Sometimes our gut feelings and intuition “are” smarter than our brains.

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something that’s later turned out to be true? Have you ever felt “open-hearted”? Ever encountered a situation that’s made you “hot under the collar”?

Anyone who doesn’t believe in gut feelings and intuition. Is so at best, ignorant of essential characteristic of interpersonal communication.

Gut  feeling or intuition is a channel via which we are able to appreciate beliefs that have been manifested in the subconscious. The reason this avenue is essential is because the majority and most significant aspects of interpersonal communication are exchanged subconsciously. Anyone who doesn’t realise this can lacks appreciation of the relevant  psychology.

It’s important to acknowledge and listen to our intuition because it can make available subconscious feelings that would otherwise be overlooked due to lack of consciously available clues or logic.

For instance In an interview, we might have the “feeling” of distrust, or even a mere fleeting sense of dissatisfaction with a single word. This is because we have felt the physiological and/or conscious response to the subconsciously recognised clues .

Believe it or not these seemingly illogical expressions are unconscious recognitions of a deeper knowledge within all of us. A knowledge of a subtle energy system of Chakras and Channels and the way that they work to produce many of the odd sensations and intuitions that all of us experience from time to time.  in reality we deal with them  every day and yes sometimes our gut feelings “are” smarter than our brains.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes our gut feelings and intuition “are” smarter than our brains.

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  2. A great article and subject Joanne thank you so much….
    May I please add my thoughts?
    Intuition is inherent in all of us hence the old term “women’s intuition” and is really the original “sixth sense” and can be trained, worked with and heightened by everyone.
    However we also need to remember that our intuition can tell us what we don’t want to know as well as what we do want to know, this is where problems can arise and as you say Intuition can “be smarter than our brains” Why?
    Because our ego can easily overpower the original intuitive process especially if it is telling us something we don’t want to know. As with all aspects of our life we can easily adapt and re-configure the process to an outcome we do want. Our brain is a powerful machine and we can always make ourselves believe what we want to believe, overturning the original intuitive process to suit our needs.
    Intuition plays it’s part in mediumship, and as with mediumship the information has to be worked with, trusted, accepted and used in its raw un-edited state… Intuition then can and is smarter than our brains.
    Thank you again Joanne for your invaluable contribution.


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