7 Tips On How to Make Choices

7 Tips On How to Make Choices

7 Tips On How to Make Choices

1. Realize That You Have a Free Will.

Many times people think that circumstances determine the direction of their life. But, how we respond to those circumstances has a much greater impact and what sets us up for the good or for the bad. One thing that is given to all of us is a free will; we have to exercise that aspect of our life. If we don’t impulses take over and fear and anxiety will develop our habits and habits develop our character and character develops our destiny. We can choose to act in a different way or at least learn to act differently and make choice toward life, love, peace and filled with joy.

2. Realize That It Is You Who Has To Take Action

Make a decision and connect with that decision as much as possible. You can do that by writing things down. And then the most important part is to choose to take action. Not taking action is also a choice. You don’t have to do anything. Every action or no-action has consequences. Exercising our will gives us the power and the freedom to choose where we are in life and what we will do. That is when life changes from an obligation to a blessed opportunity.

3. Realize That You Can Take The Path of Life.

When we are influenced by outside forces, we might make the decision to give in and take the path of least resistance. If we go for immediate gratification we usually end up in a mediocre conditions and we feel less fulfilled than that we had hoped for. Every choice that we make leads us either away from our destiny or right into our destiny where we will experience life to the fullest.

4. Realize That Your Commitment is Very Important.

Unless you realize you have the power to say no, you can never really say yes. To your relationships. To your work. To your life. To anything. Only when you have sufficient self-worth to choose whether to end something of value to you can you fully commit to it. Be passionate about your decision because then you “want to” act out of desire and then you can fully commit to your decision.

5. Realize that your choices affect the world around you.

So, look further. Your family will be influenced by big choices and sometimes also smaller choices. Take that in consideration. Remember: good choices will bring good things and bad choices will bring not such a good things.

6. Realize that when you make choices for others you have to be careful.

Your intention can be good, but assuming too much responsibility for others deprives them of the lessons that arise from the choices they have made. People like your input, but nobody wants their life to be ruled by others. Remember, we have been given a free will.

7. When you finally realize that you have the power to change your directions in any moment.

You might see attractive alternatives to a lot of situations in your life. Maybe there are many areas in your life that you want to be changed and want to make a lot of choices all at once. You may feel tempted to change your relationship, your career, or any area of your life that feels difficult or frustrating. The best choice can be in this situation to take responsibility for where you are right now and participating fully and intentionally.

Written by Olga Hermans
Article Source:  The Choice Driven Life

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