How to Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Are you being held back by limiting beliefs? Having limiting beliefs can seriously hinder your progress in life.

How to Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Are you being held back by limiting beliefs? Having limiting beliefs can seriously hinder your progress in life. Beliefs are strong convictions that certain things in the world, and in life are factual or real. They are also an overview about the condition of the world. Your beliefs are very personal and are linked to your values. For instance if you value loyalty, you will most likely have beliefs like:

Most people are loyal.
There is no need for me to check up on my wife/husband.
I know that my employees are the best because they are loyal to the company.
My friend will stand up for me.

On the other hand if you value disloyalty more. You are more likely to believe the exact opposite.

People are disloyal.
I must follow my wife/husband.
My employees are crap! And disloyal.
My friend, he will never stand up for me.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that stop you from doing something because you think that you can’t. Basically they are simple statements that you either say to yourself, or think about.

“I am not good enough.”
“I am always unlucky.”
“Everyone is better than me at doing this.”

Most of the time these beliefs are imperceptible. But they have a sufficient amount of power over some of your thoughts and behaviours. Enough to restrict your results in some area of your life.

Like for instance if you have the misleading belief that failing at doing something is awful, then you’ll avoid trying new things. Thus hindering your personal growth, as well as passing many varied opportunities that could improve your life. The thing is you need to accept failure now and again if you want to develop new skills and opportunities in life.

So where do these limiting beliefs originate? A lot of these beliefs are programmed into you during childhood by other people. For instance, teachers, friends at school and even members of your family. Think back to when you were a child. Think of all the things that you were scared to do, or dropped out of because of some negative comment by some idiot that made you belief that you couldn’t do them.

You’ll know if you have limiting beliefs by the words that you use when you talk to yourself. If you say any of these phrases to yourself then you do have limiting beliefs about yourself.

“I can’t do this….”
“I am not good enough.”
“I am always unlucky.”
“Everyone is better than me at doing this.”

These are the steps you need to take to change unhelpful beliefs.

Step one:

Ask yourself, have I always believed this belief about myself?

How did this belief originate?

Is this belief still true?

How do I know if this belief is true? What evidence do I have to support this belief?

Do I know anyone with an opposite belief?

Do I have any evidence to support that this belief might be untrue?

Is this belief stupid, or absurd? In what way is it Stupid, or absurd?

Step two:

Now think of a more empowering belief. Any belief that is opposite to the one you already have. Try on different beliefs. Beliefs that make you really feel better about yourself. Do this until you find one that fits. Make sure that you state your new belief in the positive. Like, “I can learn new things, I am intelligent.”

Step three:

Now you need to integrate this new belief into your personality. Think of how everything will be different now that you have this new belief. Imagine yourself holding a conversation with this new belief. How will this new belief affect your family and friends. Over time this new way of thinking about yourself will start to become a habit. Eventually you will automatically generate empowering beliefs about yourself. Good luck!

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