Life is a Series of Spiritual Choices. Choose Wisely!

Are you present to the abundance of opportunities and choices available to  you in each and every moment? It truly is amazing! From what foods to eat, to  what people to connect with, to when to go to bed and wake up, to what you will do in this moment and the  next – the choices and options are literally limitless!choices

We are making choices all day long in each and every moment. One could say  that life is basically a series of choices. The choices you are making today not  only create and affect your current moment experience, but in fact, are creating  your future moments and experiences. Our “future” is basically the culmination  of the series of choices we have made over the past. Just look around you –  everything, every aspect of your entire life at this moment, you have chosen.  Wow! We are very powerful.

As you reflect on this truth, it becomes clear that “wisely choosing” in each  and every moment is the key to creating our life as we desire it. But how do we  “wisely choose”? Since there is an infinite number of choices and options  available to us in every moment, how do we know which is the right one?

The answer to this question is  multi-fold, but a MAJOR factor is being connected to your body-based wisdom, to  Source-based intelligence. This is how you will know. The “head,” by itself, has  no vision and is simply a task-manager – I’m sure you know what it’s like when  this task-manager is running your life – miserable! This head-based task-manager  needs a leader; it needs a vision and some wise guidance. The “tasks” need to be  informed by a larger context.

So, how do we “choose wisely?”

On the path of transformation and evolution it’s quite likely you’ll  experience many moments of epiphany and enlightenment. These are fabulous  moments and times in one’s life. One that I’d like to share with you from my  life was particularly impactful because I received some insight that has made a  big difference for me in my day-to-day life. I’m hoping it will make a  difference for you too.

At this particular time in my life I was working very hard in a corporate  role with a lot of responsibility. I had planned a 4 day silent retreat on the  Big Sur Coast of California. I had reservations at a hermitage down there and I  was going to spend three nights and four full days in silence; both in solitude  and with the Christian monks that are in residence there. I had never done  anything like that before and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was looking  forward to it.

So I headed on down there, checked in, got to my trailer, and set up shop. I  had taken only the basics: a couple books, my journal, and some warm clothes  since it can get quite cold and foggy. While I brought my computer and cell  phone, I purposely left them turned off and in the car – if I was going to do  this thing I wasn’t going to cheat myself out the experience by doing stuff I  was always doing.

Given the high-speed mode I had been running in, it took a little while to  settle into the energy and rhythm of the  place. If you’ve never been there, the Big Sur coast is one of the most  spectacular and powerful places on the planet and I highly recommend you visit.  On about the second or third day I decided to go on a walk down the winding,  mile long driveway that connects the hermitage to Highway 1 that runs along the  ocean (The Pacific Coast Highway). The hermitage sits high on the mountainside  overlooking a huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

As I was walking down this road I started becoming more and more open to  everything around me. The flowers that were blooming were brighter than I would  normally see them. The trees and the birds and everything was coming into my  awareness at a more intense level, and it kept unfolding that way as I continued  down the path. It was the most amazing experience. I even wrote a short poem after this experience called “Look At That,  Wow!” because everything I looked at was a Wow! experience. It was that  impressive, it was amazing.

Eventually I came to this one particular bend in the road where there was a  rock outcropping. As I stepped out onto that outcropping, I was grounded on that  solid piece of earth. From there, the spectacular Big Sur coastline unfolded and  laid out to my left as far as my eyes could see. And out in front of me was the  Pacific Ocean going out as far as I could see, gleaming in the sunshine. And  above me was the sky, huge and abundant, with these little white clouds floating  in it. And I just stood there on that rock. And my heart broke wide open. I  couldn’t contain the emotion I was experiencing, the love was just pouring down  though me. That’s the best way I can describe it. I just opened up in that  moment and had that experience of oneness. That everything is fine. Everything  is OK. I have a place in the Universe. And this is it. There is nothing to do.  Nowhere to go. Everything is whole and complete, right here, right now.

At that moment I was so FULFILLED and so connected to the energy of the  Universe that I yelled out “Don’t ever leave me!” And what I instantly heard  back was “We can’t. Only you can leave us.” And I started laughing, because in  that moment it was so blatantly obvious to me that indeed, it’s ME that is  coming & going, connecting & disconnecting. I am in the driver’s seat  and I am choosing. Just like you are. It or They, or however you want to  contextualize it for you in your experience – Universal Intelligence, Great  Spirit, Source, God Energy – is always there. And it’s us that is moving in and  out of connection with It.

God, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, Source is ALWAYS available. You’re  NEVER alone. You can count on that and rely on that. And THAT is a beautiful  thing.

Pay attention to the choices you are making. If you find yourself wondering  “Where is God? Where is this Universal Love and Intelligence in MY life?”  Consider that God, Universal Love and Intelligence is wondering where YOU are?”  Your partnership with Source, with Life Force Energy, is something YOU must  choose, initiate, and develop. You must take that first step.

Proactively CHOOSE to stop your life, your thoughts, and your “busy-ness” and  create some space to hear that “still small voice” inside. Universal  Intelligence is waiting for YOU to make this choice – “It” will not force itself  upon you – YOU must willingly choose to allow “It.” This is perhaps the most  profound and important choice of your life.  Making THIS choice will provide new context and vision for your life and enable  wise-choosing in your moments to come. Are you willing? The choice is yours.

Roger  Kenneth Marsh –    About the Author:

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