The Fundamental Truth

spring flowersIt is wonderful to see the spring flowers breaking through the soil after the frozen harshness of Winter, with their vibrant colours & promise of the continuation of life….

Spring reminds us too of the breath of life, after all one yearly cycle is like a single breath. The spring is the beginning of the in-breath, the summer’s end is the end of the in-breath, then there is a subtle pause and then begins the out-breath of autumn ending in the stillness of deep winter. But that is not the end; it is Just a pause, a rest, a brief recuperative moment before the next in-breath.

This Planet Earth, our home, is like a great, breathing, pulsating living being, vibrant and glowing with life. Native peoples of this Earth accept this as a fact. The annual cycle or rhythm is just one, there are many others, larger cycles which connect this Earth to Greater Solar & Universal rhythms. Spiritually educated people know that first & foremost we are energy beings temporarily encased in matter, (Overcoats of clay) we are integrated in to a physical body through a highly complex energy system which integrates in to the nervous system through chakra points situated close to the spinal column. A chakra is formed where two energy lines intersect. Similar energy lines can also be detected in the Earth’s surface (Lay lines) and where any two or more of these lines cross they form Great Spiralling energy vortexes.

It is no coincidence that our ancestors marked these special places. Two examples in our country are Stonehenge, & Glastonbury they mark two major lay line intersections. Our ancestors knew that these places were special and the energy at these sites could be harnessed to help cure sickness and disease in people. With the coming of Christianity Churches were built on these sites so that any healing power could be attributed to the Saints.

It is very likely that the Great pyramids of Egypt also reside on these sacred sites. Sadly many of these sacred places have been lost to Global development. So when we compare this planet Earth to our own physical bodies, it becomes much more obvious that the Earth is alive, is there an underlying intelligence behind this? Is there an emotional being? I’ll let you decide…

The very Essence of life is Spiritual; this is evident to us when we observe a newly born foal or a young child struggling with the mechanical operation of its new physical body. The body is the vehicle & we are the driver of that vehicle. After a time we become so adapt at operating it that we forget and begin to believe that we are the physical body, it is like we have been driving the car for so long we start to think we are the car.

The loud & persistent voice of the media advertising is constantly striving to reinforce the message that we are the physical body & that we can be made to feel better more fulfilled and whole by eating this food, taking these pills rubbing on this cream & so forth…

By creating this belief in society they are undermining people and making them feel incomplete and needy, thereby nurturing a continuing dependency insuring high profits and turn over for investors. How can any individual, let alone organization that are not in possession of all the facts have a clear perspective and be able to make clear well informed decisions for themselves, let alone anybody else.

This materialistic approach has mislead people a great deal, they have become very narrow minded, most of us have grown up with these very limited attitudes and it is so wide spread it seems ‘Normal’ to us.

People have lost the ability to think for themselves… They have become afraid to think outside the box. This is obvious to anyone who has any first hand Spiritual knowledge, when we try to share that with others… we can see the eyes glaze over, the wall comes up and it is obvious that they have labelled us, put us in one of their handy little boxes, and filed us away under fruit bat or something. Most people no longer have the mental equipment or courage to investigate, reason, & come to their own conclusions. They are so fearful, afraid of becoming ostracised by their peers, or becoming ridiculed, that any individuality or free thinking becomes very repressed. Compartmentalized thinking is evident in the people I speak to simply because it is reflected in the way they catalogue and label the world in which they live. If I am honest we all do this to a degree. It is basically done by the use of, or the set of values we use to understand the world around us. It is called our paradigm.

It is unfortunate but sometimes we are unable to see some wonderful fundamental truths simply because of the inability to change the set of values we are using, we are blinded by them….

‘Does a fish notice the water? ‘Demonstrating Mediumship allows us to help change people’s fixed set of values, sometimes quite profoundly. for instance when we are able to give someone evidence that a loved one who has departed this physical world, “Is not dead” but very much alive & well and living in a world beyond this one….. You can see it on the recipient’s faces and by observing positive changes in their outlook that heir paradigm has been altered, realigned, healing has taken place… It is not as much as been changed but their outlook has been expanded, they have been enlightened, their life has been changed for the better….

The keepers of Spiritual knowledge are in a minority, its true but that does not mean that the truth which we represent is insignificant, quite the contrary… Spiritual truth liberates us from small mindedness, it frees us from the bondage of limited thinking, it adds vastly to who we are and opens us up to the possibility of unlimited potential. It heals, nourishes and transforms our lives in an infinite number of ways. Spirituality in its purest form allows us to understand ourselves more intimately, it endows us with a greater understanding of our environments, our lives and our place in the greater scheme of things. Native and indigenous peoples of the world, know these fundamental truths, but sadly in the west we have wandered far from the natural path. We have been tempted away by the glitter of commerce & consumerism. But now times are changing, People have become disillusioned with the cut & thrust of the material world. We are once again gravitating back to the path of truth. Awareness is growing; we are becoming aware that this life is a small but still significant part of a greater reality. We hear people talk of the great shift 2012 and even if we are not quite sure about that if we look around us it becomes obvious that great changes are occurring.

I believe that we are on the cusp of major change,. We have come to this Earth for a specific purpose, to be a part of this great change in whatever form that may take… We can play our part, in the Grand Evolutionary phase of change which is sweeping this Planet… It is about remembering what we came here to do…

Look within, find your deepest longing then manifest it into action…

Be the change that you wish to see in the world..

Article written by Nicholas Shutler

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