Mankind ~ Humanity

If you are Agnostic… then think of a love so great for mankind
If you are an Atheist… let your seed of logic spread to humanity
If you are a Buddhist… then leave a deep track for me to follow
If you are a Christian… then pray yourself and for me
If you are a Muslim… then ask Mohammad to shine on humanity
If you are a Spiritualist… be the light so others can see
If you are an Angel… bring time …since it is freedom for mankind
If you are the Collective Consciousness… then rain knowledge for us all
If you are Darkness… let your Redemption fall freely among humanity
What ever you are…Just be the best at it…
It is in this state of “being” that you become whole…
That you become useful, purposeful, who you were meant to be…
These are times of chaos, turmoil and confusion…You are part of the solution…not the problem…You raise the standard…You live by a greater moral code…Thank you for being a shining example of our shared experience…For standing up for hope and growth…For progress and possibility…For our fragile humanity…

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