Contacting The Inner Spiritual Guide

Contacting The Inner Spiritual Guide.

Contacting The Inner Spiritual Guide

Do you ever wish you could have your own opinion about life… A fresh, personal perspective without the fears, ego, past hurts and future worries as part of the equation?

You can!

Contacting the spiritual guide within is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that I have created based on ancient Shamanic journeys, Vedic & Tantric rites and modern creative visualization techniques. This meditation has proven to be so powerful for my clients- I’d like to share it with all of you so that it might serve you the same way!

As in all meditation techniques: Find a quiet space and a quiet time to practice. Turn your cell phone off, let people around you know you’re taking some personal time, put on some comfy clothes and create space however you like- incense, candles, music, etc. can all help set the mood and charge the space.

The Spiritual Guide Within

In this practice, we will be connecting to that part of ourselves that is beyond the attachments of the physical plane. Although we may not connect directly to the centre of our true soul being, we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the translator for our current and eternal selves. The guide within is not an entity or being outside of who we are- indeed, it is more us than we think we are now.

The guide within is our consciousness on the soul level rather than on the level of name and form (everyday life in this cycle). Connecting to this power not only gives us amazing insight- it also trains us up to live more from our true identity as eternal spiritual souls and less from ego and fear.

The Goal

The goal in this practice is simply to connect to the inner guide, and create a space where dialogue can happen. We will not be entering a full-blown trance, because we need our linear/rational brain to stay somewhat present so that we can ask questions and receive/remember answers that have to do with our eg-based lives.

If you find you are going too deep in this practice and start losing consciousness ( in a good way haha!), falling asleep or start having a hard time making thoughts- simply shake or dance a bit where you sit/stand to bring yourself ‘back’ a bit. Ideally, we will connect, ask questions, receive guidance, return to normal waking consciousness and journal about the information we received- then promptly put it into action in our life!

The Practice

You may wish to begin with a prayer or affirmation. This is a great way to start a spiritual practice and not only gets you plugged in to the right headspace, but also brings sanctity, protection and blessings to you and your space. Spend the first few minutes of the practice simply breathing. Shake out any nerves or ticks. Make sure you feel solid where you sit. Survey your body, make sure you’re comfortable and return to just breathing.

A sitting ‘lotus style’ posture is both relaxing, lung-opening and stabilizing. Once you feel that a deep relaxation has come, visualize a nine-step staircase flooded in light. Ascend slowly- one step at a time.

Feel yourself walking up the nine steps one after the other. With each step you feel lighter, warmer, more open and more blissful. As you reach the ninth step and step up to the landing- ensure you allow how the scene looks to be your own. Don’t judge or criticize… let the environment of everything you encounter be what it will and accept it as perfect.

Now, wherever the stairs took you, connect to being in the same sitting posture in your meditation you are in with your physical body. Sit, breathe, see, be. Call forth in any way you choose that part of your being which knows all of your being. Call forth your inner guide- your soul.

Allow a light to begin manifesting either at or above the crown of your head or in your heart centre. Whichever happens is great as this is simply where you are most comfortable working. Don’t work with this practice in any other centre of the body. See the light come out of you and manifest before you… let it be what it is… a person? an animal? a symbol?

Allow and believe. Spend a few moments simply being in the presence of your perfected self- as though you are looking in the mirror. If you feel the urge to merge- do not do that until the third or fourth practice after information received has been implemented in your life with success.

The Inner Spiritual Guide

Once you feel connected- speak. Don’t lie, hide, or sugar coat… take this opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself and allow your heart centre to purge with the chance to open and vent. Ask a question, receive an answer. Again, do not second guess! What you hear is what you need to hear and it is perfect. If you feel you are receiving answers that are not in line with Divine law or proper spiritual conduct- end the session immediately and try again another day. Take as much time as you like asking, answering, discussing, seeing, receiving, experiencing and being. There is no hurry as there is no time on this plane.

Once you are ready to return…

Thank your perfected self and embrace or touch hands in some way to connect deeply. Watch your perfected self re-enter where it manifested from (head or heart areas of your own body as seen in meditation). Stand up and descend the stairs. Walk down slowly just as you came up. See yourself entering your life with a huge charge of light around you and a sense of peace and power in your heart.

Once you get back… Slowly start moving and flexing the physical body, gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes just sitting and being. Journal about your experience as soon as is comfortable so you don’t forget anything. All symbols, feelings, etc. should be noted so that as you work this practice more often- you can find patterns and meaningful symbolism.

Peace & Blessings,
Josh Williams

About the Author

Josh Williams

Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healing Channel. For over 10 years he has been serving clients from all across the globe, acting as psychic client advocate, teaching meditation, ritual, manifesting and spirituality techniques and just loving life!

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