What is a true friend?

What is a true friend?

Are true friends hard to find? What makes friends special?

We all have friends and many of us appreciate friendship. We all need to have true friends and many of us do have close and best friends, but let me ask you what makes a friend a true friend? What separates a true friend from an acquaintance?

Friendship is one of the most important relationships that we develop in our lives. While it might be easy to make friends, it could be difficult to find friends who would be true to the friendship during the hardships that we encounter in life. Despite the fact that we all have parents and relatives, yet many people rely on friends for spending time together.

true-friendTrue friends

John and Mike grew up together and have been best friends since childhood in the country side. One day, after returning from school, they got into heated debate about politics. Suddenly after the debate got heated, in a moment of anger, John slapped Mike. Mike stared at his friend, then wrote on sand “Today my best friend slapped me.” They resumed walking. When they wanted to cross the river, which was overflowing, Mike fell in the water. John without thinking about it, helped Mike get out of the water. Then, Mike wrote on a rock, “My best friend rescued me.”

John couldn’t understand what Mike was doing, so he asked Mike why he wrote on the sand when he slapped him and wrote on the rock when he saved him? Mike explained that true friend should forget the wrong doings done by their friends and always remember the positive which is exactly what he did.

Characteristics of a true friend

To learn about the characteristics of a true friend, read the quick guide below:

1. Wants the best for you

A true friend wishes you the best all the time. If he finds you that you are succeeding in life and achieving your goals, he will support you.

2. Supports you

If you are experiencing difficult circumstances, you will find the true friend tries his best to reduce your pain and brings you out of your current emotional state.

3. Honesty

A true friend is the one who is honest with you. If you ask him for your help, he will not say what pleases you, he will say what he thinks it is in your best interest. The true friend gives you advice that will support you, helps you, and that makes you move forward in a positive way.

4. Doesn’t judge you

A true friend supports you all the time. He accepts you the way you are and doesn’t try to change you. He accepts your personality the way it is with your positive and negative qualities.

5. Listens to you

There are friends who stay with you when everything is going well, but when you experience a hardship, they disappear and don’t lend you a hand in your adversity. A true friend on the contrary is the one you find in those hard times lending you a hand.

6. Makes you part of his life

A true friend introduces you to his friends and family and makes you part of his family. You are a blessing in his life.

7. Keeps your secret

A true friend keeps your secrets and weaknesses. He doesn’t reveal your secrets or blackmail you. Respecting your privacy is one of your friend’s goals. He doesn’t gossip about you in front of others.

Always remember, “Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.”

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