Light Workers Needed To Send Light


Article written by Ian Jones

I have just created a new campaign to help build up positive Light energy around the planet. Just to give you a bit of background why I created this project or more to point why I was inspired to do it. I really have to give the credit for this project to my guides and fellow light beings. Literally as I was drifting off to sleep the project dropped into my mind like a clap of thunder. I found it very hard to sleep that night as the idea was playing over and over in my head.
That morning I managed to take a very short notice holiday from my day job to allow me to set about building the one page. The idea is to keep building light on a regular basis around the planet and help raise the consciousness levels for Light Workers not yet awakened. I also believe the purpose of this project is to allow us to choose the smoothest potential path as we move towards the Ascension and 2012 milestone date.
If you would like to spend five minutes sending light today or at any time in the future please visit our site now

Due to the many changes that are now taking place on the planet we would like to unite all Light Workers together to help focus light. By doing this and joining our pledge you will help humanity make a much smoother transition through these challanging times into a brighter future.


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