How to Discover Your Inner Self

How to discover your inner self? How to find your true self? Knowing and understanding ourselves within is very important to shape our outer selves. This is because our inner self is the source of our living. If we don’t know it, we cannot use it to succeed in every aspect of our lives. Thus, we need to discover it, understand it and exercise it. So how do we discover our inner selves?

Becoming spiritual

First we need to become spiritual because if we are material we will not be able to see what’s truly inside us. A spiritual person is one which is not bounded by time and space. He or she believes and considers the things that last forever, such as love. If we don’t believe in love, which is a spiritual thing, how can we become a spiritual person? Hence, we should first believe and justify love deep within our hearts and minds to become spiritual. It is the state when we start to focus on good virtues such as kindness, patience, truthfulness and righteousness – all which will benefit our eternal life.

The spiritual mirror

Now, if spirituality is already justified in you, you just need to find a spiritual mirror. Just like knowing our physical self, we face a glass mirror. There, we see what we really look like. To discover our inner self, we need to see ourselves in a metaphysical mirror. This process is called spiritual reflection. We use this process just like we use it to see our physical reflection in an ordinary mirror. The only difference is that in spiritual reflection, we don’t use our physical eyes. Instead, we use our spiritual senses such as heart and mind. Since it is not bounded by space and time, we can travel anywhere and anytime to see ourselves in the past, present and the future.

Our purpose

In facing the spiritual mirror, we close our eyes and leave the physical world. Then, we enter to the spiritual realm by leaving worldly things such as money and the desires of flesh. We think beyond years and even beyond the time of our death – we consider life after death. Then we also think and feel the moment before our birth – what we are before we were born on Earth? I know this activity is very complex if you haven’t tried it even once. But in this kind of situation, the solution is simply to find and use the right spiritual mirror. That mirror is our spiritual Father –our Almighty God. He’s the one who created us for a purpose. He’s the one who can tell us what we really are and why are we here on Earth. He is the one who will show us our true reflection. Therefore, what we can do now is to face before Him. We should not just pray and ask Him who truly we are? We must also listen to what He says and become acceptable of the truth.

Written by Victorino Abrugar ~ Secret Contents

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