Spiritual Tarot & Guidance ~ Energy Check-in

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance ~ Energy Check-in. Releasing Allegiances

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance ~ Energy Check-in

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoyed the last post that I published with the messages for us from the spirit & angelic realms, if you have not had the opportunity to view and read it yet you can find it here: Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 7th August ~ 14th August 2021.

I felt guided today to select a card for us, (inspired by the spirit & angelic realms as always) to do an “energy check-in” to see how the current energies that surround us are at present.

It will come as no surprise that the card that “jumped out of the pack” almost straight away while shuffling was Releasing Allegiances. I feel that is the spirit & angelic realms once again reinforcing their previous message.

The message from the card they have given us, is a to release all that is not working for us whether it be a bad habit, job situation, relationship, the place we live, basically anything that is holding us back, making us unhappy and preventing us moving forward with our life path.

If you have thought about changing your job of work, changing you career path, going back to school to further your knowledge, follow a path you have always wanted to or turn a hobby into a business… now is the time to do it.

Listen to the opinion of others by all means, but most importantly of all listen to yourself, what is your inner guidance saying to you?

We are being reminded to both remember & recognise that we ourselves as individuals are important too! We are being asked to take the actions necessary to support ourselves in mind, body and soul, and remember the importance of self-love, nurturing ourselves, healing ourselves and appreciating ourselves for who we truly are.

Take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson

Cards used for this reading: Sacred Rebels ~ Alana Fairchild

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