The Secret of Psychic Mediumship The Skeptics DON’t Want You to Know (Dazzling But TRUE!)

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic medium reading… but is still a bit skeptical it’s all fake? Do you have someone you’d love to contact on the “other side” but feel silly, or skeptical that it’s even possible? If you are anything like I once was, the idea that life continues ON after physical death is a pretty hard concept to swallow. I was a die hard skeptic (no pun intended… 🙂 and the notion that there was ANY sort of afterlife at all was the hobgoblin of small, gullible minds that wouldn’t accept death was truly the end.

But I had an AMAZING experience that challenged all of this… and more, and made my skeptical world view come CRASHING to an end, in one 60 minute session with a psychic medium I didn’t believe was real.

I was WRONG… 🙂

The fact is, information came through in a one hour session with a psychic medium that would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to have known in advance. As a matter of fact, much of what came through, I didn’t even know… and it wasn’t until I hung up the phone, processed the information, made some calls to family and friends, and learned that much of what I was told was 100% true, some of it SO obscure that I had a difficult time explaining why I was asking, or where I had come up with it.

And this ONE experience led me on a fact finding mission that has lasted 20 years

What have I learned?

That there is TONS of evidence that mediumship is real, with some of the very BEST scientists, philosophers and even skeptical debunkers doing a 180 degree turn after studying REAL mediums who offered amazing information that simply could not be passed off as fraud, guessing, luck or cold reading

That psychic mediumship has been PROVEN in laboratory settings, under the watchful eye of genuine scientists and real experiments that are impossible to ignore. (including experiments done at the University of Arizona with Harvard trained Doctor Gary Schwartz, who worked with celebrity mediums like Jon Edward’s, George Anderson and even the real life psychic that the television show, “Medium” is based upon)

The FACT is, in my view, any reasonable person can conclude that mediumship… and our ability to contact the dead, is not only TRUE… it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in countless studies, personal experiences and amazing encounters that truly defy conventional thinking. I know that having this experience has changed MY life forever in positive ways TOO numerous too count… and if you’re lucky, I hope you have a similar one that changes YOURS equally as much!

Written by Ernie J. Gentile

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