Conscious Language: The Power of Our Words

thoughtOur language has great power. It is an integral part of bringing what we desire into our lives, and also is a key element for bringing what we don’t want into our lives as well. Many times, we’re not even conscious of what we’re doing or saying and wonder why we’re not getting the results we desire.

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on grows, whether it’s conscious or not, or intentional or not. We’ve all had the experience of thinking about buying a new car and all of a sudden, it seems like we see that exact make and model everywhere! It’s not that there are suddenly more of this kind of car, but rather, we’re noticing them because of the shift in our focus.

What we focus on grows and we’ll bring into our consciousness- whether that’s positive or negative. If we’re just focusing on problems, we’ll get more of them- even if we’re saying, “I want to solve these problems”, or “I have to get rid of these problems”.

For this exercise, I like to think of the Universe as a great big genie, standing in front of me asking, “Gail, what would you like today?”  If the only things on my mind are problems… problems… problems… the genie, who has no way to distinguish between “good” or “bad”, rubs his hands together and says, “GREAT, she’s thinking about and talking about problems, let’s give her more problems!” Even if we’re saying, “I want to get rid of these problems”, the energy behind the words is fear, lack, limitation and THAT’s what we’ll attract to us.

Our thoughts and language have great power. Once we realize that and use it to our benefit, we can create a life of happiness and ease.

The power of language really hit home for me a few days ago. If you follow my blog, you’ve already met Koda, our 2-year old Samoyed pup who teaches me great lessons daily. Koda loves to go for a walk- any time. Since I work out of my home I’m usually barefoot. Koda has learned that when I put on my socks and shoes, that usually means I’m going somewhere- and that he’s going too. (Oh goodie, walk time!)

A few days ago it was chilly and I went into my bedroom, sat down on the bed and put on a pair of warm socks. Koda saw this and immediately did his “Oh wow, we’re going for a walk!” happy dance. Knowing what he was thinking, I asked him, “Do you think we’re going for a walk?”, to which he excitedly pawed at the floor and ‘talked’ to me. He was certain we were going for a walk. When I tried to tell him that I have to work for a bit longer and “We’ll go for a walk later”, all he heard was WALK. He was convinced that we were going for a walk right then and there and sat by the front door waiting for me. He stayed there for more than an hour, knowing that I said the word “walk”, which had to mean that we were going soon. Even when I said “We’re NOT going for a walk”, all he heard was “walk”.

What struck me as so funny about this is that Koda was just like the genie. All he heard was “walk”. He ignored the “later” part, just like the genie hears “problems” and doesn’t pay attention to the “I don’t want” part. We get what we focus on- whether it’s what we want or not.

This simple example made me consciously think about my language, not only with Koda, but also with the Universe. What am I saying I don’t want instead of focusing on what I do desire?Instead of “I don’t want problems!”, change it to, “I’m happy, healthy and prosperous.” After all, it’s much more fun to focus on the things I DO want than those I don’t.

More importantly, if the Universe is going to give me more of what I focus on, then shouldn’t I focus on the GOOD things that I desire?

When we look at our lives in this way, it seems like such a no-brainer.  Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Simple and easy.

Then ask yourself, “What am I focusing on in this moment?”, knowing that you are creating tomorrow’s reality with today’s thoughts.

When you look at life that way, it makes us much more conscious not only of our actions, but of our thoughts and words today. Your actions, thoughts and words today are but seeds for tomorrow’s garden. What are you planting?

We have the opportunity to keep it simple. Focus on what you desire. Think good thoughts. Speak positive words. Be happy.

As for Koda, he continued to focus on “walk”, and he too got what he desired… just a bit later than he’d hoped for… but that’s a blog for another day. :)

Article written by Gail Lynne Goodwin ~ Inspire Me Today

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