Believe in yourself to bring change

If you take your eyes off your goals, all you see are  obstacles.”

“…You need to believe that you can affect circumstances and situations in  your life in order to have the confidence and courage you’ll need to meet the  many challenges you face.”
Cheryl Saban

imagine believe achieveNo one will believe in you until you believe in yourself. Create your own  life and then go out and live it. Self  confidence often becomes contagious and others will follow in your foot  steps. As we get better, so do others.

Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a  winner and a great individual and believe in yourself, Self-esteem is described  as confidence in one’s own worth or abilities, and pertains to a personal  appraisal of ourselves. Yet, unfortunately, we often make this evaluation based  on cues we receive from society. In other words, we look to others to establish  who we are, how we should behave, and how we’re valued, even though this  societal reflection won’t be an accurate indicator of what we are made of.

Trying to measure up to a dominant mindset, antiquated cultural rules,  or stigmatizing stereotypes that don’t serve you well isn’t the best plan. Using  such subjective measuring devices may also explain why you don’t always feel  like a good fit. Bottom line, try not to rely totally on the outside world to  validate you. A better option is to equalize the playing field by believing in,  and validating yourself.

Remember that your body is a temple, and you are a treasure. You are unique,  precious, and one-of-a-kind. Believe that you have a right to be here; that you  are worth the effort of saving, educating, healing, playing with, working with,  loving, and sharing a lifetime with.
Say the following words like a mantra. “I believe I am worth believing in.” Say  these words every day. You’ll be amazed how the universe will contrive to make  it so.

Changes in life are inevitable. One who accepts them and changes with them is  the one who succeeds in life. There are instances in life when everything gets  blocked and you find yourself helpless. In such a situation one who accepts it  and tries to fight out new ways to overcome the situation emerges in flying  colors. One who thinks that such a change has in fact left him to do nothing,  can do nothing but brood over his misfortune. Working in new directions helps  one find light.

Changes make life challenging and without a challenge life is boring. It is  also very important to notice small changes early so that you can adapt to  bigger changes easily. It is better to try new things than remain in a hopeless  situation. Old beliefs do not lead you to new  ideas. Hence, it is necessary to change. If change is anticipated,  monitored, and quickly adapted to, then it becomes enjoyable as well. Some  changes are harder then others no matter how you think you have prepared  yourself and as you grow older and wiser, it does seem easier. Accepting  ‘change’ allows us to grow and if we don’t grow we don’t really live. Change is  important, as nothing in this world is  permanent. However, change must be well managed in order to have a good  effect.

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