Spiritual Enlightenment and Depression

spiritual-awakeningDepression is broken down into many  categories in these troubled times by doctors and researchers, but the sad truth  is that regular old rainy day depression can hit anyone at just about anytime.  Nothing can ruin a good day faster than some bad news that throws you for a  loop. Anger and frustration can also trigger bouts of anxiety  and depression and one of the best ways to battle this type of malaise is  through some form of spiritual encouragement. Spiritual encouragement comes in  all forms these days. We as human beings seem to get great comfort in beginning  to understand the essense of who we are, on all levels. Whatever brings you  closer to spiritual enlightenment and gives you peace of mind and heartis  alright. Remember that faith and spirituality is a deeply personal and emotional  thing so make sure you discover the true essence your way.
Many people  find spiritual understanding through workshops and reading great books like the  tenth insight or living in the now or through specific temples like the  followers of the Telos lemurian teachings. Generally we only begin to turn our  attention inwards when things aren’t goining the way we want, usually a  relationship breakdown, financial disharmony or injury brings people looking for  more in life. Being together with loved ones usually helps but often times it is  the tenderness and surprising kindness of total strangers that is the most  impactful. Some say we have spent many lives on this planet and through  reconnecting with our family from other life times brings great joy to us. We  see the best characteristics of people when they are peacefully trying to  comfort someone else or when they are praising their inner God or when they are  praying together for a common good.
Belief in ourselves in rare and  generally not encouraged in this hyper-competitive world that we live in . Even  when we do a great job or have a unique talent, which we all do have, we can end  up doubting ourselves and that can be one of the most frustrating, confusing,  and depressing things we can do. Mixing with people on the journey of  enlightenment or ascension can be quiet rewardingf for someone with low self esteem.
My lemurian friends swear by the seven sacred flames and the teachings in the telos books,  channelled by Auriella Jones, will transform your life in incredible and  positive ways. Most forms of spiritual evolution is a discipline of turning your  attention inwards and taking responsibility for our lives and stop the constant  projection and control we place on others. By adopting this philosophy we take  back our lives and if we created then we can change it. My Lemurian friends  generally are all very positive individuals with very successful lives in  general and they all say that taking responsibility and emotional healing has  been the key to their success in all aspects of life.
Whether it is using  the seven sacred flames or transcendental meditation, we need to have the quiet  time to for reflection and contemplation to give ourselves a chance to block out  the constant chattering dialogue of the mind. When you are able to do this on a  consistent basis you will feel closer to your own spirituality than you have  ever been.

See Telos Australia for more info about Lemuria  and ascension

Lloyd – About the  Author:
Lloyd has been studying human evolution in spirituality and energetic work  for over 20 years. He has found the Telos-Australia teachings to be profound in their simplicity  and ease to follow.
If coming from truth and living in openness and fullness is your yearning and  you want to end the constant run around then click on ascension in 2012
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