the street. “I HATE YOU!” she screamed again.

She continued running until she heard the sound of screeching tires and a scream. She turned around, hoping that it wouldn’t be what she thought it would be….

People were crowding around Sara’s mother, who was laying in the middle of the street, looking broken, bloody. “NOOOO!” Sara screamed, running over and pushing through everyone to kneel by her mom. “Oh no, oh no….”

Her mom wasn’t moving or breathing. She was gone. Sara tipped back her head and wailed to the sky, sobbing so hard it hurt.

She couldn’t believe the last words she had spoken to her mother were “I hate you”.

LESSON: To everyone out there who tells your parents or friends you hate them, or any other rude thing, or you distinctly know they are hurting … Remember it might be the last thing you ever say to them.!

Summer Solstice – Brace Yourself

Summer Solstice - Brace yourself my darlings if this is your kinda thing because you’re gonna need your reading glasses. Tons of information today on what’s going on Astrologically.

Summer Solstice – Brace Yourself

Brace yourself my darlings if this is your kinda thing because you’re gonna need your reading glasses. Tons of information today on what’s going on Astrologically. We’ve an eclipse, the moon is new and about to start it’s waxing cycle, a retrograde in Mercury and its almost Solstice. Very exciting but organised chaos.

I don’t know about all of you but the Universe has me every which way arm. Rest assured though that it’s always perfect and of course divine timing. I hope some of you will loose themselves in this. Hold on tight because here we go💜🙏

CANCER NEW MOON / ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE / SOLSTICE – Sunday 21 June 2020, exact at 7.41am BST.

“Well, it is not often that we have a New Moon and Eclipse and the Solstice all in one day! This feels very significant indeed, especially in the light of all that is happening in the world right now.

An Annular Solar Eclipse is otherwise known as a Ring of Fire, which must have seemed like a sign from the gods in times gone by! Indeed, it has lost none of its magic now as it is a truly magnificent sight, symbolising a significant shift in consciousness and the beginning of a new chapter.

This is like the mother of all New Moons, as we are starting a new cycle, setting a ball in motion that will have an impact on the next 6 months, culminating with the Eclipses in November/December. What do we need to leave behind in the dark of the moon and what energetic seeds do we wish to sow for the coming cycle? This Eclipse cycle also has a resonance with the Cancer New Moon 19 years ago, on 21 June 2001. This is the next phase of a 19 year Nodal cycle.

The Sun and Moon have literally just moved into the very first degree of Cancer, where they are forming their monthly union. This takes the emphasis from the mental, communicative busyness of Gemini to the emotional, nurturing energy of Cancer.

This is the sign of the home, family, childhood, emotional patterns, ancestral roots, nationhood, motherhood.

This is the sign that helps us to find a sense of belonging and connects us to certain places which may or may not be the country we were born in. Cancer asks us to find a way to meet our emotional needs, but when it is out of balance can make us incredibly needy and insecure, reverting to childish behavior in order to get our needs met.

This is the sign of national pride, with a great emphasis on finding our “tribe”, which may be our family and country or origin, but may also be our soul family that we have found along the way. It is possible that the emphasis of this Moon may be on contemplating where home is and where we belong.

Times like these certainly make us more aware of who is in our soul tribe, that’s for sure!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon/Eclipse is very interesting, at 1° Cancer: “On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “ A radical change of allegiance exteriorised in a symbolical act: a point of no return.

On the “ship” which symbolises the ego-consciousness floating on the sea of the vast Unconscious, the individualised will makes a basic decision. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual” and at the end the state will overpower the person.

Now, however, the individual person enjoys his most glorious hour; he exults in this ability to make a “free decision” – i.e. to act as an individual who selects his life goal and his allegiance. His consciousness accepts a process of fundamental REORIENTATION, implying the stabilisation of his energies”.

This symbol is profound, as it feels like a turning point and a big shift, on top of the energy of the Eclipse. There is a sense of a change in where we place our loyalties, and a feeling that what came before is no longer relevant. What this flag represents may be different for each of us, but it could be seen as our ideals, hopes or even our beliefs. Something may happen that there is no coming back from, both personally and collectively.

It is important to note that this symbol sets the tone for the next 6 months, so it will have far reaching impact and consequences. It brings the feeling that things will be very different for all of us after this period of time is over.

We may be called to make profound changes that we couldn’t have foreseen, but which are absolutely necessary given the present circumstances. We may be asked to make a choice, a decision, a symbolic act that shows everyone where we stand. No sitting on the fence. Which flag shall we be flying? What do we stand for? What do we believe? What needs to be left behind in the “old world”? What old habits and patterns are simply not relevant anymore?

The significance of this symbol will reveal itself no doubt, in the coming months, as the old world passes away and we move towards the new one, in whatever form it may take. However, it does seem as if we are asked to make a choice about which reality we wish to live in.

Usually an Eclipse involves the Sun and Moon being in the same sign that the Nodes are in, but not in this case. The Nodes are very close indeed, but they have recently moved from the Cancer/Capricorn axis into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This is the axis of truth and lies, of travel, of beliefs and opinions versus facts and data.

We are being asked to keep an open mind right now, as we may find that some deeply ingrained beliefs about life could be blown out of the water. We are asked to listen to one another and to do some research in order to better inform ourselves about what is really going on in this world of ours right now.

With the ruler of the Sagittarius South Node in Capricorn right now, there are many who are in fear, defending their rigidly held beliefs as if they are a matter of life and death. In fact, there is some down-right bullying going on as people attack others for having an opposing point of view that challenges their world view.

It is important to recognise when we are being triggered into an angry or irrational response and to question why this might be. Why might we be so unwilling to accept that there might be another point of view? What fears prevent us from hearing other people’s opinions and beliefs?

We are currently being encouraged to use our Gemini “street smarts” and to look behind the curtain, questioning the narrative that we are being told and allowing our Capricornian conditioned and “programmed” beliefs to be challenged and broken down.

This is a very important period in history when it is essential that we open our minds and do the necessary research to inform ourselves so that we can make the right choices moving forward. Gemini also invites us to find our voice and speak our truth, whatever that might be. If people don’t agree with whatever we have to say then so be it! However, we all have a right to speak our version of the truth and to be heard and listened to (or ignored!) instead of being attacked, judged or ridiculed.

We should not need to be afraid of simply trying to voice an opinion or giving an alternative to the prevailing narrative. If we open our minds and give up the need to be right then we might learn something! As Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”, while George Bernard Shaw said “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.

Jupiter and Pluto are building up to their second conjunction in Capricorn, which will be exact on 30 June, and are being joined by Pallas Athena, the goddess who is very adept at the art of military strategy and is known for her creative intelligence.

The last time these three joined forces was at the beginning of April, when pandemic pandemonium was at its worst and fear was spreading like the plague. Indeed, Jupiter can certainly magnify our fears and with Pluto can make us believe that we are under threat and our lives are in danger. It can also mean that our beliefs become a matter of life and death, taking on a far greater intensity and bringing out the very worst and most ugly parts of ourselves.

There is also a sense, with Pallas involved, of some very clever strategy being employed for manipulation of the truth, propaganda and mind control. Pluto is the planet of power and is very adept at the art of psychological manipulation and hypnosis, so there is the potential for us to be convinced that something is “truth” when it is in fact very far from it.

Capricorn is the sign of authority and control and represents our societal conditioning, so there is much potential for authoritarian control through the use of incredibly clever techniques that convince us to believe things that promote division and fear and that bring out the very worst in us.

However, this combo also brings the potential for a profound Plutonian transformation of our belief systems. In fact, all that we have been conditioned or “programmed” to believe is real and true could come crashing to the ground like a house of cards. This could be a painful process, but could also be profoundly liberating and enlightening. The truth shall set you free! Pluto is the detective in us that encourages us to dig deep beneath the surface of reality and find whatever is lurking there.

What we find may be shocking, dark and disillusioning, but also has the potential to open our eyes and expand our minds. Jupiter and Pluto will have joined forces three times by the end of this year, by which time what we believed to be true about all things Capricorn, such as authority, government, society and those in control, could be completely and utterly transformed.

Pluto is currently taking us through a process of exposing the rot, corruption and any hidden agendas within the power structures that rule us, and what is uncovered has the potential to radically shake up our world view and open our minds to the truth of the matter. We just have to be brave enough to keep an open mind, think for ourselves and to be willing to look under the proverbial carpet and behind the curtain.

Which takes us to the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, who is now back in the very first degree of Aquarius, having recently gone retrograde. Saturn is forming an inconjunct “crisis” aspect to the Sun and Moon, so it is a significant player in this Moon/Eclipse. Saturn went into Aquarius on 21 March and is going to go back into Capricorn on 2 July until 17 December, when it will go back into Aquarius.

While Saturn has been in Aquarius we have had the curbing of our freedom via lockdown, those in authority preventing us from meeting in groups, social distancing, an increase of virtual reality, the censorship of any alternative viewpoints, the increased usage of technology to track, trace and control, suppression of civil rights and liberties and in recent times, while Saturn has been retrograde, rioting and civil unrest.

It is important to remember that Saturn rules Capricorn, where Pluto, Pallas and Jupiter are joining forces right now. This brings the capacity for mind control and manipulation by those in power that then feeds into Saturn in Aquarius, bringing the civil unrest and even greater division than we already had before this.

This is the old age strategy of Divide and Rule. People are fighting each other over their beliefs and emphasising their differences rather than recognising the need to come together to fight for something much bigger – the future of humanity.

To come together in order to create the world we want our children to live in rather than the dystopian reality that could potentially be looming. To take our power back and stop being blindly led by those corrupted by greed and power who no longer have our best interests at heart. To question any rules that simply don’t make sense. To take responsibility for a “New Normal” that feels healthy and free and equal and just and more in line with the natural rhythms.

Lockdown has given many of us a change of perspective on the way we want to live our lives, so maybe it is time to “hoist a new flag”. As the structures crumble we have a chance to create, from the bottom up, a true democracy whereby we all take responsibility for making the world a better place to live.

It will be interesting to see what will happen when Saturn and Jupiter join forces in this same degree of Aquarius in December, exact on the 21st, which is the next Solstice! What will have happened in the 6 months between now and then? What choices will we have made? How will life look different? The Sabian symbol for the degree where Saturn is now and where Saturn and Jupiter will be on the Solstice is: “An old adobe mission in California” which Dane Rudyar describes as “The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans…

While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of social-political power, Aquarius, at its start, presents a more spiritualised and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character human achievements ensouled by a great vision.

At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilisation, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of the “civilising” power into an institution offering, to primitive men, the opportunity to reach a higher, more organised and productive, level of activity. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETISATION OF AN IDEAL.” This feels like we have an opportunity here to create a new world, so it is important that we all take responsibility for the kind of world we envision in our dreams, rather than our nightmares!

One last thing of note. Mars, the warrior planet, is about to go into its own sign, Aries, where it will remain for the rest of the year.This will happen on 28 June. Usually Mars is only in a sign for a month or two, but Mars will go retrograde in September, so it will be there fr 6 months. Mars in Aries is raw, unfiltered anger, honesty, aggression, impulsiveness, forcefulness, enthusiasm, bravery, act first, think later. This combination could certainly bring out the fighting spirit, and fires that could literally and metaphorically burn out of control.

Tempers could flare and brute force and Martian aggression could be more prevalent. In the same token, this could help us to find our courage and the “fire up the arse” that we need to make choices, decisions and to take action where and how we need to. Mars is going to be forming a challenging square aspect to Pluto and the other planets in the Capricorn party three times this year, due to going retrograde. The sign of authority and control going up against the planet and sign of anger, aggression and war.

Pluto and Mars will square off against each other in August, Sept/Oct and Dec/Jan, which has the potential to bring acts of brute force by those in authority and could also bring up rage against those in power and anger as we face some very uncomfortable truths. This combo could also bring psychological warfare. It could also bring the courage and power to overcome some huge obstacles and perform feats that we would never have thought possible!

During this Moon Mars is still in Pisces and is forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, which also highlights the Martian energy of anger and aggression, especially around people’s beliefs and opinions. How is anger playing out in our lives? Who and what is triggering our anger right now, and why might that be?

These are certainly unprecedented times and this is no ordinary Moon! Indeed, this next 6 months could be quite pivotal. The Sabian symbol certainly seems to indicate so! As ever, we must not forget Neptune in Pisces, the planet reminds us that we are not separate and that ultimately we are all consciousness in different bodies and having different earthly experiences. Neptune reminds us to treat one another with kindness and compassion and to remember that what happens to one happens to all.

This is not an abstract concept – it is real. We are going through a massive collective shift right now and this Eclipse season is the next phase in this process. Many are extremely vulnerable, scared, and starved for touch right now, and that does strange things to the psyche. So we must be gentle with one another.

This Cancer Moon reminds us to take care of each other and also to admit when we need help or can’t cope. Neptune reminds us that we are all simply souls living in very uncertain times right now, and we are bound to have a wobble or two. Spending time in nature is essential in times like these, as it can centre, ground and reconnect us when we are feeling overwhelmed or fearful.

Fear contracts the heart and causes us to act and react in crazy ways, so it is very important to find ways to reconnect to the love that is innate within all of us. Neptune is the planet of unity. United we stand, divided we fall. Never has this statement been more pertinent than now.”

Shared with ❤️ From
~Amy Bird Astrology~
Picture: Annular Solar Eclipse – Unknown source

Never lose hope

Never Lose Hope.. We are human and it’s not possible to have it all together all the time. Picture perfect is laced with invisible cracks. Better to be broken and healed. You learn, you are wiser and stronger. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Never lose hope

We are human and it’s not possible to have it all together all the time. Picture perfect is laced with invisible cracks. Better to be broken and healed. You learn, you are wiser and stronger. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Let no one judge you. It’s your Path and no one truly understand how you feel unless they walk a mile in your shoes. Some of them would not be able to walk two steps, let alone a mile. So please don’t be discouraged. Don’t feel lost. You are not alone.

Do the best, where you are,
in the best way you can, with what you’ve got.

Try and be Positive. Think good feeling thoughts. Live each moment and fund the little things that can make you feel bliss.
It will get better soon.

Good things are just down the road.
Miracles Happen everyday.
Just stay strong and Believe.

You are safe, you are brilliant and you are loved by more people than you think always have hope in your heart.

~ Joanne wellington ~ 🙏🏻💙