What is the Value in Trusting?

trust yourselfAccording to David Hawkins it’s 250….

What is the value in trusting?  What benefit is there to trusting God, trusting your intuition, and trusting your self?   Well, according to Dr. David Hawkins, there is tremendous benefit to trusting.  The emotion of trust calibrates at 250 on Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.  At the level of 250, people allow for flexibility and possibility.  They aren’t stuck in rigid thought that prevents them from seeing the mysteries in life.  When aligning with this level of consciousness, inner confidence begins and a sense of greater freedom emerges.

When trusting in God, people give their attention to the pulsating life force that exists in and around all things.  This trust brings one into flow with the universe in such a way as to open to all the good life has to offer.  Trusting in God stamps a certainty and confidence with all that is divine.

As an individual explores the concept of trusting intuition and trusting self, a reliance upon inner knowing is experienced.  It is done through senses whether it arrives as sensations, images, words, or sounds.  Through trusting self, harmony and balance are sure to follow.

If you are finding yourself in a place or time that is calling for trust, follow your heart and inner wisdom.  Trust that you are a wise being that has strength and knowing.


article sourced  www.seedsofintentions.com

Copyright 2010 Amy Spradlin and Seeds of Intentions

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