Thought for the day ~ The Truth will always win through…

Tfinding-the-truthhe one thing we can never escape from is THE TRUTH. We travel our path of life facing people and situations that test us, at times being seen as guilty, until we can prove our innocence. This is harder when it a true friend or loved one who does not believe us, chooses to believe something or someone else over our word.. No matter what we say or do the doubt is set in their mind. What do we do? What can we do?
All we can do is trust in god…. Trust that he will find a way for the truth to be known and shown, sadly it may be too late, the friendship, the love may be damaged too greatly, There can be no friendship or love without truth and trust. But we have to accept that the TRUTH has been shown. The lesson learned by the disbeliever however painful. The result Is a loss of true friendship, and maybe the loss of true love. There is no escape from the truth… It is God’s Law, a Universal Law….  The Truth will always win through…

~ Stephen Robinson ~

© Stephen Robinson 2011

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