Dream Analysis – Dreaming True For Soul Mastery

dreamsI am going to discuss ways to record, analyze and dissect your dreams. Many of  you are probably keeping a dream journal already. If not, then this advice will help you understand why it’s important and how  to go about it. If you are keeping a journal, then here’s a much easier way to  do this.

In the online dictionary, the word dissection is defined as the  ‘process of disassembling and observing something to determine its internal  structure and as an aid to discerning the functions and relationships of its  components.’ Look up the word and you will also see it is synonymous with  anatomize as well. Take a quick look at that definition too. Both of these words  describe very well the reasons we need to track and record our dreams. We are  supposed to dissect and analyze them. It allows us to gain mastery of our parts.  All of them. We are meant to be masters of our own fates and our  souls.

Admit it. Haven’t you always wanted to keep one of those fancy  ultra suede covered dream journals, written down in perfect lettering? The kind  you find in the book stores? Now you can! It just takes a method. There is  always a method or trick. Always. Besides, you’ll come to think of yourself and  how you work your own healing methods as most fine. How grand to know you have  your dreams analyzed written down and dissected over the years. How grand you  will feel knowing you’ve leaped mountains of issues and found rainbows to keep  because you can work with your dreams. Very powerful stuff. And it’s free!!!!  Well, almost. There is the little issue of buying a fancy journal to transfer  your work. But that is a small price to pay for using the dreaming to heal and  master your life.

True to my nature, Salome believes there is always a  ‘trick’ or an easier way to do most anything. My tendency is to take the route  of least resistance in anything simply because if you find a quick and easy way  to do anything, the odds are you’ll keep  at it. This easy method of tracking dreams increases odds you’ll succeed in  receiving the answers and guidance you need regarding dreams. The universe and  the cosmos at large have an uncanny way of jumping through hoops to make friends  with you through dreams too.

First of all, throw out any preconceived  notions of needing a dream interpretation book. That is TOTAL NONSENSE! What  they are is nothing more but someone else’s interpretation of dream subjects.  It’s far more reliable to use a reference book of Signs and Symbols.

Many  years ago I took a dreaming class from a shaman specifically to learn how to  interpret my own dreams. I wouldn’t have done this ordinarily but I received a  dream that was so profound and so mysterious that it kept coming to my mind, yet  I couldn’t make heads or tails of the message. Hence, the cosmos put this  shaman’s class in front of me so I would be able to dissect the dream to my  benefit. Mind you I didn’t pick this person out of the blue, I’d done research  into dreaming and knew there were people who were actually called dreaming  shamans whose soul purpose was to have dreams for others. So I went looking  specifically for a dreaming shaman. I looked for signs she was authentic when I  came into her class of her true ability. And Wow! Did the signs ever come and  quickly!

I wore an electric salmon color short set to that first class.  The woman next to me was wearing a sage colored outfit. Next to her a woman was  in purple. A young man was all in black, and a little older gentleman was in a  beige shirt and slacks. We all took seats in her garden that chilly June morning  at 7 am sharp. Folded neatly over the back of each white plastic lawn chair was  an afghan in the corresponding colors to what each of us was wearing. We were a  bit unnerved, but then the shaman spoke to us softly with a smile, “I was there  in your dreams last night, I saw you and you saw me. I knew the colors you would  be wearing to class today.” Hmmm….. We put the afghans across our laps,  exchanged surprised looks and set to work. I need not tell you we all paid very  close attention to what that shaman had to say about learning to dream and  recording dreams properly.

Here is the gist of that class: She had us buy  a reference book called “An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols” by  J.C. Cooper (no it’s not the one who bailed out over the Washington wilderness  in the 1970’s with money never to be seen again) that was J.D. Cooper. Different  guy.

This dreaming shaman said, “In this book or, another comprehensive  signs and symbols book like it, you will find all the signs and symbols you need  to get you jump started and whet your creative juices so you may properly  interpret your dreams.” There was information on every god and goddess you could  think of. Information on minerals, numbers, alchemy, the universal psyche,  colors, geometrics, universal archetypes, myths, etc… That dictionary COVERED  IT ALL. She also said universal signs and symbols are important to use in dream  interpretation because as a species, we help dream up or create the archetypes  and symbols in tandem with the cosmos and universe. When we use a book like this  it effortlessly connects us to the dreaming world of the cosmos, the planets,  the stars, and others of our kind, and some not of our kind. The galaxies talk,  we listen and talk back. That is the dreaming. Universal language IS signs,  shapes, symbols, numbers, myth, archetype.

She had us use a small tape  recorder with a blank cassette in it and we were instructed to place it beside  our beds. Then, when we had a dream, it  was an easy process to reach over, push the record button and speak into the  cassette. The instructions were to speak the date, note if it was day or night,  note time of year or season it seemed to be, if any, a sense of how it felt  overall. Happy, sad, confused, direct instruction. She also said to be sure to  stay lying flat in bed, and not to get up at all. Just grab the mini cassette  recorder, push the record button and speak. It was not to concern us if we  sounded garbled or sluggish. The important thing was to get it down, in sleepy  talk, mumbling if we had to.

I noted at the time this was an interesting  instruction and remembered my beloved mother who had instructed me how to study.  Her advice about retaining information was almost the same. When you woke up, it  was important not to sit up too fast. Instead lie in bed and grab your study  material and read it lying down. She often used to say that a lot of information  from the subconscious was lost when you started to activate the physical body  too soon upon waking. The idea was to do it gradually, starting from a prone  position.

In shaman’s terms this would be called giving your dreaming  body time to settle back into your physical body so you can feel whole. (by the  way, you should never just jump up out of bed, but give yourself a few minutes  to wake up, stretch and then rise). If you don’t, you’ll find yourself trying to  catch up to yourself and the world all day long. Set your clock 10 minutes  earlier. Your day will go much smoother.

Once the dream was on tape, then  it was an easy process to transfer it to paper at a more convenient time. The reasoning was: 1. Get  it down on tape first 2. Later transfer it to paper 3. Then a journal. You’ll  actually do this because it’s easier. I’m always a bit suspicious of people who  say they keep a dream journal and wake up and immediately write down their  dreams. I mean c’mon. Are you kidding? Record them first, then copy to paper,  then analyze.

We took our taped recorded dreams, listened to them and  wrote them down between classes that summer. We had to give our dreams a title,  always. Much like a story. Always a title. Always. Then date, time of year, if  any and copy the dream. It had to be spaced 3 lines apart on the paper. Why?  Because as time goes by, we were told, there would be more details pulled from  our subconscious we could add to the dream.

That was an amazing summer.  Every Saturday we took our reference book of signs and symbols to class, and  analyzed our dreams. It was amazing how much we could tap into and/or reference  in our dreams using this method. We even began dreaming one another and helping  each other out. There wasn’t one person in that class at its end that didn’t  have a true idea of what walking between the worlds truly means.

Dreaming  and awake, it’s all the same. Our perception is what changes, not the two  worlds. They don’t exist as two worlds really. It all is one.

Today I  have a bunch of journals with dreams and I can still find additional meaning  within the lines although, with some, many years have passed since the dreams  first appeared. Also a little hint is in order here: If you just cannot  interpret the dream immediately after analyzing with these tools, then place it  away, as it may not be time yet to interpret. When you get good at these  techniques, you’ll find this less and less of a problem and the interpretation  and understanding can come instantly.

Dreams have a transcendent quality  to them that run across the universe tapping into other’s dreams, wishes and  fears. They tap into the logos that are the human race, and they also tap into  the universal and cosmic logos as well. It really is true that we all dream  together in the electric soup of energy all around us. Dreams shift and change  and are added upon as to meaning as the need arises, and this is something you  will only be able to properly understand if you keep a dreaming log. Suffice it  to say here, it’s not important to record all your dreams because the ones you  need to know will prompt you awake. The more you do this, the more you’ll walk  in both waking and dreaming worlds. Your life will be yours to see fit to run as  you feel best. Dreaming knowledge brings immense wisdom into your  life.

If you study Bon Shamanism, you’ll find these marvelous people have  the knowledge there is no difference between the waking and asleep world. It’s  only our point of reference that delineates the lines. They walk between the  worlds, and they can see their future and they can change it if they so choose.  There is a type of Dream Yoga they do and while they are rigorous exercises I  don’t recommend for the lay person to take on lightly, they do have the ability  to help us tap into the dreaming during waking hours. The books are there with  instruction, and so are CD’s although in my opinion, the books are much better.  There are also DVD’s on Dream Yoga you can buy with the exercises that are a bit  more tame than what the Bon Shamans use.

So exactly what is the dreaming?  It is nothing more than the energy forming in the entire cosmos moment by  moment, all at once. It is past, present and future all there for us to delve  into. The most famous for knowledge of the dreaming are the Aborigines. They  ‘Walk about’ and dream with the cosmos and universe and yes our Earth.

By  recording our dreams, we enter into a unique agreement with the universe. We  say, “We are in tune with what is, past present and future, so dream with us and  we’ll dream with you.”

The dreaming is more influential than many of us  realize. Adelaide, Australia is in the shape of a kangaroo that can be seen from  the air. How did this happen? The dreaming guided the energy of the people  living there who built it to make it in the outline of a kangaroo! Kangaroo  energy is everywhere influencing even the shape of that city. Don’t doubt for  one minute that the dreaming influences you and where you live as well. It does.  Cultures are ingrained with the land, and the land speaks, and so does the ether  all around you. It is all energy. It is us, we are it. The trouble is we humans  are a stubborn fixed lot who have hard boundaries up, and the only way the  dreaming can get through is in flits and thoughts during the day and on night  shift while we lie in bed sleeping.

You relax at night and go into  dreams. You are still awake, your body is just resting and restoring itself…  but your mind, well it’s busy tapping into the energy of the cosmos. Very busy  and paying attention.

Right now, we are in the 6th day of the Galactic  Underworld as Barbara Hand Clow tells us. Things are shifting and changing, and  the dreaming tells us so. If we learn to dream right and record the dreams that  come to us, we will then take another step forward and begin to understand how  much we can affect the universe and indeed the cosmos. We truly become  co-creators with one another and the all. Change, positive change happens this  way.

Done right, over time you’ll begin to see your future unfold, and  you can make changes before, not during, or after that fact of events, if you  wish. You’ll begin to understand the true reason for recording your dreams.  Better still, you will ‘know and use’ the dreaming as it is meant to be known  and used.

Tape into the dreaming. Get a mini tape recorder with a blank  cassette. Put it by your bed, and record your dreams onto those tapes. Use a  good reference book such as a signs and symbols dictionary. There are several  actually, by very good authors indeed. Please toss out your dream dictionaries.  The signs and symbols dictionary books are much better suited for analyzing  dreams.

When you get a chance, transfer your recorded dream to paper.  Always give them a title, make 3 line spaces so you can fill in notes, comments  and such later as you go. In time you’ll find you have garnered a rich  repertoire of work, and one you can tap into by just opening your dream journals  and reading. It will astound you how solutions to issues and problems will just  present themselves to you.

Don’t worry about working to remember your  dreams! If you get your materials ready and have them handy, ready to use your  body, spirit and soul knows what you’re doing and it will almost trip over  itself handing over the information to you in dreams. The dreaming wants to be  part of your life in your waking world. It wants to partner with you and guide  you. Allow it to do so and you’ll find within a year of trying this method  you’ll no longer view dreams in quite the same way. You will know with certainty  you have a tool for co-creating your life with the universe that is like no  other.

And yes, you will be walking between the worlds, wide awake,  refreshed and aware. Very powerful stuff and very healing. I believe it’s called  “MASTERY OF YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?”

One last thought…. those of you who  do numerology, add up the word dreaming in any language and see what you get.  Even the very words no matter what the tongue, vibrate to the energy of what  dreaming truly is. Take it a step further and do some Gematria and it will  astonish you!

Please use these dream journaling methods to benefit for  yourself and each of us. Remember it’s all one. No difference. Dreaming and  waking, it’s all the same. Our perception just changes to truly ‘see’.

Salome –    About the  Author:

As a natural born psychic and Shaman practitioner, I can heal any trauma by  examining a present or past life situation. With a lifetime of ancestral  training and assistance from my helper guides, I can provide guidance and cure  whatever ails you. I specialize in Tarot Reading, Rune Reading, Psychic  Readings, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Channeling, Prophecy, Past Lives  Regression, Future Lives Progression, Shamanic Healing, Energy Work, Power  Animal Retrieval, Dream Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Pet Psychic, Metaphysical  Training & Counseling. I work at the Internet’s premiere psychic reading  site, Psychic Access. http://PsychicAccess.com where all psychic advisors are  interviewed, verified and accuracy tested assuring you the highest quality  service. You can use this link to go right to my profile page  http://psychicaccess.com/salome/

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