Seeing is believing.. or is it?

The Value of Having Different Perspectives

We all have our own ways of seeing things but, there are times when viewing a  problem or a situation from different perspectives help resolve issues that we  thought would never be solved. It is times like this that the old saying of “not  being able to see the forest for the trees” takes on real meaning. Having the  ability to view things from a different perspective can help us to solve  problems, get along better with our co workers and love ones, and have a  constant flow of ideas that can help us to make our jobs and lives more  successful and less stressful.

Change_of_PerspectiveBegin by Telling Yourself That Every Problem and Situation Has Endless  Possibilities

By not limiting our self to the idea of a single solution to a problem or  that there is just one way to handle a situation we open our mind to a world of  possibilities and take the stress off ourselves to find the one right way of  doing things. Accepting that there are a number of great solutions to every  problem allows us to freely explore the possibilities and relieves much of the  tension we feel when problem solving.

Step Back and Look at the Big Picture

By stepping back and looking at the big picture we can form a mental image of  the goal we are trying to reach. Looking at the forest instead of that single  tree often gives the ability to put the little things in a different perspective  and we may just find that a problem we though was insurmountable in reaching out  goal is not a problem at all.

Isolate the Problem

In order to learn how to look at things from different perspectives you must  not only learn to see the big picture but you need to learn how to isolate  problems that do arise and then see how to best correct them in a way that will  reach the ultimate goal you have set. As you explore different solutions to the  problem continually ask yourself if the solution that you find will help you  achieve your goal or take you further from it.

View a Situation as an Observer Rather Than as a Participant

Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see how our actions are actually  causing problems or complicating situations. By taking yourself out of the  situation and looking at it from the standpoint of an observer rather than a  participant you will get a different perspective as to what is happening and how  best to change the things that need to be changed. Sometimes we let our egos and  emotions rule situations and by stepping back from the situation we can view a  situation more dispassionately than would otherwise be possible.

Talk With Others

Sometimes the most direct means of getting a different perspective to simply  ask others their take on a situation or problem. Every person is different and  each person view of a situation will be different. Some one may just see  something you have missed that may prove to be beneficial for you.

The ability to see things from a different perspective takes time and desire  but it can benefit you in the long run both personally and professionally.

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