Signs of Mental Abuse in a Relationship

It’s only very recently that during a conversation with someone very close to me that I have realised that I myself was in such a situation as this, while in a long term relationship, I know that some may find it strange that a man is actually saying this, (as in so many cases it is usually the man who is the abuser, not the woman), but it is the truth and something I have realised, learned from, come to terms with and accepted. I am not ashamed or emabarressed to admit that this was the case, or looking for sympathy, I am submitting this post to highlight this growing and sadly frequent situation that so may people find themselves in, both Male and Female. I have done a little study work on this subject and have found the following listed below as a guide to anyone who may want to learn more about the subject or may find themselves in a similar situation.

Mental abuse, also called emotional abuse or verbal abuse, is defined as constant belittling, criticizing, rejecting, insulting and teasing of another person. There are some signs to look for if you believe you or someone you know is suffering from mental abuse in a relationship.


  1. An abuser often tries to isolate their victims by alienating them from friends and family. This causes the victim to depend on the abuser.
  2. Accusations

  3. The abuser may accuse the victim of being unfaithful if they discuss the opposite sex.
  4. Sex as a Weapon

  5. The abuser may guilt the victim into performing sexual acts to prove their love, or withhold sex as punishment.
  6. Criticizing

  7. The abuser may constant criticize the victim’s looks or weight.
  8. Decision Making

  9. The abuser may not allow the victim to have access to the finances or make decisions such as where to live or what car to drive.
  10. The Victim

  11. Victims of mental abuse may have low self-esteem, feel guilt when standing up for themselves, procrastinate, and are often in denial about the abusive relationship.

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Mental Abuse in a Relationship

  1. Thanks for writing this blog and I am going to recommend it to any girl who knows a friend who is trapped in an abusive relationship. I believe that guys who abuse their girlfriends are nothing but losers who don’t respect the ladies and have no self-respect for themselves.


  2. Reading through the points mad me cry, to see what had happened to me whilst in a relationship. Even now, although he dumped me when I was not fit enough, he is still texting and scaring and hurting me.
    But I’m strong a year on and he cant hurt me anymore, he didnt want me!


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