De-Clutter Your Mind Just For a Moment

declutterIf you don’t know which way to go, then stop for a few moments and listen to your heart. There are many times in life when you come to question where you are meant to be, what you are meant to do and what your real purpose in life is. In reality this only happens when your mind is too busy thinking about your options to allow yourself the space to listen to your heart. Either that or you are too worried about the future to even see the choices and opportunities which are available to you.

What you should be doing is asking how you feel about each option, and asking yourself how you would really like to feel in the future. We live in a materialistic world where everything becomes tagged with a price, be it in dollars, sterling, Euros or whatever other currency you are attached to. Quit thinking in terms of money and how to get it and what it would buy and instead start to listen to your heart and notice how you really feel.

There are many opportunities which are presented to us in life which we do not even see because we are too busy thinking to actually look and listen to what is going on in our world. It is far too easy for us to fall into this trap, and if you want to change anything in your life then the first step is to stop, see, listen and identify how you are feeling.

Sometimes we feel very alone. We feel that the choices put in front of us are too difficult or that we have been somehow cut adrift from our purpose in life. In a materialistic world you can easily distance yourself from your spiritual nature, but then you end up feeling out of sorts, alone and dissatisfied. Getting back in touch with your heart and your spirituality provide the major keys to happiness.

When in tune with your spiritual nature you feel calm and comfortable, you feel a sense of togetherness and you never feel alone. And if you ask for help you receive gentle guidance because your eyes and ears are open, instead of closed and cluttered with trivial things.

A great goal for the coming year would be to get back in touch with your spiritual nature and discover the real purpose in your life.

Author Roseanna Leaton

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for well-being.

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