And so the New Year is finally here….

It’s arrived January 1st 2011… the dawn of a New Year

But what will we really do with the countless opportunities that lay before us, some make New year’s resolutions with the very best of intent, promises to themselves of all they are going to do, others say they don’t make them or can’t be bothered (probably admitting they will fail anyway so what’s the point) which is really just a way out of committing themselves to something or other.

Seriously though what will we do with this New Year? It is recognised as an opportunity for a “fresh start” but in reality every morning we wake up we have that same opportunity so why wait for the beginning of a New Year when all the things that we could have done have then piled up into a monstrous list in some cases of the things we now list as resolutions, that we could have faced and dealt with at some stage throughout the year.

Hey now there is a thought… what if we did face and sort those things that come to challenge us as they arrive before us? That would mean there would be no need to make resolutions at New Year! Already done! Already sorted!

For me personally there are no resolutions to make this year, and no I’m not in the can’t be bothered group, it’s because this year I see what would be resolutions more as tasks/goals that I need and want to complete. This year more than ever I have taken a little “time out” to look where my failures have been over this past year, things that I could have done, but didn’t for one reason or another, looked at where I could have made better choices/decisions and how they have affected my life and the life of those around me. (We have to remember that all of our actions and thoughts have an effect on others to some degree, whether we want to admit it or not). I have also however taken time to look at my achievements, because we also need to be kind to ourselves, not become totally negative and try to find a balance, we mustn’t just look at the failures, because at some stage throughout the year we will have done something positive however small. I know that I have helped and supported some people in my life who are very important to me this past year, so there is a positive and helping people is very important and satisfying to me, so there is another positive, another achievement, so now I have two! And the list could go on. Don’t berate and drag yourself down by only looking at the negatives.

Failing at something, making a mistake, things not turning out the way we wanted need not be a negative, because there is always something to learn from it, and as long as we learn and understand the lesson (just as important), as long as we know we have done our very best, then it really is a positive because we have learned something, we have gained experience and knowledge. The important point here is not to use failure and the lessons from it as an excuse not to do our very best in all we endeavour to do! It could quite easily turn into a bad habit of half-hearted gestures and commitment to our personal responsibilities.

A good idea is to look at the things you want to achieve throughout the year, write them down as a list in two categories a “things I must do” and “things I would like to do” that way you are not putting too much pressure on yourself and if you are realistic in your listings and have things in the correct categories, then if there are a few let downs or failures their impact won’t be so severe.

As I said at the outset I don’t really have resolutions this year they are more tasks/goals things I want to achieve, some that I need to… If I do have a resolution it would be the one I aim for every year…. To be the best I possibly can be in all that I do.

Okay so….. What will you do with this New Year?

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