How Much Is Your Self Worth?

selfesteemHow many times, have we been made to feel worthless and have no sense of direction because of being used and abused mentally by people and their words? Many times, people’s behaviour leaves us to question what we have done to be treated in this manner. The question is asked why anyone would want to treat another person in a way that it would harm them mentally, and scarring them perhaps for life. Some may recover, but what happens to those people who are not strong mentally and cannot cope because they have been made to feel that they are inferior and have no self-worth?

They begin to go through life not trusting another person and becoming suspicious of everyone and anything. The victim will have moments when the past will surface and feel by locking themselves away from the world and its mental torture they are safe. But in reality, they end up being on medication for the rest of their lives.

People with this kind of condition, need to regain their self-worth and the only way this can be done is for them to receive the right kind of therapy, where they can speak openly and honestly about their feelings. By speaking out, the individual can be guided in a way that he or she has the answer to their situation.

Everything in life is time! No matter how we look at the situation, time is the master. We cannot rush time, to heal the pain that has been left behind by another person being hurtful and cruel for whatever that reason maybe.

Ask yourself this, how can we avoid situations like these? Do we put and have boundaries and what happens when those boundaries are over stepped? Each of us in one way or another has lost our self-worth over something which could have been avoided. At the time, we had to take that journey to learn who we are and to become better individuals.

My question is, do we ever learn from our experiences in life, some of us might, but there are those who will continue going around in circles. What have they learnt NOTHING!!!  MY thoughts are strongly telling me LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES! By doing that, you become more aware and conscious and those people who made you feel that you were not worthy – where are they? Nowhere to be seen!!!

Beatrice Elder – About the Author:
Beatrice Elder is a UK based psychic medium clairvoyant who has been practising for over 2 years.  She features on Pyschic Interactive TV (UK Sky Channel 886) and has her own private clients.  Having developed her gift over the last few year, Beatrice has helped many by providing them with answers they thought may never have been answered in this lifetime. 

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