Everyday Greatness

grace & greatnessEveryday greatness is about achieving our highest potential. It is about the way we feel about ourselves, the way we treat others, our attitude towards life and our perceptions. It is about ‘being’ not ‘doing.’

Now is a time of change – make the most of it!
Currently lots of things are occurring all around the world, this makes it a time of opportunity. A time for us to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve, to seize the chance.

How are you using your resources?
Your time, your thoughts, qualities and abilities These resources are under our control and how we use them is totally up to us.

We are the artists’ of our tomorrows, the pen in our hand.
Today’s seeds are tomorrow’ s fruit. A seed is a thought, and it is the seeds we plant today that create our tomorrows. Seize the chance to plant positive seeds at very second and will be creating a future for yourself that will be filled with peace and happiness. We can’t expect the ‘fruit’ if we haven’t planted the right seeds.

Maximising Ourselves

‘If I always do what I have always done, I will always get what I always got’.

First, create a vision of who you would like to be. Visualise the ‘you’ you want to be and the life you want to live. Be sure, whatever you want to achieve- you can do it. Second, take an honest look at yourself, without judgement. Accept yourself exactly as you are right now. Thirdly, pick one small thing that you would like to change, that will bring you closer to the ‘you’ you have envisioned. Fourthly, sign the contract! When we make a commitment to ourself life helps us. It will bring us exactly the right opportunities or challenges we need to make and consolidate this change. Just be determined and take that first step of courage- nothing can stop you. Fifthly, take stock of your progress. In every second we can feel a bit different. See the change in you from yesterday, last week, a year ago. When we make and acknowledge a positive change we increase our inner power and a positive energy is released that moves us forward. An extra boost, is to accept God’s help.

Watch out!

Old habits, they try to hold on to us and some that we have had for a long time may feel like old friends; they are very familiar and feel comfortable. Only, choosing them we stall and stop moving towards our goal. Also, watch out for laziness! It will persuade us to sleep for a little longer and once time has gone by though we can’t get it back.


Article source http://letsgetspiritual.blogspot.com/

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