Rainbow Children Characteristics And Traits

rainbow childrenThe Rainbow children are the newest type of kids with certain special traits  and abilities, similar to the previous Indigo and Crystal  children. The Rainbow kids are new to this world and they will help lead us to  the next ascension of the human race. In this article, I will outline the common  Rainbow children characteristics and traits.

Rainbow kids started to be born around the year 2000. Here are the common  Rainbow children characteristics and traits:

1. They are very loving and forgiving,  also unconditionally.

2. They have a strong will.

3. They often show signs of being  telepathic.

4. They have a high amount of energy.

5. They are enthusiastic.

6. They are more in tune with the spiritual world and often experience astral  projection.

7. They aren’t egotistic at all.

8. LIke the Crystal and Indigo children, the Rainbow children also often have  big eyes that will penetrate your soul when they look at you.

9. They are very trustworthy.

10. Because of their telepathic ability, it usually takes a while before they learn to speak, sometimes 2-3 years.

These children do exist, countless of reliable sources can confirm that. The  amount of witnesses and proof is rising exponentially as more and more people  become aware of these remarkable children. Many believe this new generation of  children will lead us to the next ascension and DNA upgrade. If you’re a parent  and your child has some of these characteristics, it’s important to learn more  about Rainbow, Indigo and Crystal children. Many people don’t understand them,  and these children therefore often get misdiagnosed.

Frank  Myhre –    About the Author:

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Children Characteristics And Traits

  1. I exhibit all of these signs, however I was born before 2000. I also possess most of the traits of the other children, i.e., Indigo, Sun, Crystal, etc. What does that mean?


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