A Christmas message…

santa and sleighI hope everyone will take a little time this Christmas to think of their loved ones, family and friends both this side of life and those in spirit and also those less fortunate than themselves. Those who are sick, living in poverty, those who maybe working in the emergency services on stand by in case we may need them, those who are in the armed forces serving  their country. May we please remember that Christmas is a special time of love and goodwill to all celebrated not just by us in this world, but by those in the spirit world too.

I wish to say a very special thank you to Joanne my partner & co-author of Mediums World for all the  knowledge and experience we have shared, and the love, help, support and friendship she has shown & given to me this past year it has and continues to be invaluable to me… I hope Joanne that I have been able to give the same in return to you… Thank you so much Joanne for all you have done for me, for Mediums World and our readers and subscribers. You are a very special lady..I wish you a very special Christmas and may all that you wish for this Christmas come true for you.

Merry Christmas everyone


2 thoughts on “A Christmas message…

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  2. Hi Stephen this is a wonderful Christmas message… to me and all our readers and subscribers. I’d like to thank you too Steve it’s been wonderful working with you and the Blog. I truly appreciate and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do the work that I have, helping build our website and our blog, and to share such knowledge through the blog. I am more than happy to provide many with any information that would be helpful in their lives, as moments always come along at some point where a little more support and understanding of life itself is indeed needed .
    Thank you very much for the time you have spent with both me and my family, your constant assistance support and advice has and is invaluable too. I always feel I can turn to you if I had any questions or concerns and this is what true friendship and partnership is all about, and allowing ourselves to have such things are very important for our well being. I also wish you and our readers a very special Christmas and look forward to catching up and seeing you soon.. god bless you and all our readers.
    Once again Steve, thank you for such an amazing opportunity. This blog has only helped to increase my desire to work with people and pursue a career in web design management as set out. I am already counting down the days until next summer, and look forward to continuing to serve the Mediums World Blog once more!


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