Why you should choose to follow your dreams..

I am writing this article after waking up this morning feeling really refreshed after a great night’s sleep. It was one of those nights that seemed to be full of enjoyable and eventful dreams too, and I can still clearly remember many of the things that those dreams contained.dreaming

I hope you too regularly get nights full of dreams, but if you do, what do you with them? You see your dreams are important and can give you many important insights into your life.

In reality you will dream virtually every night, and often 5 or more times per night, but most of the content of all of those dreams will be lost to you unless you can remember it or, more importantly, know how to teach yourself to do so. Learning how to recall, analyze, and then interpret your dreams is something that will really open up new possibilities for you and your life.

Quite simply, whatever you know or believe about your dreams, the fact is that they are based upon the contents of your mind, or more specifically your subconscious mind. Each day you are bombarded by images of all sorts and it is only those that you consciously choose to recognize that you actually experience.

The rest simply pass into your subconscious for sorting later, i.e. whilst you sleep. Your eyes, ears, and other sense receptacles are merely the medium by which light, sound, and other senses are received and then passed to your brain. It is the brain that actually decides what you consciously see, hear, taste, etc. But the reality is that every day light waves and sound waves carry millions of unnoticed images to you and just some of them can appear in your dreams as the brain does its daily sorting.

An example of this is that until it was made illegal, advertisers used subliminal messages to get you to buy their goods or services. These were hidden messages placed into background music in places like supermarkets, malls, and airports. You wouldn’t consciously hear them as your ears simply don’t have the ability to choose what they take in and pass to your brain. So they would go into your subconscious until you later saw or heard something to trigger the desire to buy.

Another example is that when you have the radio on when you are driving or working do you actually “hear” everything that is broadcast? You may notice your favorite tunes or important news announcements, but much of it will simply have no impact. But the fact is that sound waves are carrying everything that comes out of the radio via your ears to your brain and then into your mind, either conscious or subconscious. And it works exactly the same for all the things that are in your line of vision in every place you go each and every day.

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!

And the only way you will get to it is when your subconscious mind releases some of it in dream form. So can you see why it’s so important to choose to follow your dreams?

Consider these three points:

– The people in your dreams can tell you so much about yourself. You will usually dream about them to emphasize particular qualities or skills they possess (or possessed) that you wish you had and would benefit from learning how to acquire.

– The events in your dreams may point you towards things you want in your waking life. You will often dream about doing things you would not or could not do in real life and your dream may be encouragement to go out and develop those skills or areas of knowledge.

– The way you feel whilst you experience your dreams can be vital in enabling you to look at the emotions you are experiencing in life and help you towards any changes you may need to make. This can be particularly relevant in areas of your health or relationships.

Each day so much information is absorbed into your mind that it would surely be foolish to ignore it. And the world of your dreams opens the door to so much of it and so by learning to remember, record and understand your dreams you will gain real life-changing benefits.

Throughout history people from all walks of life have used their dreams to help them to achieve their goals. I hope you choose to follow your dreams too!

Tony HallAbout the Author:
Tony Hall is an author and publisher of self-improvement products with vast experience in the areas of personal and business development. In his book “Your Dream Secrets Uncovered” he reveals the techniques that will enable you to fully understand your dreams and how they can transform your life. To learn more go to: http://www.DreamSecretsUncovered.com

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