The Power of Absolute Honesty in Spiritual Growth

We all know the value of meditation, yoga and self-study in one’s spiritual  growth, but, we often overlook some of the other more ordinary disciplines that  can prove to be equally valuable in this profound journey. Of these many  disciplines that are helpful to your spiritual evolution, the power of honesty  should not be underestimated.

Honesty is certainly a good value to  cultivate and have. No doubt about that, but, in the context of your progress on  the spiritual path, the real significance of honesty starts to shine through.  Here are the 4 key reasons why honesty can be your best friend on the road to enlightenment.

tree-of-life-intuitive_mind1. Face Your  Weaknesses:

We all have weaknesses and short comings. No one is exempt  from this reality. If you are born and going about existence, then you have some  aspects that need work. Honesty is going to make sure you face up to these  weaknesses, so that you can take the necessary steps to overcome them.

Spiritual work can often be derailed by your shortcomings. The diseases of  procrastination, laziness, narrow mindedness, etc., can all easily disrupt and  hinder your spiritual growth. The first step in combating these conditions, is  to be honest enough to admit you are afflicted by them. Only then does it become  possible to try to change.

2. Face Reality:

How is your life  really? Not the image you so badly want to present to others, but the actual  state of your life and relationships? You see, if all was great and we were full  of bliss, love and wisdom, there would be no need for any evolution. Only facing  up to the sorry state of affairs honestly, awakens one to the great need for  transformation. Without this courage to see how messy things are, no clean up  would be initiated. Honesty is the instrument to help us look at this naked  truth.

3. Drop False  Personalities:

Now we are starting to get into the deeper layers of how  honesty actually helps us gather our energies, so that they may be applied  towards our greater destiny.

If you watch your ego in action carefully,  you will notice that you spend enormous amounts of energy building and  sustaining false images of yourself. Prior to engaging in a discussion, you will  see yourself often rehearse the dialogue mentally, to make sure you represent  yourself in a particular way, regardless of whether that is really you or not.  In similar fashion, past events you will see yourself rehash, to feel secure about how you were portrayed, and finally, you will  constantly catch yourself trying to manipulate reality in the present so that  you are perceived in a particular way. All this image oriented thinking is a  colossal waste of time and energy.

The answer to preventing all this  waste of energy is simple, just be  absolutely honest. You are done then. You will speak as will speak, you have  spoken as you have spoken and you are behaving just exactly how your are. Just  be sincere and forthright.

Don’t underestimate what has just been  conveyed. If you spend some time just watching yourself go through the day, you  will be amazed how dishonest you really are. Instead, as mentioned, just be  yourself exactly. Don’t, for the sake of impression, put up any false face. Once  you realize and implement this simple point, you will be blessed with great  freedom.

4. Honesty In Meditation:

Finally, we come to the role  that honesty plays in your actual meditation practice itself. When you sit down  to meditate, and start to watch your thoughts, you will realize how deceptive  the mind is. The false reasons and justifications that the mind creates are alarming. To stop it from continuing it’s  mischief, you will have to decide to be absolutely and completely honest and  forthright. Without this attitude of honesty, you will not be able to make much  progress in self-study, which is the key to spiritual growth and finally  enlightenment.


The need for honesty and sincerity cannot  be over-emphasized. In the early stages it is recommended, to break the habit of  unconscious lying and self-deception, that even white lies and diplomacy ought  to be abandoned and complete forthrightness be embraced. Once accomplished,  simple honesty will go a long way to helping you evolve to your highest  spiritual potential.

Anmol  Mehta –    About the Author:

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga, Meditation & Zen Expert. His site, Free Beginner Meditation  Techniques & Kundalini Yoga Video Instruction, offers 4 Key Laws for Manifesting Desires. Find lively discussions  on the Free Guided Meditation  Practice, Kundalini Yoga Instruction & Insight Meditation Blog.


8 thoughts on “The Power of Absolute Honesty in Spiritual Growth

  1. Yes indeed. I think the point you are promoting is the same point Socrates was emphasizing — that real inner work must begin with a ruthless self-observation, facing honestly what one is and what is going on inside, without judgement but without pretending


  2. Is there a possibility that meditation can be also achieved by doing something that you really like which puts yourself to peace? Could meditation be possible through visual creativity? I found when I start drawing or doing any creative work without any expectations I really feel the inner peace within myself.


    • YES there is… Meditation calms the mind and slows down the thought processes, any activity that will achieve this result can be seen and accepted as a “meditative state”. Drawing, painting, listening to music would all achieve a very similar result. But only true meditation paractice can take you to the “deeper levels”. It really depends on the individuals expectation and desired result. Thank you for your comment… very much appreciated.


  3. From my understanding you don’t get anywhere in the material world by being honest as I’ve learn’t from bitter experience over the last couple of years. I’ve also learn’t that materialism doesn’t really make you happy, it brings stress trying to pay for things you don’t really need. Its best to be honest with yourself.



  5. If you watch your ego in action carefully, you will notice that you spend enormous amounts of energy building and sustaining false images of yourself.

    It’s so hard to see ourselves. Personally it has been a long journey and very painful as I realised I was not the person I wanted to be – I wasn’t honest with myself or others and that I was afrain to feel and see whom I really was. Acceptance of my situation and where I was in life so I could begin my true journey took a long time in coming. I wouldn’t trade all the growing pains for anything in the world and I am thankful for my second chance.

    I enjoyed your well written blog!


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