Japan Earthquake

May we offer our deepest sympathy and send out our prayers for the devastation in Japan and surrounding countries, may those affected find the best peace expected in such a tragic situation. May god and archangel Raphael  bring home safely and painlessly those who are no longer with us ,and as a group may we offer up all of our energy in the form of love & healing to those who are left to pick up the pieces of their torn apart hearts, homes,families and lives. This is so sad it is making me cry. Please everyone take a minute to send as much healing as your body can possibly offer and call on all those in spirit to channel through any healing or help that can be given god bless . xxx

 Written by Joanne Wellington for Mediums World
 Copyright © 2010,2015 Joanne Wellington All Rights Reserved.
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5 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake

  1. It does make you cry Joanne and we really do have to make a concious effort to pray, meditate on and send as much healing as we can. Not just today but everyday. We are constantly faced these days with some kind of disaster or another. Last week is was the 2 little boys who had been shot in Lybia, which made me cry. Do we forget about these lovely children, replace them with todays disaster?
    I have a clients ‘healing list’ as do a lot of churches from all demoninations. Well, today I am starting a world disaster healing list, this way I am not going to forget and it also means that everyday I will send healing. Today on sky news a guy was saying how hundreds of Japanese people evacuated to a school were so distraught, devastated etc. that he could envision that there would be so many people who are going to need help for many years to come. Lets go back to those in past, New Orleans, Haiti, Indonesia, New Zealand 9/11,etc. have we forgotten them? We can never forget, but on daily basis I believe that we should be sending our healing thoughts and prayers to them.
    Make that list today, I am.
    Millie Kelsey-Smith


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