spiritualawakening“Spiritual awakening is no longer an option, it is a necessity if humanity and the planet are to survive.” ~ Eckhart Tolle ~

We are here on earth for the spiritual advancement of our souls; to grow spiritually.  Whether we are aware of it or not, spiritual growth is always happening.

Spirituality is our alignment with our higher self;  it’s our personality lining up with our soul, in harmony.   It means developing the ability to ‘go with the flow’ effortlessly, keeping the energy of the Universe and our energy in unison.  In this way we develop reverence for life, and stand in gratitude for it, delighted to be alive.

The essence of spirituality is that it reveals our true self.  We stand in its bright light with humility and clarity, with forgiveness, love and compassion, not only for others but also for our selves.  When we become spiritually sound (strong),  we love our ‘self ‘ and our life, and thrive in it, because our spirit has arrived  at our ultimate nature and purpose, connected to our metaphysical reality.

We are entering  a time of higher order of logic and understanding that which comes from the heart.  The heart is inclusionary, meaning it simultaneously comprehends in various ways.  Understanding all that is, all at once.

“Your task is not to seek for LOVE, but to find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.    ~ RUMI ~

Currently humanity is in transition, reshaping into heart centered behavior and beliefs. Here we learn that we are responsible for what we create. Being responsible for our own actions means working on gaining confidence and self respect; realizing that low self esteem is an excuse to be less than we are.  It means consciously choosing our behavior, understanding that we are in control.  Knowing that the inability to accept this responsibility is a result of insecurity; it means denial, and  creates a false sense of self.  With an open heart we should ask ourselves what it is that makes us happy, and strive for that.

Besides our current spiritual leaders, many artists and writers are leading the world into this new dimension of understanding.  These are the people who are ‘most open’ to the flow of heart center.  In a sense their art, be it a painting, a sculpture or a poem, comes straight from the wide open heart.

Often artists use their art as a vehicle for others to contemplate, connect with their inner Self and the world around them.  Suggestively they establish a bond, interpreting and provoking feelings that are heart center based.  Visualizing a truth; creating a transcending experience.

“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message; that is love, compassion and forgiveness.  The important thing is, they should be part of our daily life.”  ~ Tenzin Gyatso ~ 14th Dalai Lama ~

In order for us to grow spiritually, one of the first steps we need to take is to be open to the truth and willing to stand fearless in the unknown, trusting that we are capable.  Reminding ourselves that on the other side of fear lies freedom.  The spiritual path we choose does not matter as long as we put authentic energy behind all we do, and the only motive is to advance spiritually.

Currently humanity is crossing over to new spiritual territory.  We are becoming more aware of the deeper meaning of life.  We are synchronizing our heart, and using our heart to synchronize with our soul.  All of life is synchronicity.  All of life is meaningful. Finally the human race is becoming acutely aware of this.

“Underneath the world of sense perceptions and the world of mind activity, there is the vastness of being.” ~  Eckhart Tolle  ~

When we choose solitude, for instance in meditation, we come to a place of quiet and stillness.  The world falls away and our external identity ceases to exist for a while. We become ‘no body’ , and the pressures of the outside vanish.  It is a place where we can stop ‘doing’ and just ‘be’.  We try to stop mental labeling of sense perceptions.

In our basic state of consciousness we constantly seek our ‘Self ‘ ; we resist, and run away from the ‘now’.  In meditation, or solitude & stillness, we find ourselves more open, which gives us a sense of awe and wonder; we surrender to the ‘now’ and to ‘what is’; here we find liberation.

“Keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life; your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy.”   ~  Khalil Gibran ~

Spiritual reality is created by the harmony within spirit, body and mind.  To achieve this harmony we have to find a delicate balance; learn to transform negative karma into spiritual strength.  Spirituality is about recognizing polarities in life and death, in beauty and pain, in laughter and tears.  All answers lie inside our heart, here we find our divine essence; the spirit being the direct connection to the divine.

Access your inner wisdom, and find peace.  With commitment and self discipline we can build a strong foundation of spirituality.  In finding our spirituality we find home base.  A place to embrace the ‘now’, without question or further agenda; where we surrender and possibly find bliss. Life can be a sacred adventure; to pursue psychological wholeness, spiritual integration and fulfillment of divine purpose.

We must sacrifice our illusions of separation; we are all one. This includes healing on the mental, emotional & physical levels in service to the deeper revelation of who we truly are as joyful, loving, peaceful and compassionate beings; this is our authentic self.

Now is the time to  embrace the challenge to become spiritually sound (strong), to transcend to your higher self.  This will not only bring peace in and around yourself, but will certainly affect the people surrounding you as well.  Become a powerful force in your own life. Tap into your intuitive, and creative guide, and realize your spirituality … realize life.

“Go to your bosom; knock there and ask your heart what it doth know.” ~ William Shakespeare~

eveline – About the Author: www.evelinebodymindspirit.com

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