Are You Living In the Past?

Are You Living In the Past? Do you ever lie in bed at night and find yourself in the midst of a mental  dialogue with someone who has recently caused you some kind of turmoil or who  has upset your life?

Are You Living In the Past?

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the  consequence of any misfortune.” 

~William James ~

Do you ever lie in bed at night and find yourself in the midst of a mental dialogue with someone who has recently caused you some kind of turmoil or who has upset your life?

You go over the situation in your mind- what happened, how it was handled,  how it should’ve been handled, what you said, what you didn’t say, what you want to say now, etc.

It’s almost as if the person is with you in the room and you are smack dab in  the middle of a lively confrontation with them.

Or, has something happened that you don’t quite understand and your mind goes  over every possible scenario as to why, how, when and if you could do it again,  what would be different?

These mental exercises are important only so you can learn a lesson. Analysing the situation, your response, etc., is  necessary so you don’t live through it again by making the same mistakes.

It’s when you can’t let go of the compulsive need to go over and over something which is already over and done with that it becomes toxic to you.

Life isn’t always fair. Many people have their own agendas that can take you  by surprise and cause undue stress in your life.

Understanding that things don’t always work out the way you’d like or that  people don’t have the same integrity as you will help you in processing these  situations.

When you struggle with the reality that people will act in hurtful, deceptive  ways that can adversely affect your life, you are resisting what is and holding  onto something you can never do anything about

The real struggle ensues when you can’t mentally let go of these injustices  and you hold onto them for dear life.

You may think that somehow, some way if you replay it over enough times in  your mind it will ultimately make things right. Guess what? That will never happen.

The one thing you can do that will make things right is; you accept what is and let it go.

Every time you rehearse the dialogue, the encounter or the injustice, you  hold onto negative energy which is causing you to attract more negative  energy.

Isn’t that great, here you are the good one, the fair one, who was grossly offended and because you can’t accept what was, you are reliving the nightmare  over and over again and therefore not enjoying today.

It’s time to realise that today is all you really have. If you miss the  opportunity to live today by staying mired in the past your life will reflect  the unhappiness and sadness that you will carry with you.

So many people live in the past by reliving old hurts and unfairness or they  live in the future by devising a mental  plan on how the next encounter will turn out. They seek revenge, dwell on jealousy and hope to get even.

What about right now? Are you living in the past or scheming for a future  encounter? If so, you are missing the best part of your life and the only part  of your life that really matters, right now—the present.

Before today, you may not have been aware of the madness that possesses your thinking; the ego that keeps you stuck somewhere that is far away. As of today, learn to let go of the past and begin to  enjoy living again.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Living In the Past?

  1. I suppose one of the wises saying is let bygones be bygones, as everyone can take this saying and implement it into their life. I like to learn from the past and its mistakes as I don’t really want to relive my past mistakes. But I don’t won’t to live in the past either.


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