Life’s Challenges

confusionWe have all had periods of time in our life where we think “do I deserve this?” usually we say this when times are hard and things are going wrong in our life, but how often do we say it when things are going right for us, during the good times in our life? It is so easy to forget and take for granted the good things and the loving people we do have in our life, focusing only on what we do not have, what is not going right, what we want (rather than what we need), as the old saying goes “can’t see the woods for the trees”. Thoughts are real living things that not only affect our own actions but also affect others.

Life’s challenges are also life’s lessons, life itself is our classroom of perpetual learning, depending upon your beliefs, these are lessons that you chose to learn before you incarnated on earth. There is also the “people challenge” these being people who come into our lives at different stages, friend’s, acquaintance’s, teachers, lovers, partners, husband’s or wives. All come into our lives for a reason, to teach us something, for us to learn something from them some for only a brief period, some for longer, some for our entire lives. It is for us to interpret what the lessons are, they more than likely may not know themselves, but once the lesson is learned, we must be willing if needs be to let them go and allow them to move on and learn their own lessons and follow their own paths. It is all to easy to try to hold on to something or someone we know we must let go of, maybe believing they need us, that we have to help them, this in itself can be a hard lesson and challenge for us to face.

Decision’s and choices are also a difficult lessons to learn and a major life challenge too. It is always so easy to “make things fit” to find reasons to do something we know is wrong convincing ourselves that it’s right, avoiding doing what we know is truly the right thing to do or action to take. People in our lives can also have an affect on the choices and decisions we make, maybe sometimes through threat, force or circumstance but in reality the saying is true “nobody can make you do anything you do not want to do” the second you agree or decide to do something either right or wrong, you have made a choice, the choice is yours, therefore you have decided what you want to do, in spiritual terms it is called “personal responsibility”, we are all ourselves responsible for our actions, thoughts and deeds. We must remember that every decision we make, every thought we have affects those around us directly or indirectly

The school of life is a hard and tough place to be, but can also be a wonderful one at times… It is true… Life is what you make of it… above all we must stay true to ourselves.

One of our purposes in this life is to help one another, but not to the extent that we harm or cause damage to ourselves or each other. We must learn to identify when help is truly needed and is not as a result of our own ego, know when to stand back,  be willing to let go when we need to…. We must face life’s challenges, learn life’s lessons and stay true to our “true self”.


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