Your True Essence

true essenceToday we’re going to look at the things that make us the person we are, the  essence of what we really are. Is it possible to get in touch with with our  essence, and if so, how can we do it? How can we tap into the quiet place  between our thoughts, which is where the connection lies?

According to Deepak Chopra, the answer is to be found by doing three specific  things:

• First you should meditate. Meditation takes you to that quiet place within and is the  path to getting in touch with your true Source. By being in touch with your  essence you have the ability to improve the things in your life.

• The second thing perhaps the hardest thing to put into practice. It is  being non-judgmental. Because we often hang onto the painful memories of our  past, non-judgment is very hard for us.

Some believe that we are fashioned by three things: We are the sum total of  all our experiences: another part is made up of how we believe ourselves to be  as seen through the eyes of others; the third part is made by the way we see  ourselves.

Therefore it’s not surprising that we live our lives surrounded by a lot of  predetermined ideas. The very first thing we do when we see someone is to judge  them, even if we’re not aware of it.

Non-judgment isn’t just about negative judgment, it’s all judgment, because  positively or negatively, we can’t help but judge others.

When we think: why didn’t she carry a blue purse to match her shoes, or why  didn’t he put the file in a certain way in the drawer, we’re making judgments,  perhaps not bad ones, but something that we should acknowledge we are doing.

Each time you judge, say “next”.

Judgment is looking at others and measuring them by our own standards, or  deciding their lives for them, and we have to avoid doing this, by taking a step  back and being the observer of the observed, to help us understand that the  judgment we make, must be the right one.

Get into the habit of saying every morning: “Today I won’t judge anything”.  It won’t be easy to live up to, you’ll find yourself slipping up all the time;  but each time you do, you make yourself more aware of it, especially if it is a  negative judgment.

• The third thing we must do is to get back in touch with Nature. We have  created so many external things in our lives and have surrounded ourselves with  technology; so it’s hardly surprising that we’ve forgotten how to connect with  the Source.

We are wrong to believe that we should be connected to the gadgets we have  created. Our true Source is to be found through being in harmony with the animals and the birds, the air we breathe and  the beauty of the trees and the plants and by observing the stars.

Our five senses show us that there is  so much more to connect with than the technology in our immediate reality; they  show us that we should be connecting ourselves to our spirit.

If we can go back to keeping in touch with Nature, we can be reunited with  our true Source, having access to who we really are; then we become humans  capable of manifesting with ease.

Don’t forget these three things: meditate everyday, practice non-judgment and  say “next” when you slip up and keep in touch with Nature. They will make a great difference to your life.

Dr. Ken Onu – About the  Author:

Dr Ken Onu is the CEO and founder of Attract Freedom. A growing community of  like minded persons with the sole purpose of empowering each other to personal  and financial freedom. An Ophthalmologist by profession, he helps people SEE  beyond their veil to eradicate inner blindness-Possibility blindness™.  He  is a keen speaker, coach, communicator, entrepreneur and author. Learn more at

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