Fear or Intuition?

Have you ever wondered whether you were being driven by fear or intuition?

(Like, was it my intuition that told me I was in trouble in that hair stylists’ chair, or was it fear of change?  Shoot, maybe it was both!)

People often ask how to tell the difference.  It seems a good topic to cover, since having confidence in your decision-making skills is always helpful.  Especially when fear seems rampant in the rest of the world.

So I wanted to pick your brains about how YOU tell the difference between fear and intuition.

To get the ball rolling, here’s what Michael Neill of www.genuiscatalyst.com wrote in his newsletter yesterday (edited for brevity):

The common sense/innate wisdom approach to life is nearly always available to us – but most of us spend so much of our time caught up in the whirlwind of our thought that we don’t notice it. And even when we do notice it, we’ll often ignore it hoping that our intellect can find a different answer more in keeping with what we hope will turn out to be true.
I explained this idea to a corporate client with the first example that popped into my head – that nearly ever woman I’ve talked with who has come out the other side of a bad marriage has told me that she ‘knew’ not to marry the guy at some point before getting far enough down the aisle to say ‘I do’.
Before I could even finish my example, another of the women in the room burst into tears. It turned out she was engaged to be married and was doing her best to ignore her wisdom because ‘she didn’t want to let anyone down’.
‘Besides’, she asked me, ‘how do I know whether or not that’s some kind of inner wisdom or just fear?’
I offered her the following guidelines…
– Wisdom often comes disguised as “common sense”, but in reality is extremely uncommon in usage.
– Wisdom is sometimes quiet but always clear
– Wisdom feels right, even if it doesn’t always feel good.
– Wisdom comes most often in the midst of inner quiet.
– Wisdom is always kind
Your wisdom is right there inside you, just waiting for you to allow it to guide you. You need only to be quiet and listen – when you relax into it, you’ll almost always know what to do.

Shell Tain of www.sensiblecoaching.com said in her 9/29 issue of Money Knot:

Intuition is different from the charged emotion of fear. Intuition comes subtly and softly. Its tone is always neutral. An intuitive message may be negative, but the tone or delivery will always be neutral. If you are cranked up on the chemicals of fear you will not receive any messages from your intuition.
My best advice when you are in the fear based scary place is to not make any decisions or changes. Wait until you are in a calmer, clearer frame.

A couple years ago I wrote on the topic of how to tell the difference between Gremlins vs Guides:

  • Gremlin doesn’t move you into power; Higher guidance does
  • Gremlin is fear-based; Higher guidance is love-based
  • Gremlin rambles on and on with long explanations; Higher guidance comes in short “feeling” messages (inspiration, spark, inner knowing)
  • Gremlin makes your body feel tight, stuck, restricted, with shallow breathing; Higher guidance feels open and light

What do you think?  How do you know when fear’s in the driver’s seat versus when your intuition is in effect?

Would also love to hear real life examples of how you handle it!

Written by Jannette Maw  ~ Good Vibe Blog ~

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