Letting Go Of Your Past

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Sometimes we spend a chunk of our lives looking back on what was. We are stuck remembering and holding onto something that is no more. We reflect on old issues, remembering things that have happened and moments that have passed. Why do we do this; why is it so important to us that it, in a way, consumes us? What benefit is there from spending so much time reflecting and remembering? Sometimes it seems like our mind wanders there on its own, without our consent. We could be busy, occupied with something else, and all of a sudden we are thinking of our past and once again drawn into a moment that is gone. Why do we do this? Because we haven’t let go of what was, and because we do not fully understand it.

Let-Your-PastWe hold onto moments that have affected us, moments that were hard for us or…

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1 thought on “Letting Go Of Your Past

  1. To be a positive person, and hopefully a happier one, it is vital to let go of the past. Although, as I’m writing this, I know it is not something I am always capable of, but I would like to continue trying. Holding onto the past also holds you back, the memory or event keeps a tight hold on you, preventing any enjoyment or present engagement in life. It weighs heavily, eats at you, until you’re not the same person anymore, which you aren’t- that person is in the past, and we’re not allowing ourselves to move on, move forward, take on new challenges and experiences. The method of letting go is different for everyone, but I know I will have to try harder to find my method of letting go. Thank you for this article!


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