Is Life Fair?

“Life is not fair!” Have you ever heard that comment before? Have you ever  said that yourself? Is it normal to sometimes feel that way? I would dare to say  that very few people have never felt that  way. However, because we feel a certain way about something, does that mean it  is true?

Let us examine the key words in this statement, namely “life” and “fair”. We  glibly use the word “life” but do we understand what it really means? What is  life? Most people understand that to mean “my life”, that which I experience on  a daily basis, for which many blame circumstances outside of themselves. For  many, life happens to them, like an event that they have little or no control  over. Many experience a sense of helplessness, being a victim to life. However, “my life” or in a truer sense, my “life situation” or “life experience” is only  a part of the equation of what life really is.

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