How To Recognize When You’re Emotionally Abusing Yourself

Recognizing emotional abuse is not always easy and as a result it has often times been overlooked because we have been programmed to focus on physical abuse.  However, before physical abuse takes place a person or the parties involved have been emotionally abusing themselves and each other for some time.  The emotional abuse is what happens first, then the verbal abuse, and then the physical abuse.  While all three kinds of abuse are unacceptable the worst of all these abuse is the emotional abuse because it has to be solidly in effect in order for the other two to occur and to have any effect.  A relationship either hasabuse two emotionally healthy individuals or two emotionally unhealthy individuals.  A combination of one healthy person and one unhealthy person does not exist in a relationship.  We have also been programmed to think that not only are men the ones who are the abusers but also if they are abusing their partner, then they are the scum of the earth, cruel and that their partner is the victim.  However, that is not accurate.  Women have also been the ones abusing men.  Sadly, they are both victims.  In light of recent events in the news regarding two well-known celebrities, domestic violence is once again in the limelight.  Unfortunately, the two individuals involved are too young to understand the impact their childhood has had on them.  This is why it is important as adults to grow ourselves internally before we begin to have children.  Growing up around any kind of abuse results in children becoming abusive themselves whether to themselves or to others.   It is especially worse if the children themselves suffered sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse.  The abusive behavior stems from low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness and a deep self-hatred.  With all the toxic emotions churning around inside, left unresolved it will result in individuals either falling into a catatonic state of depression or they lash out to anyone.  Instead of judging people who behave in a particular way, learn to understand that they maybe dealing with emotional turmoil, which they do not know how to handle.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to know the extent of the effects until one is involved in a love relationship.

Article sourced Angel Shadows Blog

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